Thursday, January 8, 2009


Coming back to New York is always bittersweet - I'm delighted to come home to Bobby and my furry little creatures, but a little sad to leave my family (and friends) behind. 

Despite my intentions of daily updates, I was unable to procure a constant source of internet and conceded my defeat. I have to admit, however, that I wasn't terribly disappointed in losing ties to the internet. It gave me more time to spend with the people and animals I love, as well as enjoy the [mostly] beautiful weather in Florida. I spent a lot of time outside, jumping rope, visiting with kitties and puppies (and puppy kitties), thrifting, reminiscing with friends and of course, being with family. I had a lot of bonding with the wee one, Tessa Marie. Let me tell you, my little sis can hang with my friends like she's the same age as us. I don't know if that says more about her maturity or our lack of it. We tend to be a wholesome bunch; we decorated Kim's tree, watched movies, made a ton of crafts, ate a lot of food and giggled nonstop. At one point, we tried our hand at being misfits and failed miserably. It's difficult to soap a fountain when they have it turned off. 

Sometimes, I forget that we're not in high school anymore; we're like teenagers at a slumber party, when we're all together. On the eve of Kimbly's departure, we hid in her room, attempting to dodge her parents' scolding (we were keeping her up too late). Again, we failed and were cordially kicked to the curb - our giggles beneath luggage and comforters must have given us away. Kim wasn't kidding when she said she's a sixteen year old in a twenty-four year old's body - even her parents' curfew belies her true age! 

Halfway through my stay in Florida, I decided to break from my usual daily outfit routine of the same old boring pose. I don't have many options in my tiny Brooklyn apartment, but I took advantage of the pretty weather and copious amounts of cute animals, at my mom's house. Thus, prepare yourself for lots of pictures of me jumping and holding little furry babies. Jumping is one of my favorite things to do!

My outfit:
vintage shirt - thrifted and altered (shortened sleeves due to damage, altered to fit)
vintage skirt - beacon's closet (free with credit!), shortened hem
studded belt - from my mom's consignment shop, Hourglass (Margate on SE corner of 441 and Atlantic Blvd)
grey tights - walmart? I think
vintage boots - thrifted

Cheers to having the coolest little sister in the world...and the coolest kitty, Puppy, our twenty year old polydactyl.

Jeers to cold weather. Where is my sunshine?!

-Keiko Lynn


  1. looks like you had fun! i LOOOOVE the second photo in the big batch of photos... your hair looks bouffanty which is awesome! I wish I had a little sis!

  2. These photos are too cute looks like fun! your cat is adorable too :)

  3. Oh darling, darling! This post makes me so happy! I love your pastel outfit. Plus, KITTIES FTW!!

  4. Wow! That cat is huge!! Now I have two kitty cats and every other cat I see looks huge to me. You should see the cats at my parents' too, they're just like that :)

  5. Cute post! I'm living vicariously through these pictures, as I am currently confined to my tiny Brooklyn apartment as well. Go away winter!

  6. You two couldn't be cuter if you tried.

  7. The color combo is so sweet and I love the new happy poses!

  8. Welcome back!
    Polydactyl cats are the sweetest, they look like they're wearing mittens!

  9. I love this blouse and skirt!

    Jumping photos look so much fun - Did you get someone to take them or use a tripod?

    Hello gorgeous lil sis!!

  10. Wow, I've been lurking since your lj days and Tessa is so big! Also, I've always wanted to say that I think the two of you definitely look like sisters, so you have more of your mom than you think you do!

  11. Wow Tessa has grown so much!