Monday, December 8, 2008


Despite the copious amount of layers, this is probably one of the cheapest outfits I have put on display. I am proficient in bargain hunting, due to growing up with a single mom and multiple siblings. I don't mind splurging now and then, although my idea of a splurge is that of a normal transaction. There are certain articles of clothing that I will pay a pretty penny for - a nice coat, tailored trousers (hard to come by with my shape - luckily I don't wear them much), handmade goods or a heart-achingly perfect vintage dress. Otherwise, I am happy to hunt for a better deal. 

Ironically, my makeup costs quite a bit more than the clothing in my closet. It makes me a little nauseous when I add up the prices of everything in my train case. I have put a halt to makeup purchases for now, save for the staples (fluidline, concealer, burt's bees). Luckily, I have enough of everything to last me through the expiration dates. I can't say I regret my purchases, because I enjoy it all very much and I cut corners in every other respect. However, with the current financial crises, I should just count myself lucky for the free makeup I receive from friends in higher places.

vintage tam - $1 or $2, I can't remember
vintage 70s button up shirt - $1 at a flea market, ages ago
brown sparkle and fade top - $1 at Urban Outfitters
green cami - my little sister's (she left it here)
vintage baubles - gift from a friend
navy belt - thrifted
wrinkled (I worked in it all day!) skirt - h&m, $10 on sale
tights - h&m
socks - $1 at Gap
vintage boots - thrifted years and years ago

I'd like to get to know everyone who is reading my blog, so please introduce yourself. Introduce yourself even if I already know you, so everyone else can get to know you, as well:) 

-Keiko Lynn


  1. Hi! My name's Brittany, and I've read your lj for a long time. My lj is under the same name (taillow), so feel free to check it out, since I don't use this login for anything other than keeping up with friends.

    I'm a 26 (alllllmost 27) year old wife and new mother, and I love baking, sewing, housekeeping, and my cats.

    My favorite thing about your posts are your inspiringly cheap outfits. I look at other fashion blogs occasionally, but everything is always so expensive. Yours are much more realistic, at least for my taste and budget. So thanks!

  2. One more thing, I promise!

    Continuity error, or did your bangs grow back out since your last post, haha?

  3. Taillow:
    You caught me! This set of pictures are from last week. I just kept forgetting to post them.

    Also, I know what you mean. I love sites like The Sartorialist, but it bums me out that I can't afford 90% of what he photographs on there. I want to try an experiment with one of my friends and see if I can help her find an entire outfit on the cheap. It might be more challenging finding something that suits her, and not just me. We'll see if it can be done!

  4. I check your blogs everyday!
    I'm Soyoung, 15 years old.. and I've been stalking your site continuously for over 2 years now. :]

    You are amazing! Your blogs and clothing helped me decide to make an etsy account and make clothes as well. (And it's also helping me to start thrifting and saving money. It's working quite effectively, which is always good!!)

  5. Soysoy, that's wonderful! What is your etsy account?

  6. my name is jillian, i'm 21 and i live in orlando. i'm a reader of the blogs, purchaser of your clothes when i can afford it. i'm a history major at ucf right now with no idea of what i want to do with my life yet but i love love love your blog very much.

  7. oh, it's sincerelyyounglove.

    I think i have you as a favorite, already. :]

  8. I'm Kathleen.

    I have a blog with my boyfriend about remodeling our 1929 tudor style home nestled in the inner-city of Oklahoma City. I work as an art director at an advertising agency, that has made it's home in an old brick warehouse built in 1919, in Bricktown, OKC.

    Lately I have been inspired by fashion, makeup, interior design, arts & crafts, and everything perfectly imperfect.

  9. Hi Keiko! I am Nicole from Hawaii, but I go to school in Portland, Oregon. I love the clothes you make. My mom's middle name is Keiko, like you, and mine is Mariko.

  10. hey, i'm Jocelyn. i found you through some kind of craft or sewing community on LJ a few years ago and added you! and now i'm following your new blog. i like your sense of style and your makeup tips. plus, i am a huge panda fan.

    you should put your outfits on if you don't already! :)

  11. hi! my name is bethany, 21 from houston, tx. your blog is probably my new favorite! i love your style and the fact that you talk about your makeup, also (cause we all know it's just as important to the outfit!)
    keep it up :]

  12. hello! I admit to having stalked your lj for about a year now. I think I was drawn in by your animal pictures and bobby's tattoos (lovely!) but love your outfits from this blog! It's nice to read about creativity for us people with none. I am 25, a mechanical engineer, a new wife, and a not so new zookeeper. we have 3 pups, a cat, and a huge bunny.

    thanks for your lovely blog!

  13. Elit Alice is Agota, that is me, who was 3rd in your photo contest. :)

    im actually 29, currently living in Dublin after living in Paris and London for a few years, but i was born and spent most of my life in Budapest, Hungary.

    im like you, im a bargain-hunter, my favourite place in the world is the flee market in a Paris suburb, where a piece of clothing is 1 euro, only you have to look through a pile of used clothing. i used to spend my sundays there.

    im also planning to move to the US next year. fingers crossed. :)

  14. haha forgot: im also a DJ, an amateur photographer, and i have an MA in philosophy. i do many things but i dont take any of these too seriously.
    and i absolutely love cookie dough. and cheese. and the colour blue.

  15. hiya! my name's Amie (if_venice_sinks on lj). i remember a post you did (lj i think) about doing things on the cheap, i would love to see more of those! as a poor student Old Navy is practically couture to me!!

  16. Hi I'm Kimbly's friend katie from ucf. I'm living in tampa now though. I've been following you for about a year and love reading your blog and seeing your clothes and make up :)

  17. Either I have an oddly shaped head, or you're just magic. Do you keep those hats on with bobby pins?

    I'm Elizabeth, think you know this. Went to UF, studied advertising/English/writing. Do screen printing, make cut outs, sketch poorly, ride bikes, and can satiate your Starbucks' thirst. Oh, shoot, what else wouldn't you know? A bit of my iris is missing, which causes my right pupil to look like pac-man. And I played violin for years and years.

  18. Aw, dang. My grammar was rather poor in that comment. I swear I studied English!

  19. Hi Keiko! :) I'm Andrea. I'm Zimbabwean, but I live in New Zealand, and I'm a writer. I used to work as the editor of a magazine, but I quit to write novels full-time. I have loved seeing your outfits on wardrobe_remix for ages, and I was thrilled when I found out you had a blog! You put outfits together like no one else, and the clothing you make is stunning.

  20. Hey there! I like your outfit, layering makes things interesting teehee.

    My name's Tammy and I found out about your blog through your clothing website. I'm in my last year of high school and plan on applying to art school to major in drawing and painting. And i love indie music :)

  21. I'm Hailey - Hi. I'm in Vancouver, an accountant, and I blog @ :-)

  22. Hi! I only found your blog a week or so ago, but am following it thru bloglovin! I love your style! I am a 26 year old office manager who loves fashion and reading fashion blogs! I blog at

  23. Hi, I'm Natasha, 28 from Malaysia. Followed you from your livejournal. Love your fashion sense and am a fan of your clothes, but with the high exchange rate, can't afford to buy yet :)
    Will be visiting NYC this Xmas, am so excited! Maybe you could suggest places to go in NYC (vintage stores, quirky shops, etc)?

  24. Hello! I'm Whitney. I'm an almost 22 year-old college student in Oklahoma. I first ran into you in the t-shirt reconstruction group on lj. I check out your lj blog every so often. (I love your clothes, tatoos-I'm to much of a pansy to get one, and how you always have the best looking photos!) I've gotten a lot of inspiration from your sewing and your style in general.

    A good thrift store find makes my day and sometimes instead of doing laundry I just make a new outfit :) Anyway, I really enjoy your blog and look forward to more of your posts :)

  25. I'm Lulu and I occasionally blog lurk. I'm at University of Arizona currently. You're beautiful and you dress so nicely!

  26. Hi Keiko! My name is Dorothy and I live in Texas. I love to sew/craft, bake, and shop. I've been reading your LJ for a while now (but I've never commented on it), and I just love your blog. I enjoy your pictures of your vintage clothes, your pets, and the clothes you make of course! I myself have switched to Blogspot about a month ago. It's not much different from LJ, but it's a nice change. I think you are very pretty and I love your haircuts and makeup! Can't wait to read more of your blogs to come.

  27. Hi Keiko! I'm Kayla, a long time reader of your livejournal and an avid checker of postlapsaria.
    I once won $250 as first prize in a costume contest when I handmade a panda costume after being inspired by your keiko-as-a-panda pictures. I added bamboo--props always get people interested! ;)
    I'm getting married in April and I love cats. I'm ridiculously close with my family, my fiance, my best friend, and my kitties! I went to UCSB, I moved to England at 19, I'm going back to school to change career paths, I'm almost 25, and I'm from far Northern California.
    And I love seeing your outfits, your makeup, your boyfriend, your thoughts, your sisters, your growing success, and your pretty face on blogspot!

  28. Hi Keiko!
    My name is Kandice and I am a 24-year old psychology student from Canada.
    I am a fashion enthusiast, though being in school causes very little money, which is why I like your blog. I have followed your blog (your old one, and now this one) religiously for about 2 years now. I have a small sewing machine, and apparently have an uncommon body type as I have trouble finding clothes that fit properly, and therefore I awkwardly try to make them work for me, and your blog inspires me, as we seem to have the same shape. You always look so good, so sometimes I steal ideas from you ;)

  29. I'm Kat, 21, from New York, and a senior in college. I am a longtime reader of your blog (3+ years!) and I love being able to see your cute thrifty outfits on a daily basis.

  30. I'm Amanda in Savannah... I'm a 28 year old (I'm such an old lady) theatre designer who rarely has spare time to be as super crafty as I would like to think I am. I live with my boyfriend, our mini schnauzer Milo, kitty Moki, and our rabbit, very originally named Bunny.

    I originally ran across you on hot_fashion awhile ago :)

  31. Hi Keiko, it's Becky! I met you through Emily...we both modeled in your fashion show at Club Paris & saw you more recently at your show in September.
    I graduated from Eckerd College in May and took a 4 month job doing environmental/biology work with a company based in Tampa. That's over now, so I am back home in Illinois looking for work and hoping to return to the coast soon. I always enjoy your photos :)

    I am so_witty on livejournal, barkdore on twitter, and barkdore on etsy.

  32. Hi Keiko! My name's Katrina, and I've been a longtime fan of Postlapsaria, as well as your LJ (I'm followthecat on there). I can't remember how I first found out about Postlapsaria, but I fell in love with your style and eye for design right away.

    Being the poor college student that I am, I've always admired your work from afar and dreamed about owning a piece from your line. My wish finally came true this year (sometime in March/April) when my bf surprised me with a shirt for our anniversary. He knows how much I love your work, and even though I never mentioned it to him, he knew exactly which shirt I was eying at the time. :P

    Long story short, I love your work, love pandas (I have a panda mug! --see blog for picture), and really enjoy reading your entries!

  33. Hey Keiko!

    I'm Tracy. Nineteen and a costume design major. I've been following you since the LJ days when I first started selling things through LiveJournal about three years ago and now I'm on Etsy (

    I think your work is absolutely beautiful, and I always get happy when you've posted new things on the site. =]

  34. Hey girl,
    I'm Ally. I'm from Montreal and New Jersey, currently studying acting at the University of Michigan. We're 'mutual friends' on lj (piss_and_ink), and I once ran into you in the fashion district in Manhattan and totally forgot your name. Umm... I have a dog named Penny (half shizu, half yorkie) and not much else is interesting right now.

  35. Why hello hello Keiko! My name is Annie and I've been an avid follower of your LJ for two years and now I'm here! I looked forward to every new post and check daily for one. What I love is your spirit and how it's embodied in everything you do in life. You inspire me! I've bought one of your pieces before when it was on sale but I haven't been able to scrap together enough money to buy anything else. Someday! I look forward to seeing more of your new pieces soon!

  36. Hi! I'm Hannele, I'm originally from Paris but life has lead me to North America where I currently live with my husband. I've studied Fashion Design in Toronto and hope to live off my passion.
    I'm very new to your blog. I admire the flawless photos and colorful variety of your wardrobe, that and the amazing makeup shots which are very inspiring!

  37. I can't even tell you how much time I've spent looking at your store/blog. Your pictures are always too pretty for words & the people/puppies you surround yourself with are so lovely.

    My name is Darcy, I'm 22 & I live (currently!) w/ my BF in Denton, TX. I'm planning on moving NW (Seattle &/or Portland) as soon as plausible.

    I discovered the term "Pretty-Porn" today on Huffington Post & I must say you fall into the category. (It even mentioned about 8 out of 10 of the blogs I currently run feeds from).

    In any case! You're awesome.

  38. Hi! my name is Tiffany, im 19 and i have been reading your lj forever. I just moved out with my boyfriend and my two puppies named Edward and Sofia, so i hear ya on tough financial times. I also spend too much money on makeup (its a hopeless addiction)
    I just started my account here so i dont have much on it yet, but please take a look!

    you are beautiful by the way!

  39. You already know me but I thought I'd drop a line!

    I luuuuv this blog!, b/c im internet obsessed i check it on a regular basis to see wut cute outfit/makeup combos you put together. I wish I could do something similar but i dont own as many cute/unique clothes/ accessories as you :(, not much fun makeup either... o well, maybe one day, i try to find vintage in LA but its SO expensive , even thrift stores here are outrageous prices, anyways keep up what you're doing! It's very inspiring and creative!

  40. Hi Keiko,
    I'm Sarah-Rose and I've been following your lj for ... oh I can't remember. And I've recently moved over to just a proper blog recently (though I've had it for almost three years).

    I'm 25, I've just spent a year in London, I'm back in New Zealand, and pretty much every waking minute is spent thinking about getting back there. London is amazing!

    I love your blog posts not just because it's amazing style on a budget but because of the colours you use. I'm very much monochrome with hints of colour so it's inspiring.

  41. hey, i'm brittany! my friend came across your livejournal awhile ago, and sent me the link a few months ago. i dig your clothes, so i had to check out your blog when you moved to blogspot! i also read your east coast, west coast love blog, and it kind of makes me feel stalker-ish, but it's interesting! haha

    i'm hoping to open up a vintage clothing etsy in the next few months (i'm in looooove with anything vintage), but i also sew clothes, and make all kinds of handmade lovelies (jewelry, purses, etc.), so i really like to hear about someone who is so successful with their own designing and sewing.

    love your blog! i'm slightly envious of your life! haha i always look forward to when your blog pops up on my google reader!

  42. I'm Jen, 22yo in my last year of college, been buying off Postlapsaria for awhile (*sheepish look* I try to pick up extra hours at my part-time job for it...). You're so inspiring because I've tried making some clothes before (but it got difficult without a sewing machine...) but your designs are truly creative and unique. I love the site redesign and I discovered your blog while waiting for the shop to come online again :D (Please keep posting vintage clothing! Everything so far is gorgeous and I need to snag me some!) Your style is so amazing and my first thought was that you must spend so much to keep it up, especially living in NY, so it's SO awesome to see that you frequent thrift shops etc galore! Hearing about your experiences and seeing your beautiful outfits inspired me to research some stores near me. One I try to go to when I can is Mustard Seed, so if you're ever in the D.C. area... Keep it up!

    P.S. Wish I could pull off your gorgeous makeup too!

  43. Well hello! My name is Venla and I'm from Finland (which is in Scandinavia ;)

    I've been reading your blog about few months now and I must say, it is quite lovely! I like 1950's style and young finnish designer's clothes.

  44. Hi Keiko...(beautiful name btw, I'm sure you get this a lot but what is your ethnic background?) my name is Agnes I'm from a little beach town in Va, conveniently named Virginia Beach.

    I came across your blog I think on flickr within the Wardrobe Remix pool. I love your style and that you post your makeup looks as well. Are you professionally trained in cosmetics also or is that more just a hobby?

    I think its very cool that you sew as well, I'm pretty new to sewing but I hope to be able to make my own clothes one day.

    I also like that you sometimes put what your bf is wearing. I am trying to "upgrade" my man's wardrobe (with little luck) so I like showing him Bobby's style to help persuade him a bit more :P You guys are the prettiest couple btw haha...thanks! Keep up the bloggin'!

  45. Hi I'm Milla I'm a screenwriter, from Finland, though in a month from WA, and I found your blog via the fabulous W_R. I love your style.

  46. My name is Emily, I first found you online about five years ago. I'm originally from Maryland, but currently live in Cleveland. By trade I'm a violinist, but I'm very passionate about photography, food, and crafting in general. Love your new blog!

  47. Hey Keiko, I'm Stephanie (tritest on LJ, you've added me back years ago!). I'm from Singapore, but I go to uni in Melbourne, Australia, and I really like what you make and I'm proud to be the owner of one of your pieces. Your outfits are always so cute and I actually am reminded of you when I see Blair on Gossip Girl! Haha :D Love your new blog, I'm inspired to update mine as regularly as well!

  48. Love your outfit !

    I'm Lucile, I'm 20 years old and I live in Paris. I study History (Arabic and Persian). I also sew (but just for me and my friends, and I'm a dresses fan !) and that how I came to your lj because a friend of mine told me I would love your clothes -and she was so right ! Since then I like spending time in your blog, see your outfits (awesome by the way), your creations and read about your life because even if i'm a turtle to translate, I like the way you write.

  49. I love that shirt and those boots. I need some awesome boots.

    I'm no lurker. I'm sure you know enough about me. I did tag you here, though: Play along if you wanna!

  50. I'm Kasey, 24 and actually just stumbled across your blog just a few days ago. I so envy your awesome makeup techniques (if I ever get that good at eye makeup, it will be a good day).

  51. Im Kristin, 24, from New Zealand. I've been following your LJ on and off for about 3 years now. I used to design clothing to sell through my LJ and then through etsy, and then took time off when I fell pregnant to concentrate on my son, and never really got back into it until recently when I tripped over you again. This time I'm starting my own childrens line rather than womens though.
    I really admire your style, and how far you have come. You are truely and inspiration.

  52. Hello!
    I'm Celia, 25 from Barcelona but living in London. I started following you on LJ and have been eyeing your clothes for a while but I'm permanently skint so haven't managed to get any yet.

    I'm finishing my final major project for my fashion design degree (a children clothes history essay + childrenwear collection) and taking a diploma in menswear handcraft tailoring now :)

  53. im rye..22 from LA. ive been following your lj since

  54. Keiko, new friends...greetings!

    My name is Nina and I've been following the LJ-adventures of Postlapsaria & co. since the early days of reconstructed t-shirt skirts in early 2004. In those days, my then-boyfriend {now-husband, gasp!} and I were running our *own* crafty DIY company, reClaim Life and we found Keiko through the intertwined world of online crafters.

    Now, we're 25 year old Floridians preparing for a move to Chicago in pursuit of art and open minds.

    Keiko, thanks for being an inspiration and a sweet online friend; it's been lovely getting to know you and watching your company bloom. Here's to the future!

  55. Hi, I'm Madeline
    I follow your blog basically every day. I love your style and the chothing you make because its so vintage and classic with a modern twist.
    I'm inspired by your style to go thrifting myself for unusual peices.

  56. hihi, I'm chrisi :]
    I'm currently a student in tampa but I was born and raised about 15 minutes outside of philadelphia. :]

    I have a livejournal but like you, am converting to this, but still using lj. ummm, I make jewelry and I'm a hairstylist with my license currently in PA... looves fashion and you're adorable!

  57. Everyone:

    I just want to let you all know that I have enjoyed reading all of your lovely comments and checking out your blogs/sites/etc. I'm going to take more time to reply to the questions and such but it might take me awhile!

  58. Cheers Keiko!

    My name is Jillian and I live in a small town outside of St. Louis, MO with my very sweet husband Owen (he's a musician, but currently works at a box factory to pay rent!.) I'm 19 years old and I'm an art/culinary arts student (I took a break this semester, but I'm back to the grind in January.) I love crafting, sewing, reading, designing, decorating, travel (especially on tour,) and being with my friends and family. I blog about my life on blogspot, I just started an etsy and I'm looking forward to doing craft fairs!

    I have been reading your livejournal forever. I came across it (seems like) a few years ago? I admire you for your spunk and your genuine nature.


    jillian pye

  59. Hey Keiko,
    my name is candice. im a 24 year old who i lives and loves in s. california. i first came across your stuff on esty a few months back and loved the things you made! then i found your website, leading to this blog, then to myspace.
    i love your style and the cool vintage pieces that you make and i think you are very talented.
    i blog also on this thing too.

    be blessed,

  60. I've followed you forever on LJ but I do really love this new blog. Maybe it's because it doesn't lump you in with all of my other "friends" and I feel like I get some alone time with you. WOAH that sounded kind of creepy. HAHA!

    Anyway, I love that your showing us your outfits AND the makeup.

  61. Hi Keiko! I followed you here from lj. I love your designs and your daily outfits and my middle name is Lynn too. We even met irl at the Craftacular last year. Do you remember me? Will you be there again this year? I've lost my baby weight and it's about time I owned a Postlapsaria original after oogling over it for years, haha! xo Jenny

  62. Hiiiii :) I'm Faith, from Singapore :) The F1 race was held here this year!

    You've been my inspiration when it comes to dressing up! You've a unique style and many, many beautiful clothes!! Heh.

    I wish I'd the guts to be different!! Singaporeans are a tad too reserved I guess :) Heh.

    Please keep writing about your outfits and your beautiful pets & Bobby ^.^

  63. Pomly: Of course I remember you! I won't be at the craftacular this year. I thought I was going to be in Florida, so I didn't bother applying. But then they changed the date, and I pushed back my flight, and it turns out I will be here, after all. Oh well! I might go shopping there, though. Will you have a booth?

  64. Hi Keiko I am Kristin- Graphic design, photographer girl in California. I love seeing your creations and especially the make-up details (ps. pink poodle is one of my favorite MAC colors too!) What is your favorite red MAC color? I am still hooked on Russian Red, it's my going out lip staple! I also have a website/blog at: xo

  65. I love this outfit - the colours are beautiful.

    I'm Shannon - I just found you :)

  66. i'm abby. pleased to meet you. i don't know how i came across your lj, but it was before you and matt we're officially dating, i think. i've checked back now and then since. i bought one of your pieces in the last couple of years or so, and it always turns heads. i just got married and will graduate from ucf on monday. i'll probably be heading to grad school in 2010 to become a physician assistant, but in the meantime i will (hopefully) be working in a hospital and teaching high school science during the school year. i like reading your blog because i enjoy reading about other people's lives - it helps me appreciate other perspectives and ways of living so that i may also be inspired to push conventional boundaries in my own life. i'm a little late on this as i've been on my honeymoon!

  67. Hi, my name is Antoinette. I keep a blog at and sew whenever I can. I stumbled upon your postlapsaria shop at Etsy and saved it as a fave, then saw pics you posted at wardrobe remix and figured out very recently that they are all connected!

    I take photos of my sewing creations and many of the photos don't do the clothes justice. When I see someone on wardrobe remix who dresses, styles and photographs really well, I check out their blogs so I can learn more about how I'm setting up and taking my photos! I don't wear makeup so I am pretty sure my photos will benefit from some makeup tricks.

    Also, I love your reconstructed clothes for sale on postlapsaria, esp. the knit garments. My knit sewing is not so great! Thanks for all the effort I know you must put in to making/ purchasing your garments, and modeling and shooting them! The clothes and photos are all very inspirational! :)

  68. My name is Michelle McSwain I am a photographer living in Queens. I am originally from Louisville KY and have been keeping up with your clothing/website for five years now. I used to buy lots of clothes from you but since my move to NYC, my funds haven't allowed it.
    I would love to get together sometime and do some sort of photoshoot or test if you're interested. You can see my work and blog @ or

    Keep up the great work! I love seeing your clothes! And your life seems wonderful.

  69. My name's Sarah and I just found your blog 20 minutes ago. It's awesome. My sister and her husband are both quitting their dayjobs so that he can write full time and she can sew and sell clothes and crafts. You're an inspiration! I'll definitely show her your blog.

  70. I found your, three minutes ago through Wardrobe Remix. You and your blog are adorable and amazing! I blog at :

  71. Hi I'm Ola, I just found your blog,

    I love the energy in the clothing that you put together!

  72. Hola! My name is Amanda and I just stumbled upon your site as I was bored at work.(I work in a wonderful clothing boutique...slow day!) I just graduated with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and I am still trying to figure out what to do now.I love sewing and thrifting and I absolutely LOVE your site! You have so many great ideas! Thanx for sharing!!

  73. Hi there Keiko-Lynn, I'm Kim and I've just discovered your blog and think you are just fabulous! xx

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  75. Hi Keiko,

    I have just discovered the blogging world. I became a member of ModCloth on monday and haven't left my chair since then :) I am beginning to feel pathetic. My name is Lauren and I really like your style (both clothes and make-up). I will start up an etsy vintage store early next year. I think I'll call it Evening Primrose. Still have to collect a lot of clothes though.
    I am 24 years old. I am a respectful world citizen who does her best to be a critical human being. This means I find it important to put all the input we receive, through our education, the media and other external factors, into perspective. I love writing and I see my writings as critical reflections rather than fixed truths. I love seeing the beauty in what is right in front of me, I get carried away easily, my mind is like a beehive; always buzzing and humming.

    It's a pleasure to get to know you :)