Friday, January 9, 2009


In my family, animals run the show. Once an animal enters the house, they are there for life. We have the iridescent shark, whom we rescued from an abandoned apartment, almost ten years ago. There's Leo, the female (oops, we didn't know that when we adopted her) parrot who used to be kept in a cage so small, she has a hunch back. We have Kitty Boos, the previously little flea-ridden stray kitten found on the side of the road; Diablo, our Paso Fino who took years to fully trust us, he was so mistreated beforehand. The list goes on and on. Some of them, however, have been in the house since the day they were born. One of them is Puppy, my favorite kitty in the whole entire world.

Puppy was one of three kittens in a litter that included Chubby and Tucker (Chubby disappeared when I was younger; Tucker passed away a couple years ago). I named Puppy and Chubby (who wasn't chubby at all) and my sister Nicole named Tucker. He is twenty years old and still a lively old gent, though he has lost a considerable amount of weight, over the years (he was the one with all the chub). In his twenty years, he has tolerated the presence of a plethora of animals, without batting a paw. He's the coolest, most laid back cat I have ever known. I adore this kitty, with his tuxedo fur coat and extra toes.

Outfit details:
vintage bow top - thrifted in cape cod (original tags still intact; I love that!)
vintage belt - gift from my mom
h&m skirt - second hand from beacon's closet
tights - tj maxx
vintage boots - from my mom's store

-Keiko Lynn

Tell me about a pet from your childhood. In addition to Puppy, we've had two of our horses since I was five: Shawn (age 34), my little pony and soulmate and Rowdy (20), our beautiful Appendix.


  1. I adore the fact that you have a kitty named Puppy. :) As for my pets, I had many. I had a rabbit named Tarzan, a cat named Kit Kat, and a bunch of dogs. Among the dogs, to name a few: Rowdy, Shadow, Keesha, and Cinnamon.

    I love that shirt! :)

  2. gorgeous skirt...

    Growing up as an only child I had many pets..
    1.Tica- a maltese dog. we had to put her to sleep because she had kidney problems..
    2. Motoso a black and white rabbit.. he also had kidney problems and now is buried in my grandmas backyard
    3. Lucas- another black and white rabbit that turned out a little aggressive so was sent to live in a farm
    4. A pair of parrots, lola and lolo.. that didn't have a happy flew away, the other died of solitud:(
    so after all these sad endings I took a 8 year break off animals, and then was given as a present another rabbit.. Miss. Romeo, that has been with me for 2 and a half years now, is very healthy and showoff... ( goes quite often to the vet.. mama is a little paranoid)..

    Now my friends call my house the rabbit hole, since she is practically the queen and has taken over.. and it was the inspiration to my blog tittle!

    o gosh i got excited with the comment.. now it is a story!
    ...and we all lived happily ever after

  3. First off, I adore your belt. That is truly epic.

    As for animals, I've had many by way of hamsters. As for now, I am the loving "mother" of a beautiful kitty named Sophabella. At adoption time, she was simply named "Kitty" by her caretakers, but I knew she needed her own name. Unfortunatly, after months of thinking, I've realized some way more unique names. But Sophie she will stay.

  4. Before I was even born my parents got an Amazon Blue Front parrot from an Okinawan pet store when they were stationed over there.

    His name is Perky and he is 28 years old. He has always had a wild streak in him, most likely due to the fact that he was wild caught and smuggled into Okinawa from the Amazon Rain Forest. With age he has become more of a lover than a fighter, and my entire family are his flock.

    Having been raised with a parrot my entire 21 years on this planet, I am a bird lover and always will be. I've had many cats and an adorable little Toy Fox Terrier that I love(d) dearly, but Perky has been around the longest and still has many years to go!

  5. i seriously am loving your vintage boots! and those brown ones from your last post are as fabulous as well!


  6. When I was a kid, my little brother and I managed to convince my parents that having pet mice would teach us about nature.
    Needless to say, they ended up breeding and within a few months we had tons of them - fifty or sixty.

    My parents soon regretted this decision.

  7. oooh im a sucker for animals too! i always try to rescue them when i can!
    my little babysaurs are my horse (winnie), and my dog (ruby my minpin), but.. i love all of them who have crossed paths with my life! :)

    where do you find your high-waisted belts? it seems like i can only find them in thrift shops and ebay. hehehe

  8. Ellenmarie:

    I get all of my belts in thrift and vintage shops, but 90% of them come from my mom:) She always finds the best ones, whether they're at thrift stores, garage sales or from her own store.

  9. aaaw! puppy is adorable...

    i love your belt!!

  10. I've been following your blog for SO long but it seems like such a short period of time because years turn into you feel that way sometimes?

    Haha anyways, I LOVE the belt, and the yellow top, well, the whole outfit actually.

    As for pets, I have a shitzu currently and his name is Chubby, though he is far from it =)

  11. You can't to wrong with yellow!

    My fave pets include BJ the cocker spaniel, Sugar the whit rabbit, Max the female hamster, Tate the terrier/spaniel mix and my current dog- my fave of all.... Copper the hound mix!

  12. I used to have a cat named Molly. The day before she passed away I wrote in my diary: "I cant imagine living my life without Molly by my side." Since then some more cats have come into my life, but none of them will ever take Mollys place. She was special.

  13. My boy used to have a cat called Puppy :)

    I have two cats now - Gemini and BellaNinja. There are also to cats that live at my Dad's (Grey Pussy and Sugar) that we've had since I was little. I've always had cats in pairs for some reason.

    I love your belt. Kudos to your mum!

  14. It's been just over a year since I lost my best friend in the world: bug. Bug was a baby shih tzu girl that got her name when she ate little worms off my driveway as a puppy (though my family quickly taught her puppy chow is much yummier). She was 11, and deaf and blind, when a wolf attacked her in my backyard and I lost her.

    I think only people who have experienced real bonds with their animals can understand the true love they offer. And kudos for rescuing stray animals! They need love the most ;)

    p.s. I freaking love this blog!!

  15. I love animals too! They are fabulous. when I was little I had two dogs, Ladybug and Shadow. I don't even know what kind of dogs they were but I remember picking them up from the pound with my mom. When we moved we had to give them away. :( A few months after we moved into our new house a stray boxer wandered into our lives. She was the most laid back dog ever. My mom named her Nutmeg. We just had to put her down in October. And now we have Pippin, a dachshund/corgi mix, named after a hobbit because he is short, fat, and has hairy feet. :) He has such an attitude, haha. I love it!

  16. Gorgeous ensemble!

    I'm more a rabbit girl now. I've had about three cats, one puppy (I was allergic to him), a plethora of fishes, and hammies, and not one bird.

    All the same, I loved them all. I'm thinking of getting a rabbit again, once I move out.

  17. The mustache on your cat reminds me of the crooked stache on one of our tuxedos. How people can see their pets as anything other than lifelong (their lives) commitments is just beyond me.

  18. our family had a dog named lucky. we rescued him from the animal shelter on the day he was scheduled to be put down (hence the name lucky!). i think i was around 5 years old when we got him.

    he was the greatest dog, he would lay on top of our couch like a kitty and put up with anything. he eventually went blind but knew his way around our house very well & we could put him in our front yard and he would know to stay within our walls.

    he disappeared one day when i was around 14 and i don't know what ever happened to him :(

    i hate being in an apartment and not being able to have pets!

  19. I love all your outfits! just gorgeous! and my childhood pet was a dog called Prince, whom disapeared and I never saw him again! it still makes me almost cry when I remind that.


  20. Puppy looks sooo cute!
    I've had cats during all my life and they have ruled the house as well. But my favourite was my beloved baby Rancid (I was into punk-rock when I named him poor boy), a black kitten from a litter of strays that we picked up from the street. He grew to be a chubby and huge Mr Rancid and we spent all day together. He passed away from cancer at 14 last september but we had some fun times together indeed :)

  21. My parents have always at least 3 dogs (always dachshunds). Most recently it has been Barron, Augie and Franklin. In the beginning of 2008 we had to put Barron down. He was 17 years old. Over this past Thanksgiving weekend we had to put our dearest Augie to sleep. He was 16 years old. We have loved every dog - but Augie was something special. His sould shined through his eyes. He was totally over weight and became endearingly grumpy in his old age. It was a total blow to the family. We still can't mention his name around my mother. My parents did, however, recently get a new puppy from a breeder. He is a total joy. I love how everything makes puppies happy. There will never be another Augie - but now we have a special angel waiting at Rainbow Bridge. I have my own dachshund named Stewie. He is every bit the brat - but I wouldn't have him any other way!! He's my best friend!

  22. Aw! I love this.

    I grew up with a ton of pets too. As an only child, they were basically my friends and siblings. The most memorable of all was Sammy, the Golden Retriever/Basset Hound mix. He looked like a little short Golden. When we got him he had heartworm and all kinds of health problems which took a lot of patience and vet visits to deal with. (Of course it was all worth it.) We shared about 8 years together before he passed while I was away at college.

    I was so heartbroken that I ended up getting two cats for my apt (it's hard to have a dog in NYC since I'm at work all day and can't afford a walker). Leroy and Sadie are crazy crazy cats and totally dominate my apt. But I'd be lost without them!

  23. you are SO CUTE!!! really gorgeous, inside and out.

  24. I'm in love with that belt! I never ha a pet growing up. My parents didnt want the responsibility aside from my allergies. I am planning on getting a pug when I move out :)

  25. in LOVEEEEEEE with this outfit, absolutely fabulous!!!!


  26. Your outfit and cat are lovely.