Saturday, January 10, 2009

Twenty-eight Degrees

The new year has me up to my neck in memories. I've been jotting down/typing up reflections here and there, but it's proving to turn into somewhat of a novel. Maybe I should post them in installments, or try to make them a little more condensed. In the meantime, here's another painful reminder of how nice the weather was in Florida. I am freezing my toes off! Eff you, New York! Although, the snow is very pretty.

Outfit details:
houndstooth skirt- thrifted, shortened
top - forever 21
sweater - thrifted
tights - target
shoes - payless (a gift from bobby, yay)
beret - vintage, from my mom's store (Hourglass Consignment on 441 and Atlantic Blvd in Margate, FL)
belt - thrifted


  1. I wish I lived in New York. I miss it so much there! And good luck with your toes! I hope you're wearing nice warm shoes. And I like the outfit

  2. I like the colour mi of the outfit.

  3. you're adorable and i loveeee that jacket!!!

    it's still 70+ here some days in texas. pretty crazy!

  4. I love that green with the black and white!

  5. I absolutely adore your teal cardigan. Such a wonderful color on you.

  6. I found you on flickr & that's how I got here. I just wanted to say that you've got a really nice style!