Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Goodness me!

I was pleasantly surprised to wake up to so many comments from all of you lovely readers. I started this blog a couple of weeks ago, right? I'm too lazy to check. Anyway, it seems as though a lot of you enjoy that my outfits tend to be very affordable. I used to get a lot of comments from people who said they weren't into fashion, because they couldn't afford it. That's a general misconception, and I find that a lot of the media - televisions, magazines, and yes, blogs - only further that confusion.

The trick is to find what suits you, what makes you feel and look good - what makes you feel most like yourself - and go from there. Look to magazines and such for inspiration, but not as a shopping guide. I adore editorials and style.com's runway slideshows as much as the next gal, but you won't see me jotting anything down on a short term wish list. Unfortunately, for many of us, even the sample sales and end of season clearance tags are out of our price ranges. For those of us who have no choice but to pinch pennies, we just have to work harder.

That being said, I don't fault anyone for displaying the high end goods in their glossy publications - in fact, I probably wouldn't be as interested if it was all within my reach. I just wish that more readers would think outside of the box, and interpret what they see into something more tangible. You don't have to be a baller/shot caller (oh yes, I said it) to appreciate and indulge in aesthetic pleasures of any sort; you just have to put a little more effort into it.

This outfit is predominantly orange, but photographed somewhat red. This lens isn't sharp anymore, at all. It might have something to do with me dropping it from the top of a bunk bed...I'd replace it but that would be my fourth in two years. I need to stop breaking my lenses.

vintage 70s blouse - thrifted
vintage belt - from my mom's shop
denim mini - thrifted and altered (was ankle length)
orange h&m tights - $3.80, I think
vintage brown heels - beacon's closet (store credit! yay)
grey beret - remixed a million times
grey and orange vintage coat - thrifted
vintage brown bag
vintage scarf - from my mom

makeup - the usual face stuff and fig lipstick, from Estee Lauder (I was in quite a hurry).

-Keiko Lynn

p.s. In an effort to keep this blog more interactive, I'm going to try asking a question every day.

Question of the day: What would you like to see more of on my blog? I'm taking suggestions:)


  1. I'd love to see photos of your apartment, and more of you and Bobby. :)

  2. I agree with the first comment.. I'd love to see more of your life.. I used to read your livejournal and loved the pictures of you guys with your pets. Too cute. Or if you do any other photo shoots. So far though, I love your blog!

  3. That coat is incredible. If I found a coat like that (that fit) at a thrift store, my life would be complete. The belt is lovely as well!

    I agree with your take on fashion. Half of my wardrobe is from thrift stores/clearance racks, and I'd like to think that I make it look good. It's all about knowing what you like (and having the patience for bargain hunting helps too).

  4. You make a girl feel like beauty is possible with only shopping at thrift shops.

    i used to be the kind of girl that could do that, and i'd love to go back.


  5. i used to read your livejournal and drool over the clothing you designed (still do). you are SO talented and such a beauty, keep it up lady! id like to see some more pictures of your animals :)

  6. Make-up tutorials! Specifically on how you get your eyebrows to be so adorable. ;)

  7. I love your blog and wouldn't really change a thing. But since you asked, I really like the tutorials you do and more of those would be cool. I also would be interested to learn a little more about how you got into creating your own clothes and reconstructing things -- how did you learn? What kind of sewing machine do you use? Did you find it difficult when you first started?

    I think one part of what makes you such a great bargain shopper is your ability to alter things that don't fit right, or aren't as stylish in their original form as you'd like. I wish I had that talent! :)

  8. Tutorials! Or perhaps just little opinion pieces on what inspires you as a designer, your take on various aspects of fashion, etc. etc. But I quite like what you're doing already, with the photos+accompanying stories/descriptions.

  9. i adore how you aren't afraid to wear color or patterns, and you know how to accessorize to complete the outfit! most girls dont seem to see the importance of accessories

  10. I came across your blog by accident, and I love it (I actually check it everyday). I'm from the other side of the world, and just starting to really get into fashion. Your tips and style amaze me. Vintage with a modern take and with a budget no less!

    I love your breakdown on make-up too! So I suppose more of that. And I agree with the others about the tutorials, some sewing tips too perhaps?

    By the way, what camera are you using? :D

  11. I too would like to see more photos of you and Bobby and some tutorials. BTW you look really adorable in that outfit! I love the belt and the jacket.

  12. I've been following you on LJ, just wanted to say that you're absolutely inspiring...

    and have helped me cut down on my random shopping expenditures. :)

    Perhaps some photos of the places you go to?

  13. I second the encouragement to post makeup tutorials, and something about getting started sewing would be /fantastic/. I would love to learn to alter and even make my own clothes and to start off with something small that doesn't require more than a few needles and some thread.

    Oh yeah, let's have more pictures of Miku too :)

  14. What do I want to see more of on your blog? MIKU!!! And maybe some makeup tutorials, and just more fabulous outfits.

  15. That orange and gray coat is fantastic! I'm really enjoying your blog.

    - Angelique

  16. (blogger ate my previous comment apparently!)
    I love this post! you're so right about the clue of fashion being finding what is right for each person. In my teens I recall trying on something similar to what I loved seeing on my friends only to find out I looked hideous or simply not me at all.
    Today I got my new favourite dress at my local thrift store, I'm so happy I can't get over it yet.

    I like your blog as it is, but maybe bring in more Miku and the kittens :)

  17. I'd love to see your closet and your sewing set up. That makes me sound like such a creepster! But really, with all your awesome stuff, I'd love to see how you store and organize it all.

    As someone who sews, I love seeing other people's sewing rooms, and how they store their supplies.

    Two more creepster moments, and that's it: Do you still have those amazing soft grey suede boots? I think you had them in purple, too. I remember you wore them alll the time when I first started reading your lj.

    Also, I have a vintage button up that I can't wear anymore. It was my grandmother's, and I used to wear it constantly, so I can't bear to just give it to Goodwill! I would gladly send it to you, if you are at all interested. I'll take a photo of it and let you see it first, of course.

  18. I second the closet tour! I love looking at closets!

    And more pandas!

  19. please, don't change a thing. i enjoy your blog because of it's simplicity.

  20. what about those of us who are ballers/shot callers?

  21. How about more of your experiences in NYC? Maybe your favorite places to go, and places you recommend going for whatever reason?

  22. I found what I love so much about your style : it's always happy, cute and smart at the same time ! It's a great inspiration, a lot more inspiring than some magasine where everything is so sad, starting with the clothes, and don't tell me about the models, what happen to their family to give them a face like that ?
    In short, love your outfit today :) !

  23. Oh, I thought your tights were red- even bette they are orange!

  24. I had to say that I also love that your items aren't all from F21, Zara, H&M, etc. I see so many cute outfits on w_r, but then I see that it's all Forever 21, and I'm like, oh, nevermind. I don't like it. I love that you have so many unique, altered vintage pieces that you style together so well!

  25. All the outfit photos are AWESOME. I commented earlier that I am trying to learn a bunch about styling for and taking photos of myself in garments I've sewn, and clearly you are awesome at all this. If you have any practical tips to share about the makeup, lighting, location selection, etc. etc. it would be great to learn why you make the choices you do. Thank you!

  26. hey just wondering how did you get started on sewing? did you picked it up yourself? kind of at the crossroads of my life..thinking if i should give up my full time job to take up a certificate course..