Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Where oh where has our Babykeiks gone?

Florida! And she is internetless. So this is Kimbly, filling in.

I hope you all had a great holiday! Keiko and I were both home with our families... and each other : )  I just got back to Los Angeles but she won't be back in New York for another week. She'll update her site and blog before she gets back though. I already offered my parent's internet to her. 

We did a shoot for Postlapsaria while back home. Lots of new vintage, originals, and accessories. Keiko took this pic of me in one of the new headbands:

We put together a mini high school reunion as well, which included our favorite Dourdis brothers, along with April and Samara.

I'm going to cut this short now. I have to get back to my beloved Twilight book. I'm quite aware that I am a 16 year old trapped in a 24 year old's body. I'm OK with that.

Question of the day: What was your favorite gift that you either gave or received this holiday? I picked out all my presents from Santa and my mom wrapped them, so I liked them all. Haha. Keiko made me 2 dresses that I LOVE  so those are definitely some of my favorites as well! 

-Kimberly Grace aka Kimbly

Monday, December 22, 2008

Not an Easy Feat

I'm balancing seeing friends and family, Christmas shopping, working, aminal time and everything else that goes with being home for the holidays. Not to mention, my mom does not have internet and I rely on the weak signal from the neighbor's house (thanks, Marcos!), which goes out when it gets dark.

Hence, the lack of daily updates. I'm still photographing my outfits but they'll just come late or all at once. Here is one. I'm on my way out for a day of shopping with the ladies (Tessa, Roxy and Kim) and the not-so-much-a-lady, Amanda. Hi, Amanda!

Dress - thrifted in New York and altered (shortened hem, added band)
belt - thrifted in Cape Cod
pink tights - h&m
boots - yard sale in Cape Cod ($1!)

Speaking of Cape Cod, I can't wait to make another trip there, once it warms up. Being in Florida weather and eating pumpkin ice cream (well, frozen custard) may have brought that on. Mmmmm pumpkin ice cream. The Floridian place we go to, Ritter's, has pumpkin, egg nog, fresh banana, coffee crunch and mint oreo custards. They're all so good, I never know which one to choose, and I'm not even a big ice cream lover. This is why I gain weight when I'm down here!

-Keiko Lynn

Friday, December 19, 2008


I arrived in Florida, on Wednesday. There is limited internet access, but I will try to keep my routine, with daily updates. My computer is about to die and I don't have the charger, so here are just a few of the photos from my last day in New York (until the 8th! goodness gracious):

A few people have called this the amazing technicolor dreamcoat. I was the narrator in our high school musical, so maybe it's just nostalgia that drew me to it?

vintage coat - thrifted
maroon tights - payless
boots - payless
bag - nine west
mustard shirt - f21
vintage, double breasted, maroon cardigan (can't really see it) - thrifted
vintage beret - from my mom's store
not visible - navy, full mini skirt

Bobby and the wee ones are back in New York. I wish they were here! My mom has several furry friends to keep me company. I am currently accompanied by two pups (Chloe and the new chihuahua, Chobee - I'm trying to change his name) and two hairless rats (Bubbles and Socks). So, I guess she has more than just furry friends.

More photos, a little later. We spent my last day shopping, eating and walking around the city. Bobby pelted me with several snowballs, but I got my revenge. I'm enjoying the warmer weather, but there's nothing like a little snowfall to get you into the Christmas spirit. Of course, it wouldn't hurt to have a tree as big as Rockefeller's, either.

-Keiko Lynn

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mother Effer


I messed up the paypal buttons on the most recent Postlapsaria update, but all is fixed. I'm so sorry, to those of you who had problems trying to buy things. I messed up and changed the quantity to zero, so it wouldn't let anyone purchase anything.

The store is back up and running! Bobby is making another post office run tomorrow, so if you put in your order tonight or early morning, it will be shipped out tomorrow.

p.s. Thanks to Maria, for pointing out my paypal button errors!

New, at Postlapsaria.com

I spent all last night updating Postlapsaria.com and I still have more to add. Lots of cheaper reconstructions, vintage clothing, accessories and original, handmade clothing. I'm trying to stock the site with more affordable items, which is why there are so many reconstructions. Fabric is expensive! I can't do originals for much less than I already charge, so I'm focusing on alternatives.

I still have a few more things to put up, along with some measurements. I'd do it now but Bobby is waiting on me. Apologies!

Click here, to visit the site!

We're off to Manhattan, for the day. I'll check back in later with an outfit post and hopefully some pretty photographs from our excursion.

-Keiko Lynn

Monday, December 15, 2008

Layers > Bikinis

I'm in the middle of updating my site, but I realized I forgot to post these, yesterday.

On Wednesday, I leave for Florida. While I'm looking forward to family, friends and warmer weather, I'm sad about Bobby and the baby animals being alone on Christmas. I also have to admit that despite my aversion to the cold (I'm wrapped in a blanket as I type), I prefer the dress code that goes along with it. I'm a fan of layering, tights, gloves and hats. I don't get the same satisfaction in dressing during the summer - and it's summer all year long, in Florida. I rarely, if ever, bare my shoulders, hate bathing suits and haven't worn flip flops since I was a kid. To Floridians, that's blasphemy. I still don't know what clothing to pack. I'll just take the remaining days to enjoy the holiday weather (although, it's freakishly warm right now). We're going ice skating tonight and holiday shopping, tomorrow.

Outfit Details:

vintage stetson hat (borrowed from Bobby) - beacon's closet (with store credit = free!)
vintage double breasted jacket - same as above (yay, free)
vintage navy sweater top - thrifted, 50 cents
vintage belt - from my mom's shop
multicolor plaid skirt, thrifted and shortened (was mid calf)
tights - h&m
maroon boots - thrifted by my mom
maroon bag - nine west, also from my mom

I ended up switching boots, halfway through the day. Bobby surprised me with a couple of early Christmas presents - maroon ankle boots and black oxford heels. I switched to the ankle boots, but didn't get a picture.

As you can see, I get a lot of my clothing from Beacon's closet. I recently took in a bag of old clothing (stuff I don't wear, not worth selling) and exchanged them for seven or eight better items, with credit left to spare. If you are in New York or have a similar store nearby, I highly recommend you take advantage!

-Keiko Lynn

Question of the day: What sites/blogs do you visit most frequently (besides the usual myspace, facebook, gmail, etc.)? Some of mine: Huffington Post, CNN, New York Times, EtsyFlickr, Weardrobe , Le Blog de Betty and of course, the other links I have to the right.

p.s. Guess what?! We tracked down the Angel Tree kids:) :) :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

So she waits and waits and waits and waits and waits for it to rain.

My reason for not updating yesterday is totally legit. I am lazy, lazy, lazy and fell asleep while watching television (via the internet), in bed. I woke up several hours later and worked through the night. Thus, today's outfit is actually from yesterday, and tomorrow you will see what today's outfit looked like. I was kicking myself today, because it completely hindered my plans to update the site. Tomorrow will be the day!

I bought this vintage, shrunken sweater a few weeks ago, with every intention of selling it. It's made from wool, of which I have a slight allergy. Nevertheless, here I am, wearing it. I didn't even bother wearing a camisole underneath, to at least protect my torso from the inevitable hives that come with the whole fashion over function lifestyle. Luckily, it didn't bother me much - although I should admit to changing into pajamas, less than halfway through my day. My wool beret, on the other hand, made my ears burn a little bit. But it's not so bad, so I just pretend that someone must be talking about me.

Outfit details:

vintage wool beret - from my mom's shop (remixed)
vintage avocado sweater - thrifted
thrifted belt
skirt - f21
black tights - target
black over the knee socks - h&m
bow heels - nine west

Makeup details:
concealer, MAC mineralize skinfinish natural in Light, rimmel blush
MAC dipdown fluidline on brows
MAC bare canvas paint on lids, as a base
physician's formula e/s: light silver all over lid, dark silver in and above crease, charcoal in outer v, white on inner eye and browbone
MAC blitz and glitz fluidline on upper lashline and lower lashline/waterline
Clinique Bamboo Pink on lips

Ideally, I would have gone a little more mod with this particular look, but I didn't have any bottom false lashes, so I gave up on that and went with this.

Question of the day: What is your morning ritual? I wake up, walk Miku (while in my pajamas), feed the cats and pup, brush my teeth/shower, read The Huffington Post, and then get dressed and ready, whether I'm going anywhere or not. I rarely eat breakfast, which is awful, but sometimes I make pancakes for Miku, which is even more awful.

-Keiko Lynn

p.s. We went to the Angel Tree place today, talked to three different workers, got three different numbers and one address, and still haven't figured out who has this master list. Apparently no one at the shopping center, according to the people we talked to. The offices are closed until Monday, but we're going to figure this out!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rainy Day

The rain just doesn't want to stop, this week. It's bumming me out, because I'm leaving for Florida on Wednesday. I'd love to be able to enjoy the city and the holiday spirit as much as possible, before I leave. This rain, however, is making it rather difficult. If it's going to be so cold, I'd rather it just drop a few degrees and snow, gosh darn it. It did snow a bit, the other night - but the next day's rain washed it away. Bah, humbug!

Today's outfit:
vintage crochet/knit (is it horrible that I don't fully know the difference?) hat - free, with credit at beacon's closet (it still had the tags on! probably early 60s)
vintage dress - thrifted, altered (was mid calf)
belt from my mom (need to put another hole, it's too big and droops, as you can see)
h&m tights
nine west bag
muji umbrella
thrifted shoes

concealer, MAC mineralize skinfinish natural in Light, blush
MAC dipdown fluidline (brows)
MAC stilife paint
MAC woodwinked eyeshadow
MAC blitz and glitz fluidline
Clinique think bronze lipstick

It was so difficult for me to get out of bed, this morning. In fact, I didn't. I would wake up every thirty minutes or so, look at Miku, see that she was still passed out and take that as a sign that I should stay in bed. We are enablers - she does the same thing.

Due to the dreary weather, Bobby and I spent most of our day inside, drinking coffee (him), hot chocolate (me) and listening to Christmas music. We put up some Christmas lights, ate some broiled tomato sandwiches and pan de chocolate, and made a fun little gingerbread train. It was kind of difficult to master - the walls kept caving in and we made quite a mess. Plus, I ate a lot of the candy and it really wasn't that tasty. While we have no future careers in decorating edible holiday displays, we enjoyed it. Bobby called me a brat at least five times, for telling him what a bad job he was doing, but it was all in jest. I mean, I had icing on my nose - how can you take me seriously?

Bobby, proudly displaying our finished product.

Speaking of Bobby, he won't be going home for Christmas, this year. His work wouldn't let him take off for the holidays. It has been making me so sad, thinking about him being all alone on Christmas. I'll be gone for almost three weeks...I'm worried that he'll be lonely. Hopefully this rain will clear up, because we have a lot of holiday festivities to busy ourselves with, until I leave. Tomorrow, we're supposed to go ice skating. Let's hope the rain will stop for at least a couple of hours, because I don't think I can skate in the cold, cold rain!

-Keiko Lynn

What do you do on a cold, rainy day?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Starring Miku, with special guest Vester

It's no secret that I am an animal lover. In my apartment alone, we have three little ones - Miku, Lacy and Vester. My mom, on the other hand, practically has a zoo. Five horses, three dogs, five cats, bunnies, a turtle, a shark fish, a large bird that talks a lot, sugar gliders, goats, etc.

I am quite the hermit, at times. Having furry little friends around is what keeps me sane, and I have to say that the kitties have made Miku much happier. Just as I need a little companion, Miku does, as well. Lacy and Vester are new to the household, but Miku has been at my side for almost five years (as of March '09). How did I exist without her?

Here are a ton of photos of Miku, in her winter parka:

Vester decided to try it on, but he wasn't a fan.

Bunny ears!

This is where the kitties sleep. Lacy spends 90% of her day in there, so it's kind of ironic that Vester was alone when I took the picture. It's the cutest kitty bed. Bobby didn't think they would sleep in it but they love it!

Question of the day: Do you have any pets? If so, tell us their names and share their pictures!

-Keiko Lynn

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Goodness me!

I was pleasantly surprised to wake up to so many comments from all of you lovely readers. I started this blog a couple of weeks ago, right? I'm too lazy to check. Anyway, it seems as though a lot of you enjoy that my outfits tend to be very affordable. I used to get a lot of comments from people who said they weren't into fashion, because they couldn't afford it. That's a general misconception, and I find that a lot of the media - televisions, magazines, and yes, blogs - only further that confusion.

The trick is to find what suits you, what makes you feel and look good - what makes you feel most like yourself - and go from there. Look to magazines and such for inspiration, but not as a shopping guide. I adore editorials and style.com's runway slideshows as much as the next gal, but you won't see me jotting anything down on a short term wish list. Unfortunately, for many of us, even the sample sales and end of season clearance tags are out of our price ranges. For those of us who have no choice but to pinch pennies, we just have to work harder.

That being said, I don't fault anyone for displaying the high end goods in their glossy publications - in fact, I probably wouldn't be as interested if it was all within my reach. I just wish that more readers would think outside of the box, and interpret what they see into something more tangible. You don't have to be a baller/shot caller (oh yes, I said it) to appreciate and indulge in aesthetic pleasures of any sort; you just have to put a little more effort into it.

This outfit is predominantly orange, but photographed somewhat red. This lens isn't sharp anymore, at all. It might have something to do with me dropping it from the top of a bunk bed...I'd replace it but that would be my fourth in two years. I need to stop breaking my lenses.

vintage 70s blouse - thrifted
vintage belt - from my mom's shop
denim mini - thrifted and altered (was ankle length)
orange h&m tights - $3.80, I think
vintage brown heels - beacon's closet (store credit! yay)
grey beret - remixed a million times
grey and orange vintage coat - thrifted
vintage brown bag
vintage scarf - from my mom

makeup - the usual face stuff and fig lipstick, from Estee Lauder (I was in quite a hurry).

-Keiko Lynn

p.s. In an effort to keep this blog more interactive, I'm going to try asking a question every day.

Question of the day: What would you like to see more of on my blog? I'm taking suggestions:)

Monday, December 8, 2008


Despite the copious amount of layers, this is probably one of the cheapest outfits I have put on display. I am proficient in bargain hunting, due to growing up with a single mom and multiple siblings. I don't mind splurging now and then, although my idea of a splurge is that of a normal transaction. There are certain articles of clothing that I will pay a pretty penny for - a nice coat, tailored trousers (hard to come by with my shape - luckily I don't wear them much), handmade goods or a heart-achingly perfect vintage dress. Otherwise, I am happy to hunt for a better deal. 

Ironically, my makeup costs quite a bit more than the clothing in my closet. It makes me a little nauseous when I add up the prices of everything in my train case. I have put a halt to makeup purchases for now, save for the staples (fluidline, concealer, burt's bees). Luckily, I have enough of everything to last me through the expiration dates. I can't say I regret my purchases, because I enjoy it all very much and I cut corners in every other respect. However, with the current financial crises, I should just count myself lucky for the free makeup I receive from friends in higher places.

vintage tam - $1 or $2, I can't remember
vintage 70s button up shirt - $1 at a flea market, ages ago
brown sparkle and fade top - $1 at Urban Outfitters
green cami - my little sister's (she left it here)
vintage baubles - gift from a friend
navy belt - thrifted
wrinkled (I worked in it all day!) skirt - h&m, $10 on sale
tights - h&m
socks - $1 at Gap
vintage boots - thrifted years and years ago

I'd like to get to know everyone who is reading my blog, so please introduce yourself. Introduce yourself even if I already know you, so everyone else can get to know you, as well:) 

-Keiko Lynn