Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New, at Postlapsaria.com

I spent all last night updating Postlapsaria.com and I still have more to add. Lots of cheaper reconstructions, vintage clothing, accessories and original, handmade clothing. I'm trying to stock the site with more affordable items, which is why there are so many reconstructions. Fabric is expensive! I can't do originals for much less than I already charge, so I'm focusing on alternatives.

I still have a few more things to put up, along with some measurements. I'd do it now but Bobby is waiting on me. Apologies!

Click here, to visit the site!

We're off to Manhattan, for the day. I'll check back in later with an outfit post and hopefully some pretty photographs from our excursion.

-Keiko Lynn


  1. I'm excited to see what else you put up, I already love what you've added!

  2. that sheer purple dress is the perfect mix of sexy and whimsy. great job pretty-pretty!

  3. hey keiko, could you email me with the measurements for the "Lilac Sailor Dress" ?

    it's so cute! but i don't want to buy it if it's going to be too big on me.


  4. for some reason, every item (the new ones) w/ the prefix "bru" is marked as "sold out" when you try to check out =\

    just fyi :)

    love love love the new additions. you've done a wondeful job w/ this set!

  5. fantastic new things and layout! i would love to order something, but i guess the shirts wouldn't fit me - i need an m-l. the cowl is also cute, but sadly, pink isn't my kind of color. will you make it in other colors, too?

  6. Holly:

    Bobby has all of the measurements - I had him type them out. He's at work right now, but I'll have them up tonight (as long as we can coordinate a time when we're both at the computer).

  7. Laura: I have to see if I can find more colors in the fleece. I'm going to hunt down a fabric store, today!