Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Schmaturday

Do you ever find yourself in a bad mood for absolutely no reason? I woke up in a fine mood, with an egg and blueberry pancake breakfast waiting for me (I have an awesome boyfriend). Later on, I became a cranky mess. All I wanted to do was eat brownies and take a nap. Luckily, after my nap, I was back to being in a good mood. Maybe I just needed a nap. The brownie didn't hurt, either.

You can see the misery on my face. haha.

Outfit details:
brown knit, oversized beanie - from my mom
orange pashmina - chinatown
brown corduroy blazer - had this for ages, thrifted
yellow deep v - AA, borrowed from Bobby
vintage gloves - beacon's closet (free with my credit, yay)
vintage belt - from my mom
paper bag waist skirt - made it from some bedsheets
brown tights - I have no idea
orange heels - from my mom, several years ago

Hopefully I'll be in a better mood, tomorrow! After all, it is brunch day...I can't be in a bad mood after brunch.

-Keiko Lynn

Friday, January 30, 2009

Graveyard Girl

You'll scarcely find anyone with a flawless youth, free from awkwardness or teen angst. I am no exception. In elementary school, I had a dead, grey front tooth. When the baby teeth fell out, they were replaced with crooked adult ones, which led to middle school and a mouth full of braces. I had colored rubber bands for every holiday theme and thought Winnie the Pooh sweatshirts were the bee's knees. Forever the goody-two-shoes, I never strayed from my life on the straight and narrow or succumbed to peer pressure. Despite my wholesome image, I was a troubled child who never quite fit in or found stability. I spent a lot of time feeling utterly defeated and making myself physically sick with worry. I was immersed in depression, but every once in awhile, I would peek my head out for a bit of optimism. I used to describe my mindset as "peptimism" - expecting the worst but forever hoping for the best. In my current state of contentment, I tend to forget all of the negativity. When I look back on my teenage years, it is with fondness. All I can see are big dreams and a lot of love.

I wasn't surprised to find out that M83's latest album, Saturdays = Youth, was highly influenced by teenage years. Since its release, it has been a constant on my playlist, not unlike its predecessors (particularly Before the Dawn Heals Us). Trite as it sounds, it could be a soundtrack to my teenage life, with the angsty Graveyard Girl and a secret girl society in Kim and Jessie as the main tracks. It has such a sentimental feeling, even though it's rather current.

I'm not quite sure why I have such an affinity for M83, but nevertheless, it's there. After all, they were the soundtrack to my very first fashion show! When I found out they were coming to New York, I was super excited. I don't go to shows quite as much these days, but I really, really wanted to go to the show. Of course, I made the mistake of waiting to buy my tickets and they ended up selling out. Fail! Thankfully, I have amazing friends (I love you, Kim!) who go out on limbs to make me smile. While I was whining and carrying on about missing the show (seriously, I was being such a baby about it), Kim, who was at work, called her friend and had him find tickets on Craigslist. After many phone calls on Kim's behalf, she was able to find us three tickets, which Bobby graciously treated us to. Samara, Bobby and I were finally able to get in and just in time! It worked out so nicely, and it was all thanks to Kim, Drew and Bobby. With such a wonderful night (they played all of my favorites - and I have a lot), all of the teenage heartache seemed well worth it. In the end, it only builds character, which is one thing I'm quite confident about. I think the caliber of the company I keep is a testament to that.

Admittedly, I'm caught up in an episode of Lost, right now. I'm not even sure if anything I wrote makes sense or is relevant to anything. I was just typing in between scenes and realized I never posted the outfit pictures from the day of the show. Ramble, ramble, ramble! 

Now, for the outfit details:

blouse - express
belt - thrifted in my young college days
skirt - h&m, but I got it at beacon's closet
fuchsia tights - magical; I've had these since high school and they are still kicking
heels - thrifted in my young college days
coat (in other pictures) - h&m, but I got it at beacon's

-Keiko Lynn

p.s. To all of my family and friends: I love you! I don't say that enough.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Brights for a Gloomy Day

Today's weather was absolutely dreary - high 30s/low 40s and rainy, rainy, slush. It all but completely washed away last night's snow. Around 5 AM, I looked out my window and everything was covered in a thick blanket of glittery snow. It was absolutely beautiful. By the time I woke up, the snow became hail, and then the hail became rain. Oh well, at least I was able to use my new umbrella. Bobby always gets me the most thoughtful gifts!

Outfits details:
umbrella - gift from Bobby
sunglasses - forever 21
vintage dress - thrifted and altered. It was a huge, shapeless (and sleeveless) house dress but I gave it a trapeze fit, shortened it and added  sleeves with the extra fabric.
belt - thrifted
tights - look from london
coat - zara
navy flats - thrifted

-Keiko Lynn

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New, at Postlapsaria

I finally updated Postlapsaria, with over a dozen new things. There's much, much more at the site. Please take a look for yourself, and click here to visit the site!

-Keiko Lynn

Sunday, January 25, 2009


I spent all of Thursday night working on new clothing, and before I knew it, it was 5 AM. Normally, that wouldn't be a problem, but I had to wake up at 6. I quickly showered and got in bed, and forty-five minutes later, I shot out of bed and back into the shower. Two showers in an hour long period may sound silly, but I can't sleep or wake up without a shower. I was out the door before 7 AM and headed to Manhattan for a photo shoot with Lucky Magazine and Reebok.

Now, I'm completely used to being behind the scenes, dressing the models - but this time, I was in front of the camera. I was pretty nervous, as I am by no means the model type, nor do I have the experience. Let me tell you, it's totally different when you're taking self photos or having a friend photograph you. Don't be fooled by any photos you may see of me, because 90% of the time, it's either Bobby, Tessa or me taking them. Once someone else is behind the camera, I feel so awkward and my face starts doing this weird twitch. I have to continually remind myself to relax my face and stop fidgeting. Thus, I was pretty anxious about the day. I hate to disappoint, and I'll admit I was a little scared they would turn me away once I got there! I know, I know, I'm a little paranoid.

Once I got there, I felt much more at ease. Despite being pretty much dead to the world at such an early hour, the queasy feeling I usually get in such situations was absent. I first met Turner, the stylist and Scott, the hair and makeup artist. They were both very friendly and laid back, in a completely genuine way. Soon afterward, I met the rest of the team (who were equally as nice and reassuring) and we started the shoot.

Since the focal point of the shoot were Reebok sneakers, Turner dressed me in leggings, a tank top and a lightweight anorak. Keep in mind that we are in NYC and it's Winter - I was prepared to freeze my bum off. Surprisingly, however, it wasn't as bad as I thought. My hands were completely numb but after several hours, I had no complaints. At one point, my leg started spazzing out and my teeth were chattering, but other than that I was okay. Though I'm usually not a sneakers kind of gal, I was grateful for the comfort they afforded me. They really were the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn...then again, I usually don't even think about comfort. We warmed up inside of several stores, in between shots. Everyone was really cool and supportive, and constantly checked to make sure I was holding up and not freezing to death.

Overall, it was such a great and unexpected vibe and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The wonderful thing about Lucky is that they keep women with normal bodies and normal budgets in mind. Don't get me wrong, I still love the high-fashion magazines and itty bitty models with extra long toothpick legs, but it's nice to have something more within reach. The people who work there are the embodiment of the "lucky girl" movement - chic, down to earth and accessible. I feel lucky (no pun intended, I swear) to have been a part of such a fun shoot, and I'm looking forward to seeing the end result. I believe it runs in the April issue...I'm sure I'll post it when it comes out.

In the meantime, here's my own outfit from the day of the shoot. These were all taken after I got home, so I still have the same hair and makeup. By the way, having a professional makeup artist and hair stylist can give you all the confidence in the world. I asked if he could just be with me always and make me look pretty - I think he thought I was joking but I was half serious;)

Outfit details:
vintage fedora - borrowed from Bobby
late seventies brown corduroy blazer - from my high school days! I found it at my mom's, in my old closet.
camel double breasted cardigan - American Apparel
reconstructed men's shirt - made it myself from an XXL shirt.
grey tube dress underneath, worn as a slip (not visible)
maroon gloves - beacon's closet
bow - I just serged a piece of charcoal rib knit at the last minute, because I couldn't find my scarf.
grey tights - also from my high school days!
ankle boots - payless

Well, I'm back to work. I have a bunch of new stuff for the site, which should be up late tonight/early tomorrow. I'll update when it's done!

-Keiko Lynn

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I've been working nonstop and completely forgot to update, yesterday. I have a busy day tomorrow and lots of work to do tonight, so I'll just leave you with my pictures!

Outfit details:

vintage beret - thrifted, years ago
vintage dress - thrifted and altered beyond recognition. It was a huge, shapeless house dress. The only thing that I left was the neckline. I just loved the print!
vintage housecoat - thrifted and altered. I shortened it, took it in, took up the shoulder seams and added the ruffled cinch in the back, made from the hem that I removed. I just ruffled the hem, added it onto the regular hem and sewed it up. Rather simple transformation, but it made it more my style.
tights - target?
vintage shoes - beacon's closet
gloves - kensie, a gift from April

I am a little nervous about tomorrow. I'll let you all know about it at a later date. Until then, wish me luck!

-Keiko Lynn

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

Today was a lovely day to celebrate, and that we did. Bobby and I had every intention of making the trip to D.C., but he was unable to secure the time off. I'm sure it would have been near impossible anyway, but the idea was lovely. Instead, we spent the day in high spirits, enjoyed a wonderful lunch at 'Snice and did some grocery shopping. I also grabbed a couple of goodies from Beacon's, with my leftover credit. I got a lovely little vintage, velvet beret and another coat. I'm sure you'll see them both soon.

By the way, if you enjoy vegetarian fare, go to 'Snice and order the Thanksgiving Leftovers sandwich. Best thing, ever. Bobby swears by the Potpie wrap, but while that is also good, it pales in comparison. I think I could eat that every day.

(I later changed belts to the pink one above...sorry this one looks a little ridiculous, outside of the loops like that. I forgot to take another picture after changing.)

My outfit details:
vintage beret - from my mom's store
scarf and coat - h&m
80s dress - thrifted and altered (shortened, taken in, took up the waistline a few inches)
fuchsia tights (they look red here, but they're very pink in real life): Hue - I've had these since high school
belt - from my mom's store
vintage purse - gift from my mom
boots - beacon's closet
obama pin - yayyyyy

His outfit details:
coat - Robert Geller
shirt, shoes and sweater - h&m
tie - I think that was from my mom
jeans - either from Target or 4 Stroke, all of his jeans are from either of the two places. Can you tell I'm winging this one?

Hooray for the USA and our new President!

Love love,

Keiko Lynn

P.S. I was without internet (again) for a few days, and I'm having a heck of a time catching up on emails, comments, etc. I literally have over a thousand emails from when I was gone...I have barely made a dent. That being said, I know a lot of you requested a blog link swap. If you want to swap links, let me know on this post and I will do them all in one shot. Thanks!

Friday, January 16, 2009


Due to the current ten degree weather in Brooklyn, I felt it was only fitting to post some more outfit pictures from my much warmer Florida trip.

Outfit Details:

beret - thrifted...I've had this since freshman year of college
flower brooch - vintage, from my mom's store (Hourglass Consignment in Margate, Florida)
top - thrifted in Cape Cod and altered (shortened sleeves/added bands, took it in)
belt - thrifted in Florida
skirt - thrifted in Cape Cod, shortened
navy tights - h&m
boots - thrifted at the same time as the beret, oddly enough.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light
CG concealer
MAC bare canvas paint
MAC blitz and glitz fluidline on eyes
MAC dipdown fluidline on brows
CG mascara
Rimmel Blush
MAC burgundy lipliner
MAC Dubonnet lipstick

-Keiko Lynn

Thursday, January 15, 2009


My great-grandpa, Papa, was my hero. I used to sit at the kitchen table with him, listening to his stories about being a Navy Frogman in WWII, and think, "this is what a hero looks like." It wasn't just his time as a Frogman, which entailed dismantling and clearing underwater mines in a time of war, it was his rescue of me and my sisters. My father was in jail and my mom's live-in boyfriend was abusing us, unbeknownst to our family, while mom was working.

I hated most men, despised them and wished them extinct or disposed of. Yet, here I had this amazing man in my life (in addition to my grandpas), with a warm smile and deep, comforting voice who could make me forget about everything, if only for my weekend visit. Every visit, he would take us to the candy store and let us get whatever we wanted - and since we always stole his Wintergreen Tic-Tacs, he would throw a pack of those in, too. We played cards while listening to Patsy Cline and Nat King Cole, and when we played hide and seek, I always hid in his closet and he always pretended not to know where I was. We played outside during the day, doing somersaults and picking citrus from the trees, or sitting on the dock and watching manatee swim by. When I forgot my beloved stuffed panda (Snowball), he made the near hour long drive, just to bring her to me.

Some of my fondest memories are of our time at Moe and Papa's house on the water, in Fort Lauderdale. It was the house that Papa designed and built himself, and I knew every inch of it. I've always said that if I ever come into a lot of money, that will be the first purchase I make. I'd knock on the owner's door and write them a check for whatever amount they required.

The prompting for this collection of memories, oddly enough, came in the form of a coat. While in a thrift store in Florida, I spotted this vintage, red velvet coat. The moment I picked it up, I thought of Papa and felt my face get hot and my eyes well up. Papa's room was decorated in deep reds, with velvet details here and there and silver knights on the wall. It wasn't the sight of, however, that brought me back; it was the scent - that faint but recognizable scent of stiff velvet, that only gets stronger with age. I was afraid to wash it, for fear that the scent would go away and my memories with it. I let it sit, untouched, for a couple of weeks and finally relented, the day before my trip back home. Luckily, the scent is still there, only fainter and less musty. Whenever I wear it, I will think of Papa and how he saved my little heart, countless times.

Outfit details:
vintage velvet coat - thrifted
belt and hat - from my mom
buffalo plaid button down (underneath) - thrifted and reconstructed
grey deep v (underneath) - american apparel
jeans - 4 Stroke
shoes - payless
bag - nine west

This is a rare occasion, when you will see me without makeup. Although, I do have on burt's bees and my brows filled in! I did my makeup once we got in the car.

Taken later in the day, with makeup. Concealer, L'Oreal Beauty Tubes mascara, MAC paint in bare canvas (to keep liner from creasing), MAC fluidline in blitz and glitz, blush and Estee Lauder lipstick in Fig.

p.s. I don't hate men anymore, obviously:)

-Keiko Lynn

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Friendly Ghosts

As a senior in high school I received many accolades, but nothing will ever stand out as much as the title of "Most Likely to Die a Virgin." Mean-spirited as that may seem (it was not), it was all in good fun and received more laughter from me than anyone else. I was, as I well knew, quite the goody-two-shoes and lacked the dating experience of all of my peers. Regardless of my inexperience which remains as such (in comparison to others my age), I consider myself to be very lucky in love. Of course I didn't realize this until much later in life. Admittedly it doesn't hurt that in retrospect, romance disasters tend to be a lot more comical and less mortifying. Still, my love life lacks the deadbeat scum and heartless Lothario types who seem to be present in almost every gal's tale. For this, I am grateful.

Here is what I've come to know: dissolved relationships, unsuccessful dating and unrequited love don't necessarily make one's love life less fulfilling. How can you fully realize the good in your life without it being tempered with the bad? Surely these missteps don't seem ideal at the moment of heartache, but to me they are essential in molding a person, defining one's taste and overall resilience. Fairy tale romances make for great movies but in real life they're a bit of a bore. I wax poetic about Romeo through the aquarium, but I prefer my own love life to be a little less sappy and a little more silly. Super mushy romance, from any other's lips but Romeo, makes me uneasy. Besides, I'm glad I didn't find the love of my life straight out of high school. I thought I wanted my first boyfriend to be my only, my last - I'm not sure what I was thinking. I would have always been wondering what I was missing out on, even if I had it all. Instead, I found Matthew, the love of right-then: that was, and still is, good enough.

If you have followed my blogs since the OD and LJ days of yore, you probably know more about my romantic interests than I would like you to admit. Joey Daniello, my first real crush, was the topic of numerous high school dear diaries, regardless of his lack of interest (to my knowledge) in me. I will always be grateful for choosing such a nice boy to have a crush on, even if we were polar opposites in several different ways. Crushes can be just that: a compression of your insides, excruciatingly painful and nauseating. If you choose the right one, it's less of a crush and more of a tickle - teeny little butterflies that bring a flush to your cheeks and make you stumble in your speech. My crush was more of the latter, thanks in part to his sincere and sometimes awkward compliments, warm smile and...well, he acknowledged my existence and that was a first. I never dated Joey Daniello and even lost my chance to tell him just how I felt about him. But I'll always be grateful for the love that never was, because he made stepping into the dating world just a little less scary.

Then came college; it was a fresh start, new people, no plaque on the wall proclaiming my status. Right off the bat I made a bold decision to wear my heart on my sleeve and my thoughts on my tongue, confessing my feelings to every boy I ever liked or found attractive, whether in writing or passing. I proved to myself that regardless of the outcome or response, sharing a fondness of another is rarely an unpleasant thing - simply pay the compliment and walk away. It opens the door for a reciprocal divulgence, while still maintaining a secure and shameless exit if they don't feel the same way. After all, only a complete jerk would react badly toward a simple compliment; I wouldn't give them a single thought, let alone find myself attracted to someone like that.

With my newfound, somewhat manufactured confidence came my first relationship. It lasted for four years, which is probably far too long for a first relationship at such a young age. Still, I have no regrets. We had ups and downs and stand-stills; we were in love and then we were not. I learned a lot about myself as an individual and a companion; I learned about what I can and cannot tolerate and which actions of mine were also intolerable. I realized that I was settling, he was settling and we were too young to do so. Contentment with mediocrity is unacceptable, especially when you're in your early twenties and in your first relationship.

So I dated. When I say "dated," I don't mean your normal kind of dating...I don't even know if I'm capable of such a disconnected ritual. I tried and failed; I have a hard time finding myself attracted to someone I don't know yet. I tend to rely on developing crushes on acquaintances or friends, or worse, fictional characters (Romeo, Romeo). After Matt, I ended up dating a good friend of mine which was great, got complicated, ended in tears, became a close friendship again, ended in tears. Even my dating becomes too serious; I've been told on more than one occasion that I'm not a girl you can just date. I don't even know what that means. I still can't even talk about it too much because I get sad and angry, in that order. If you break my heart, how can you be mad at me for mending and moving on?

Moving on.

Other than that (up until now), there were some little flirtations and odd occasions here and there, as well as what has been called a "neither here nor there." I'm not one to look back with regret (that may be a little bit of a stretch) but I'm also not a fan of loose ends and self-doubt. My only real regret is ever letting myself feel for someone who was already bound to another. Even as I write this, I feel a tad uncomfortable. Although I kept my feet firmly planted on the ground and my steadfast hands at my side, my mind leapt over a self-imposed boundary and tangled itself in what-ifs and maybes. Despite my daily mental lashings, I became whom I always loathed - a girl who had a crush on someone else's boyfriend. (No, I'm not talking about Bobby; my feelings manifested only recently, long after either one of us was tied to another.)

My regret is tinged with shame, because it's only half regret and not the fully dedicated "shame on me!" regret that it ought to be. I guess it's because this particular fondness made me that much more dedicated to holding out for exactly what I wanted - no more settling, ever. It's this person that made me stop doubting myself because he made me feel worthwhile, even if only as a friend. I never fancied us together but began idealizing bits and pieces of our friendship as an outline to the future me and future him, whomever he may be. Our relationship was a lovely mix of utter childishness and adulthood - pandas, cookies, forts and playgrounds, art, music, design and conversation. As my great-grandma would say, we belonged to the mutual adoration society. Maybe for a moment I mistook it for something else. Thankfully, he remains a cherished friend of mine, albeit distant in miles. I'm still a card-carrying member of the society; I hope he is, too. Good friends are hard to come by.

When you find a good friend who transitions to a possibility of something more, it's natural to hesitate. Hesitate I did, for a plethora of reasons. I was not only afraid of ruining our friendship, I felt guilty. I knew that by dating Bobby, I would be risking a friendship or two, as well. In addition to all of that and then some, I was dubious about being in another relationship. I didn't think I was ready for that, and wouldn't commit until I was absolutely sure. The longer Bobby patiently, silently waited, the more I became aware of my feelings for him. It was plain to see how much we cared for one another, but I resisted almost by routine. I was no longer afraid of ruining our friendship, because our months of living together in New York demonstrated just how compatible we are, on all fronts. I was perfectly content with being single (you get a lot of work done!) but the idea of being in a relationship with him kept feeling more and more charming. The only thing that was still keeping me back was my fear of other people's reactions. Once I realized that, I let go and moved forward. I was sacrificing my own happiness for people who wouldn't have done the same, and rightfully so. Now I am happier than ever, even when I'm down. Having a Bobby in your life is just all around wonderful; ask my friends and family. He's a little pocket full of sunshine. I adore him, through and through. That's as mushy as I'll allow myself to be!

It's more than likely my current state of contentment that has me looking back with fondness; I have been known to wallow and weep about love and boys on more than one occasion. From time to time, it's nice to make my thoughts into something a little more concrete, for present and future analysis. Now that I've aired my dirty laundry, there's a paradoxical feeling of lighter shoulders and a heavier heart. Both are fleeting, like a momentary lump in your throat that always shows at the mention of a prominent figure from your past, who is at present, a ghost.

Still, they're friendly ghosts - even the one who bears a grudge against me.

-Keiko Lynn

p.s. I couldn't sleep last night, so I wrote this in stickies (at 5 AM) to clear my head and make room for rest. I'm sorry for being so verbose and scatterbrained in this post...I'll try to keep the words to a minimum, in the future!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Watermelon Winter

Floridian born and bred, I am downright allergic to cold weather. I'm that girl whose teeth chatter, once the temperature drops below 80. Not to mention, the lack of sunlight seems to throw me completely out of whack, despite my pallor. It throws me into a mild depression, where all I want to do is sleep and eat and mope about. This winter, I changed my ways. I'm getting out more, dressing as usual and pushing through it. One thing that keeps me upbeat is color; I wear a lot of it in order to boost my mood. I may stand out like a sore thumb in the midst of the chic people dressed in all black, but at least I'm still smiling, and not sulking in bed, eating Chinese food for the third time in a week.

Today, we went to brunch at Eclipse (highly recommended) and then headed into Manhattan, to do a little bit of shopping. We ended up browsing more than shopping, which is preferable for my wallet. After thoroughly freezing our extremities, we made a pit stop in Eileen's Special Cheesecake, for some individual servings of banana and pumpkin cheesecakes, as recommended by our friend Peter
. It was a great way to end the day, although I'd prefer that the calories would just disappear, after eating!

Vintage dress - thrifted ($2!) altered to fit, shortened considerably, changed the sleeves. This dress was completely falling apart but I took it apart and put it back together again. I had to hack off all of the damaged parts, hence the shortened sleeves and hem.
belt - thrifted
coat - Zara
pink, elbow length gloves - antique shop in Sebastian, Florida
tights - h&m
shoes - payless, a gift from Bobby

What do you do to keep your spirits up, particularly during the winter? In addition to dressing in cheery colors, I like to try out recipes for my favorite comfort foods. I was searching recipes all last night!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Twenty-eight Degrees

The new year has me up to my neck in memories. I've been jotting down/typing up reflections here and there, but it's proving to turn into somewhat of a novel. Maybe I should post them in installments, or try to make them a little more condensed. In the meantime, here's another painful reminder of how nice the weather was in Florida. I am freezing my toes off! Eff you, New York! Although, the snow is very pretty.

Outfit details:
houndstooth skirt- thrifted, shortened
top - forever 21
sweater - thrifted
tights - target
shoes - payless (a gift from bobby, yay)
beret - vintage, from my mom's store (Hourglass Consignment on 441 and Atlantic Blvd in Margate, FL)
belt - thrifted

Friday, January 9, 2009


In my family, animals run the show. Once an animal enters the house, they are there for life. We have the iridescent shark, whom we rescued from an abandoned apartment, almost ten years ago. There's Leo, the female (oops, we didn't know that when we adopted her) parrot who used to be kept in a cage so small, she has a hunch back. We have Kitty Boos, the previously little flea-ridden stray kitten found on the side of the road; Diablo, our Paso Fino who took years to fully trust us, he was so mistreated beforehand. The list goes on and on. Some of them, however, have been in the house since the day they were born. One of them is Puppy, my favorite kitty in the whole entire world.

Puppy was one of three kittens in a litter that included Chubby and Tucker (Chubby disappeared when I was younger; Tucker passed away a couple years ago). I named Puppy and Chubby (who wasn't chubby at all) and my sister Nicole named Tucker. He is twenty years old and still a lively old gent, though he has lost a considerable amount of weight, over the years (he was the one with all the chub). In his twenty years, he has tolerated the presence of a plethora of animals, without batting a paw. He's the coolest, most laid back cat I have ever known. I adore this kitty, with his tuxedo fur coat and extra toes.

Outfit details:
vintage bow top - thrifted in cape cod (original tags still intact; I love that!)
vintage belt - gift from my mom
h&m skirt - second hand from beacon's closet
tights - tj maxx
vintage boots - from my mom's store

-Keiko Lynn

Tell me about a pet from your childhood. In addition to Puppy, we've had two of our horses since I was five: Shawn (age 34), my little pony and soulmate and Rowdy (20), our beautiful Appendix.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Coming back to New York is always bittersweet - I'm delighted to come home to Bobby and my furry little creatures, but a little sad to leave my family (and friends) behind. 

Despite my intentions of daily updates, I was unable to procure a constant source of internet and conceded my defeat. I have to admit, however, that I wasn't terribly disappointed in losing ties to the internet. It gave me more time to spend with the people and animals I love, as well as enjoy the [mostly] beautiful weather in Florida. I spent a lot of time outside, jumping rope, visiting with kitties and puppies (and puppy kitties), thrifting, reminiscing with friends and of course, being with family. I had a lot of bonding with the wee one, Tessa Marie. Let me tell you, my little sis can hang with my friends like she's the same age as us. I don't know if that says more about her maturity or our lack of it. We tend to be a wholesome bunch; we decorated Kim's tree, watched movies, made a ton of crafts, ate a lot of food and giggled nonstop. At one point, we tried our hand at being misfits and failed miserably. It's difficult to soap a fountain when they have it turned off. 

Sometimes, I forget that we're not in high school anymore; we're like teenagers at a slumber party, when we're all together. On the eve of Kimbly's departure, we hid in her room, attempting to dodge her parents' scolding (we were keeping her up too late). Again, we failed and were cordially kicked to the curb - our giggles beneath luggage and comforters must have given us away. Kim wasn't kidding when she said she's a sixteen year old in a twenty-four year old's body - even her parents' curfew belies her true age! 

Halfway through my stay in Florida, I decided to break from my usual daily outfit routine of the same old boring pose. I don't have many options in my tiny Brooklyn apartment, but I took advantage of the pretty weather and copious amounts of cute animals, at my mom's house. Thus, prepare yourself for lots of pictures of me jumping and holding little furry babies. Jumping is one of my favorite things to do!

My outfit:
vintage shirt - thrifted and altered (shortened sleeves due to damage, altered to fit)
vintage skirt - beacon's closet (free with credit!), shortened hem
studded belt - from my mom's consignment shop, Hourglass (Margate on SE corner of 441 and Atlantic Blvd)
grey tights - walmart? I think
vintage boots - thrifted

Cheers to having the coolest little sister in the world...and the coolest kitty, Puppy, our twenty year old polydactyl.

Jeers to cold weather. Where is my sunshine?!

-Keiko Lynn