Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Matchy matchy

I've been working quite a bit the past couple of days, so sorry about the lack of substantial updates. I have a bunch of new stuff going up on the site tomorrow, so hooray for that! I need the money - it's that time of the month (bills, bills, bills). Here's yesterday's outfit, for now. Today's will be posted tomorrow. And yes, I wore this silly outfit just to work in. I always seem to get more work done when I'm actually dressed and not just in pajamas.

Outfit Details:
prettiest little pup
thrifted, handmade beret
vintage scarf
vintage jumper
vintage wicker purse
f21 shirt
h&m tights
sparkle & fade socks
thrifted shoes

Makeup details:
concealer, MAC skinfinish, blush
MAC dipdown fluidline on brows
MAC bare canvas paint (base)
Clinique shell eyeshadow
physician's formula black eyeshadow
MAC blitz and glitz fluidline
milani rose fetish lipstick

Apologies for the awkward, downward angle in the outfit pictures. It makes me look like I'm petite with short legs, but I'm 5'7" with a short torso.

-Keiko Lynn


  1. I wasn't able to comment on your post about Bobby but I hope someday you tell us the magical story of how you decided to get together! : )

    I've been a fan of your livejournal for years. My dog looks like a bit bigger male version of Miku

  2. Great outfit. I love your hats!!

  3. This is so adorable! I especially love the red socks.

  4. Love the matchy matchy here, actually i usually really like matchy matchy.

  5. Eyeliah:

    Thanks! I am also a fan of matchy-matchy but I get ridiculed for it from time to time. Different strokes for different folks!

  6. I have a scarf very similar to this one...what a great way to wear it. I love your blog..such a great eye for fashion and love how you mix everything you wear.