Monday, December 15, 2008

Layers > Bikinis

I'm in the middle of updating my site, but I realized I forgot to post these, yesterday.

On Wednesday, I leave for Florida. While I'm looking forward to family, friends and warmer weather, I'm sad about Bobby and the baby animals being alone on Christmas. I also have to admit that despite my aversion to the cold (I'm wrapped in a blanket as I type), I prefer the dress code that goes along with it. I'm a fan of layering, tights, gloves and hats. I don't get the same satisfaction in dressing during the summer - and it's summer all year long, in Florida. I rarely, if ever, bare my shoulders, hate bathing suits and haven't worn flip flops since I was a kid. To Floridians, that's blasphemy. I still don't know what clothing to pack. I'll just take the remaining days to enjoy the holiday weather (although, it's freakishly warm right now). We're going ice skating tonight and holiday shopping, tomorrow.

Outfit Details:

vintage stetson hat (borrowed from Bobby) - beacon's closet (with store credit = free!)
vintage double breasted jacket - same as above (yay, free)
vintage navy sweater top - thrifted, 50 cents
vintage belt - from my mom's shop
multicolor plaid skirt, thrifted and shortened (was mid calf)
tights - h&m
maroon boots - thrifted by my mom
maroon bag - nine west, also from my mom

I ended up switching boots, halfway through the day. Bobby surprised me with a couple of early Christmas presents - maroon ankle boots and black oxford heels. I switched to the ankle boots, but didn't get a picture.

As you can see, I get a lot of my clothing from Beacon's closet. I recently took in a bag of old clothing (stuff I don't wear, not worth selling) and exchanged them for seven or eight better items, with credit left to spare. If you are in New York or have a similar store nearby, I highly recommend you take advantage!

-Keiko Lynn

Question of the day: What sites/blogs do you visit most frequently (besides the usual myspace, facebook, gmail, etc.)? Some of mine: Huffington Post, CNN, New York Times, EtsyFlickr, Weardrobe , Le Blog de Betty and of course, the other links I have to the right.

p.s. Guess what?! We tracked down the Angel Tree kids:) :) :)


  1. Yay about the Angel Tree kids!! I'm so glad that worked out. Some of my favorite daily visits are food blogs, such as Simply Recipes and Avec Eric. I also spend way too much time on Flickr. And I'm obsessed with Arts and Letters Daily.

  2. Oh, excellent about the Angel Tree kids! I always get very excited when buying back-to-school supplies for underprivileged kids. Back-to-school shopping was always the best part of school.

    I read a lot of blogs, too many. Many design blogs, some advertising blogs, and blogs specific to certain graphic designers. It'd probably be easiest to just look at my right-hand column on my blog. Other miscellaneous ones include Book By It's Cover, Stuff White People Like, and Shorpy. And, while not the most highly informed individual, CNN is my homepage.

    On a different note, I need some makeup suggestions. Do you know what is absolutely superb for uneven skin tone? I don't get massive breakouts, but I definitely have some underlying discoloration from years of adolescence. Also: is there some sort of base that helps prevent make up from melting in the Floridian heat?

  3. I'm glad you sorted out the Angel Tree stuff. We bought presents for two kids and two adults this weekend. So much more fun than shopping for my own family. :)

    I visit Etsy and Twitter the most, in addition to the normal stuff. I also hit up my blog feeds quite a bit, such as now. :)

  4. Angel Tree kids: that's great to hear!

    Sites: I keep Google Reader open all of the time, but that's a cheat, of course. Specific sites I read there:

    - Mind Hacks, a neuroscience/psychology blog; a link blog rather than a content-producing blog, but good at it.

    - Filigree at tumblr: a frequently-updated tumblr, with an original mix of funny and touching posts and photos. Always find something there to link a friend at and laugh about.

    - Coilhouse - 'a love-letter to alternative culture, written in an era when alternative culture no longer exists'. It's different and strange, always.

    - Joely Black and Seaneen keep two dissimiliar-in-content but well-written and personal blogs. It's a sad (and rare) day when neither updates.

  5. So many rich colors working together here, the overall effect is lovely.

  6. Love the color scheme!

    I'm not a fan of summer dressing either, but I only love summer weather.. Paradox!

  7. I adore:

    parcel post -

    only shallow -

    auxpetitsoiseaux -

  8. Love the boots!

    Good news about the angel tree kiddos!

  9. Gorgeous outfit! I love how that coat fits you.

    I have 103 subscriptions in my google reader and I read every one of them as soon as anew post comes up. Mostly fashion/style sites - you could say I'm a little obsessed :)

  10. Oh yay! I'm glad you managed to track them down, that's great.

    I have about forty blogs I check daily - largely style blogs - and a further couple of hundred that I try to check in with weekly. One of the pitfalls of working from home - Internet addiction!

  11. I visit mostly knitting blogs, although there are several fashion and home design sites and blogs that I visit as well. I am also drawn to European blogs that have lots of photographs and show either fashion or daily life.

    PS. To make your links open in a new window, add target="_blank" to the link. You'll type this between the " and the > of the link.

  12. That is awesome of you for going the extra mile to make sure the kids got their special angel wishes!

    My fave blog is Craft:

    Wow I just checked and I've got 221 blogs in my reader. (yikes!)

  13. Erin:
    I know, I was just being lazy and using blogspot's link template, instead of typing out the code. I usually open links in new tabs, to avoid millions of windows, so I wasn't really thinking. I'm sorry! I'll put them in a new window from now on.

  14. Whoa, I meant Gina, not Erin! I need to get some sleep.

  15. Elizabeth:

    Smashbox makes an excellent face primer, called photo finish. You put it on after your moisturizer, before your makeup. It smoothes everything out and keeps your makeup from running all over your face. Get the travel size one at Sephora, to try it out. Anyway, you get more bang for your buck with the travel size, which is usually available near the register. MAC also makes a primer called prep+prime, but I've never used it (to my knowledge...they may have put it on me for one of my shows or shoots).

    As for evening out your skin tone, Smashbox also makes a color corrector that I believe doubles as a primer (never used it). It's a greenish tint.

  16. Hello! I'm new to blogging (and commenting) but I love your blog and totally agree about winter! I love being able to wear so many layers - I think it makes outfits way more interesting.

    As far as everyday website viewing:
    WebCT for school, Wikipedia for inevitable curiosities, a handful of Canadian (and American) sites for the news, Tunefind so I can figure out what song from last night's episode of anything got stick in my head, and depending on how long I want to avoid my schoolwork, any number of the many, many blogs I have bookmarked!


  17. Hi!

    I check Drudge Report to get my morning news, then check Ohnotheydidnt for important celebrity nonsense, then gofugyourself because I love them!

    Then i open up about 10 different political blogs and read them throughout the day when I get bored with working.

    Miku looks to be entirely too well behaved to do this- but last night I found out the hard way that Aleve (Naproxen sodium) the painkiller can cause dog's liver's to fail, even in small doses. My baby spent the night on an IV and had her stomach filled with charcoal- thankfully it looks like we got her before any permanent damage was done. so scary!

  18. That belt is such an amazing find! (New to your blog, and pointed here by Ambika of (Into) the Fray - also hope to patronize your shop soon.)

    Most of my daily reads are other style and fashion blogs, but as a tried-and-true Minnesotan, I also check the weather obsessively. It's damned embarrassing.

  19. Like your style girl!

  20. i visit flickr, other blogs and websites like hel-looks. (:

    i was really happy when i found out you had a blog, because i just love your style and the clothes you make. are you interested in exchanging links?

  21. Laura - I'd love to exchange links. I'll add yours right now. Thanks!

  22. I look at these (usually) every day:

    I have a folder of bookmarked "reserve" sites that I go to when I'm really bored (or, more likely, really procrastinating) also :)

  23. Excellent, thank you. I know I've made you into my unwitting makeup consultant, so I appreciate that you took the time to make the suggestions!

  24. I love this outfit! and your blog! it's very inspirational! ^^

  25. I just found your blog, but I think it's my new favourite!! lovley outfit by the way :)

  26. Thanks for the info re: smashbox primer. I ordered some off of ebay today!

  27. that is such a great outfit! =) i love the way you match different colored items together... that skirt would've been hard to match alone but you did it with such style! love love love your blog...

  28. really nice handbag and the coat is beautiful too.

  29. Why are you so pretty???? Haha.. Love your blog sweetie!! ♥


    Just a bit of Eurica ♥