Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pink Poodle

Thursday was a lovely day, full of pink pink pink, Christmas lights, good food and free jeans. Bobby modeled for 4 Stroke Jeans, and they asked him to come by to pick up the look book and some free jeans. They ended up giving us an insane amount of free jeans (both of us!) and I felt like we walked out of their showroom as shoplifters. I now have more jeans than I know what to do with, and a big, glossy collection of Bobby pictures hanging on my wall. He has another shoot with them in January, so I guess they liked him!

I have a lot of work to do, so I'll get on with the pictures and details.

All you need to know is MAC Pink Poodle on the lips. The rest is minimal.

On me:
cable knit beret - thrifted
h&m scarf
$5 blouse
grey wool mini - thrifted and altered (was mid calf)
h&m tights
granny boots - beacon's closet
vintage pink gloves (other picture) - antique store in sebastian, florida

On him:
vintage fedora
Robert Geller coat
target jeans
zara shoes

Little model Bobby. I'm trying to get him to accept other gigs so that I can have my own personal sugar daddy. I kid, I kid.

But free stuff is always nice;)

-Keiko Lynn


  1. that skirt is amazing. I love the outfit with the pink accent

  2. hii! hmm i used to read your livejournal and i never quite commented on any of your posts so i thought, enough! so i just wanted to say hi and that i really admire your work. :) i'll hopefully be purchasing one of your pieces in the near future. anywho, just wanted to say that i love the skirt you're wearing! it's quite adorable and unique!

  3. You two are so cute, omg. :)

  4. this might be a weird request, but could you post some pictures of how you have decorated your apartment? i am really curious considering how creative you are with your clothing.

  5. ahhh, i was just in sebastian on friday!

  6. you + bobby = holy adorable. :-)

    in regards to your post below this one:

    please made more plaid things! i've loved the plaid things you've made and every time i try to buy one, it's sold out and i cry... real tears! haha.

    and, where did you get those pretty mustard tights?!

  7. Alice, Trains, Hanako, Elaine and Cat - thanks! I really appreciate it:)

    Jillian - my grandpa lives in Sebastian, and my mom has a ranch in Fellsmere, about five or ten minutes away.

  8. Anonymous 1 - I will take pictures eventually. I haven't taken many because we have a dimly lit apartment, but I'll figure it out.

    Anonymous 2 - I will make more plaid things, don't worry! And I got the mustard tights at H&M, last year. They don't have them right now but you can probably find them on

  9. wow.. you're so beautiful!
    really like the makeup

  10. You have amazing lips and you are a adorable couple. My new favourite blog.:D