Friday, November 28, 2008


As this post makes evident, I am not above matching my makeup to my clothing. It's not something I'm proud of, but sometimes I just feel like it's necessary. I'm infamous for the occasional (okay, more than occasional) matchy-matchy, monochromatic outfits that invoke wagging fingers, so I figure I might as well go all out and be obnoxious, from time to time. Hey, if Chuck on Pushing Daisies can do it, why can't I? Speaking of, I am heartbroken by that cancellation. Anyone else?

Outfit details:
vintage hat (from my mom's store, Hourglass Consignment, in Margate, Florida)
h&m top (it's Bobby's, but it shrank, so I stole it)
80s belt 
h&m skirt (second hand from beacon's and altered to fit)
express tights
vintage boots (gift from my mom)

Makeup details:
the usual concealer, etc.
some cheap milani lipstick
blacktrack fluidline (base and liner)
Urban Decay Oil Slick e/s
MAC freshwater e/s
MAC stars and rockets e/s 

I've had these boots since high school. My mom thrifted them for me, for my prom. 

I have an ever growing collection of vintage hats, courtesy of my mom. 

I've been working on getting Postlapsaria's store back up and running, all night. It's about 3/4 of the way finished, but I'm waiting until it's all done, to launch it.
-Keiko Lynn

p.s. Peter made the original bio. For the record, I am NOT a fan of Heidi and Spencer. Peter just wanted to make sure everyone sent me hate mail!


  1. Chuck on Pushing Daisies was my best friend. I wanted to live next door and borrow all her clothes. The piemaker is such a cutie, I'd borrow him too.

    Your make-up is so lovely. I'm just learning how to really use it, I wish I could have you as a tutor!

  2. Lulu:

    I love Chuck! She is precious. Her wardrobe is amazing. That whole show is just adorable; I'm going to miss it.

    and thank you!

  3. There's going to be an empty space in my heart when Pushing Daisies ends. I'm so sad about this. But on the bright side, I adore your hat and boots. Wish I was in florida, I'd totally go to your mom's store.

  4. I feel like every show I get attached to gets the boot. Pushing Daisies seemed to be pretty popular, as far as I could tell, so I wasn't expecting it. I think the whole ratings thing has become irrelevant. So many people watch shows online or on DVR. Although, to be fair, I'm not quite sure how ratings work anyway:)

  5. My all-time favorite show was Freaks and Geeks. I was so heartbroken when it got cancelled. My boyfriend is sad about Pushing Daisies, too.

    I love those electric-blue tights! I'm still figuring out how to wear tights. I think I still look like a little girl most of the time. Your boots are awesome! I want some like those.

  6. This outfit is so fabulous! In this case I don't find it at all too matchy-matchy, and I adore the hat. And boo to good shows constantly getting canceled or shortened.

  7. My boyfriend introduced me to Pushing Daisies & I love it. I saw not too long ago a list of shows expected to run again this fall, so the cancellation was a major bum-out.

    & that blue is perfect.

  8. You do the matching so well though!! This outfit is gorgeous and the makeup is amazing!

  9. I am SO curious to know what your prom dress looked like! I'm gradding this year and I bought a dress from the 50s off Ebay.. all the way from Australia. :)

    I'm also really curious as to what your bedroom looks like, you seem like the kind of person to make it very creative.

  10. I just discovered your young blog and from what I can see, I can tell that I love your style. It's fresh and enjoyable. Also your skin is flawless and you have such a pretty face! Do you want to exchange links?

  11. Keiko, you look beautiful as always! Love your outfit. Just a question, what brush do you use with the MAC Fluidline? I am so hopeless with it.

  12. i love your outfit. and the shoes are amazing. your beautiful and so very stylish :D

  13. You look lovely, as always :) I love the electric blue, especially teamed with that particularly snazzy vintage hat! I love that you wore boots to your prom. I wore pink snakeskin boots to mine, and I thought I was very cool. (I wasn't, really).

  14. Holly - you'd be surprised. My bedroom features a bed and a laundry hamper. haha. The rest of the house is full of antiques and vintage decorations, but my room is just minimal, because I try to just sleep in there and nothing else. I used to work from my room and it was awful.

    As for the prom dress, it was just a fishtail skirt and a lacy maroon and black corset. I was a little obsessed with Titanic for several years and felt inspired by Rose's maroon and black gown.

  15. Fruchtzwerg:

    Surely! I'll add you to the list.

  16. J - thank you!

    The best brush for fluidline is not from my MAC set. I buy it at Target - it's the Sonia Kashuk bent eyeliner brush and it's perfect for fluidline. Plus, it's about $6:)

  17. Great make-up! I love it:)
    <3 bella