Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mother Effer


I messed up the paypal buttons on the most recent Postlapsaria update, but all is fixed. I'm so sorry, to those of you who had problems trying to buy things. I messed up and changed the quantity to zero, so it wouldn't let anyone purchase anything.

The store is back up and running! Bobby is making another post office run tomorrow, so if you put in your order tonight or early morning, it will be shipped out tomorrow.

p.s. Thanks to Maria, for pointing out my paypal button errors!


  1. hey, I just wanted to let you know you have a great style! I just 'discovered' your blog, and I love it!
    my style is still developing, still not as 'good' and original as I want.
    but I have a question for you.
    I've seen here a lot of outfits with coloured tights.
    I have them also; a red pair (really red!) , a purple pair and a light blue pair.
    but I don't wear them often because I still don't know how to wear them.
    do you have some advice ?
    elke evi.

  2. question, when you get a chance. it's a 2-parter:
    1. how do you get your liquid liner so perfect??
    2. Once on, how does it stay so well? Mine tends to start rubbing off in the middle. Do you know what i mean? like after a while it's just the outline.
    thanks for any info! :)

  3. hey keiko! really loving your blog! =) is it alright if i add you to my blogroll? thanks!

  4. Elke:

    Opaque tights can be incorporated into outfits as an accessory or a statement piece. If your tights are super bright and colorful, you might want to pair them with something a little more toned down, in contrast. I often go against that guideline, as you can probably see in a few of my pictures - but if you're a little timid about wearing them, it's best to be a little more conservative. Look to others for inspiration and see what works most for you. Then, take that inspiration and make it your own. I recommend checking out flickr's wardrobe_remix group!

  5. Leigh:

    I actually wear MAC fluidline, which is more of a gel-like substance, in a pot form. I use the sonia kashuk (at target) bent eyeliner brush, which is bent at the end (makes it much easier to control) and has a fine point. It gives a precise line. I also work from the outside in, and stretch my eyelid taut. If you have a problem making a continuous line, try making short dashes, instead, connecting them as you go.

    As for staying power, MAC fluidline is the best. I'll still get a little bit of running at the very corners, because my eyes water quite a bit, on occasion. When that happens, I just wipe it off and carry on. For the most part, it's budge proof. I recommend it! It's about $13 and lasts forever - I only have to buy my replacements once a year.

  6. tis serendipity:

    Thank you! I don't mind at all; I encourage it:)

  7. you are very welcome!
    glad you got those buttons fixed :)