Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Starring Miku, with special guest Vester

It's no secret that I am an animal lover. In my apartment alone, we have three little ones - Miku, Lacy and Vester. My mom, on the other hand, practically has a zoo. Five horses, three dogs, five cats, bunnies, a turtle, a shark fish, a large bird that talks a lot, sugar gliders, goats, etc.

I am quite the hermit, at times. Having furry little friends around is what keeps me sane, and I have to say that the kitties have made Miku much happier. Just as I need a little companion, Miku does, as well. Lacy and Vester are new to the household, but Miku has been at my side for almost five years (as of March '09). How did I exist without her?

Here are a ton of photos of Miku, in her winter parka:

Vester decided to try it on, but he wasn't a fan.

Bunny ears!

This is where the kitties sleep. Lacy spends 90% of her day in there, so it's kind of ironic that Vester was alone when I took the picture. It's the cutest kitty bed. Bobby didn't think they would sleep in it but they love it!

Question of the day: Do you have any pets? If so, tell us their names and share their pictures!

-Keiko Lynn


  1. Love the doggy parka!!! My dog has a polo shirt, and we pop his collar a la 80s. Love dressing up the animals!

  2. theyre are adorable :)
    i have a pet bunny named Bubba he is just the cutest..

  3. Miku in her little jacket are ridiculously adorable.

    Penny is my girl, my little baby who's sleeping on my lap right now. ahhh, I am so glad to be home and getting to snuggle with her. It's hard at college, I miss her.

    She's a shitzu/yorkie mix. and she's amazing.

  4. that vest is the cutest thing ever! i want a dog just so i can dress it in clothes! and love it to death, of course!

    here's my kitty. her name is...kitty. but i call her kittykins, kitterz, ect ect.

  5. awww miku is gorgeous. Does she happen to get any eye goop on her gorgeous white fur? My dog Butters has an awful problem with that and although I clean it up I'd love to find a way to help him prevent it.

    Presenting.... Butters, in his winter jacket!

    and Butters hard at work

  6. I have a Chihuahua named Chip who I've had since he was a baby. He's about 4 1/2 now. He was so tiny when I first got him.

    My family also has 4 cats: KC, Joey, Coco, and Eva. I'm hoping to get my own cat this Christmas, but I'm still looking.

    Here's a picture of Coco being awesome and wearing a shirt.

  7. Miku is adorable!
    Our dog Amy (short for Amaryllis) is a character. She is the weirdest dog I've ever met. She has her own set over on my Flickr.
    I love her so.

  8. Hi - I just found you through the blogging grapevine. You have a gorgeous sense of style :)

    My mother sounds a lot like yours - she has a huge menagerie of animals. I've lived in a tiny flat with a strict landlord for the past few years, so I have none. I just play with the neighbourhood cats!

    When I eventually settle down, I'm going to be overrun with animals :)
    Yours are so adorable, especially in that parka!!

  9. I only have a cat, but in the apartment we have three altogether! Plus a tarantula, a gecko, a rat, and a dwarf hamster.

    Eugene is mine, and she's almost three:

    Miette (aka Meatball, aka M-Ball) *used* to be mine, but a friend adopted her last summer when I was moving. Now I live with that friend, haha. She's two this year (and she is a lot more huge now than she was in this photo).

    Yogi is our newest edition, but we tend to call him Yogurt. We're not sure how old he is exactly, because we found him on the side of the Trans-Canada. He can't meow at all.

  10. Hi! I love your Blog.

    I have a little rabbit called Charlie Munchers! He is so great he has a facebook group

    I don't know what I'd do without my little Munch!! xx

  11. miku has a fur hood! cuteeeee.

    I have seven:
    -3 ferrets (patsy, onslow, edmund-- all named after brit television characters)
    -3 cats (Leon named after KOL, Odie the bengal, and B.B. aka blackbitch b/c she isn't very nice)
    -my baby French bulldog Kurt (named after Kurt Vonnegut


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  13. If this isn't you, I've found your doppleganger.

  14. Darcy Elizabeth:

    That is me, from about a year ago. It's from a

  15. housewifery:

    Yes, she does! It's a pain. I have eye wipes and tear stain removers, but Angels' Eyes works the best

    It's stuff that you sprinkle in their food. I have to pick some more up, because her right eye is starting to tear up again. In fact, in one of these pictures, I cleaned it up with the healing brush in photoshop, because she started to tear during the photos.

  16. Miku is so gorgeous! I have two cats, Frost and Poe. They belonged to my exboyfriend. We found them in his backyard as kittens, but they caused a mini-flood in his house and were then given to me. I got to keep them after we broke up. I don't think I would be able to live alone without them.

  17. I have a Himalayan/mutt bunny named Peanut! He is a rescue and had to have his front teeth removed. This is the 2nd bunny I've rescued that had to have that done. He is not very friendly until it is treat time!

  18. I have......
    a pit bull named monroe
    a cat named pinkerton that gives high-5s
    and a cat named prince hector..
    and then theres pumpkin the cat that weighed 30 lbs last pet visit

  19. Cuteness! I can't have cats any more because my boyfriend's allergic. Boo. I do have a wonderful little dog named Sully. She's half pug, half shih tzu -- a pugzu! Here she is:

  20. Leigh:

    My beloved, late bunny's name is Peanut! We called her Peanutty, Nunner, P-nun, nunner bunner, etc. She was also a rescue - she was so timid when I first got her, but became really warm and friendly and often downright feisty. She was in a cage that was so small, she couldn't turn around, when my mom rescued her. She gave her to me and she became a cageless bunny. She was quick to be litterbox trained. It made her so happy!

  21. I love the doggy parka! I need to get my Gracie one of those. She's hidden her hoodie somewhere.

    This is Grace.

    BTW, I'm a long time reader from LJ. Love the new blog.

  22. I absolutely love that kitty bed!

    here are my two!

    Cobweb I got from a group of little girls I was babysitting at the time. She was a week old when I first saw her, and pure white!

    and neko:
    Neko was a rescue. The most shy, scared kitten you would ever meet is now a 14lb guy that meows so frequently. :)

    I'm really enjoying reading your new blog. :D

  23. I love the little dag parka, so cute!

    I have 4 cats now...1 won't let me take a picture of him though. Here is where I posted pics of 2 of the cats
    And a picture of another one is here
    Their names are by the photos :)

  24. Loving your pets. I have two puppies (Mi-kis) named JPEG and Pixel. I'm a photo nerd.

    Pictures of them More to come, they're just so hard to photograph with all that energy!

    Take Care. Great entry as usual ;-)

  25. Hey Keiko!
    Peanut was quite good about litter-training himself. He likes to stay in his cage though, in his wooden house, even when i leave the door open! i think he just likes what he likes and doesn't want to be bothered with fuss ;)

  26. Lindsay:

    JPEG and Pixel!! Those are awesome names.

  27. Leigh:

    Some animals just feel more comfortable in their little homes. I think Nunner just liked to roam around, because she was in such an awful cage before. But when I would take her to the park on her leash, she would just stand there and look disapproving. She wouldn't budge! Although she did like her bunny run. Have you looked into those? They're just big foldable fencing that you can put up for playtime with bunny.

  28. Ha. thanks ;-) I'd had JPEG in my head for awhile and when I realized I was going to adopt twins I scrambled to find a name that went along with the photo theme. Have an awesome day!

  29. Yup, i have a bunny "playpen" from back when i had 2 rabbits and was introducing them. Peanut still does enjoy his time just hanging out though. His new place is sitting right next to the cage. haha!


    That's Ollie. He's a 2 (almost 3 yr) old mutt. He's a japanese chin/american eskimo.

    Willow is suppose to be a mix between a maine coon cat & a persian. He looks like a russian blue. He's huge though. When he stretches out he comes up to my hips (I'm 5'6") and he weighs about 14lbs. 15 on a bad day :) Willow's going to be 5 this year.

  31. Ooh I've heard of Angel Eyes before. I think I'll need to try it. It makes me so sad when the eyes get all goopy. :(

  32. I have two eskies! Their names are Spooky and Kayla, and they are insane! I love them to death though. They're both rescues so they have issues, but they're still lovable for sure! Merry Christmas, give your dear Miku some love when you get home!

  33. Vester looks exactly like my kitty!! His name is Bunny. Lol! I love him to pieces!! He always sleeps with us and wakes us up promptly at 5:30am. hahaha!

  34. my beloved little Alva.