Sunday, January 11, 2009

Watermelon Winter

Floridian born and bred, I am downright allergic to cold weather. I'm that girl whose teeth chatter, once the temperature drops below 80. Not to mention, the lack of sunlight seems to throw me completely out of whack, despite my pallor. It throws me into a mild depression, where all I want to do is sleep and eat and mope about. This winter, I changed my ways. I'm getting out more, dressing as usual and pushing through it. One thing that keeps me upbeat is color; I wear a lot of it in order to boost my mood. I may stand out like a sore thumb in the midst of the chic people dressed in all black, but at least I'm still smiling, and not sulking in bed, eating Chinese food for the third time in a week.

Today, we went to brunch at Eclipse (highly recommended) and then headed into Manhattan, to do a little bit of shopping. We ended up browsing more than shopping, which is preferable for my wallet. After thoroughly freezing our extremities, we made a pit stop in Eileen's Special Cheesecake, for some individual servings of banana and pumpkin cheesecakes, as recommended by our friend Peter
. It was a great way to end the day, although I'd prefer that the calories would just disappear, after eating!

Vintage dress - thrifted ($2!) altered to fit, shortened considerably, changed the sleeves. This dress was completely falling apart but I took it apart and put it back together again. I had to hack off all of the damaged parts, hence the shortened sleeves and hem.
belt - thrifted
coat - Zara
pink, elbow length gloves - antique shop in Sebastian, Florida
tights - h&m
shoes - payless, a gift from Bobby

What do you do to keep your spirits up, particularly during the winter? In addition to dressing in cheery colors, I like to try out recipes for my favorite comfort foods. I was searching recipes all last night!


  1. Love the outfit!

    As for winter, I know what you mean! Where I live it's considerably colder than NY in the winter, and the cold lasts longer. Basically, I try to dress in more layers than I normally would, but still keep my wacky style. Along with a heated mattress pad (GRAND for those chilly nights) and a steady supply of new comic books, I'm set.

    Hope it gets warmer for you!


  2. Fantastic outfit!

    I wear a lot of my summer dresses etc layered with merino wool underneath as it is both lightweight and very warm.

    If I get really desperate mid-winter I splash out and buy a couple of pieces of imported tropical fruit, which I know is wrong for environmental reasons, but perks me up no-end.

  3. Heated mattress pad! That's a great idea. I know I'm a wimp; people keep telling me that New York's winter is nothing. I think I'll get used to it in a few hundred more years.

  4. I adore your outfit! I wish people dressed in more colour like that around here - it would go a long way in making this grey city a little cheerier.

    As a Canadian I'm used to having long winters, and I love the cold weather because heat makes me cranky. I agree that it can be less than motivating as far as leaving the house is concerned. I try to keep myself out of the winter blues by giving myself excuses to leave the house and go places other than campus. Nothing beats the winter blues like getting a window seat at my favourite cafe downtown, ordering a big mug of tea and people-watching in between assignments. (Or, spending the whole day people-watching and ignoring assignments...)

  5. I love to bundle in a blanket and look at magazines. And I'm with you on the below 80 degrees part, too. i threaten at least hourly some days to pack up and move to the equator.

  6. you look like the cutest little watermelon! but i'm not surprised that you're cold - you're not wearing enough! i'm a wuss i guess, so if i was in new york right now i'd be layering jeans and boots and sweaters and coats get the idea. i think the thing which cheers me up the most in winter is food. if there is snow though, i love dressing up with friends/family and going out to take photos :)

  7. Glad you're back ! I love this outfit, it's so shiny and cheers you up !
    I do the same to survive in winter days : shiny colors, and I keep wearing my summer dresses with a warm cardigan. I also try to wander around because Paris is less crowed in the winter, so it's time to go to museum, cafés... But I'm from Northern France so I'm used to cold and dry weather - the problem is rain, I can't stand rainy days !

  8. Right there with you: Winter can be so relentless and it sucks the life out of me, but I find that wearing color and sparkly jewelry prevents me from hibernating. You're a paragon of wintry color in this amazing ensemble!

  9. these colors are fantastic! Thank god for spring-ness in the dead of this awful winter.

  10. great outfit! I love all the colours, it's not some I'd usually wear but really love it!
    to keep my spirits up during the winter I like to be cosy at home by the fireplace or to go to a good restaurant.

  11. We're total opposites on the weather front, as I am obsessed with winter and cold weather!!! So I don't have to do anything to lift my spirits.

    Summer, however, is endlessly depressing, and nothing raises my spirits. I'm just extremely short tempered and hopeless feeling until the temps stay below 60 again.

  12. Funny, I was just writing about needing more color during winter today. And wow, you take it to a whole new level. If I saw you walking down the street those colors would definitely cheer me up. Winter, blegh!

  13. You wear colorful clothes, I try to make colorful food! Food and photography are the two things that cheer me up in the winter (and boy do I need it often...I live in Cleveland). Also do you have a heat dish? Mine is a total lifesaver.

  14. I love your watermelon style! But BRRRRR! I've been keeping warm and happy this winter with hearty meals from our new crock pot! And baking cookies a lot too.

  15. Great outfit! I only know you from your blog, but this outfit seems to say a lot about your lifestyle...You really enjoy every little thing. Congrats!

  16. oh my gosh, the outfit is too pretty! those colors alone are already amazing, the dress is perfect with the belt.. but indeed, it's a little too cold for me. I'm not a winter person either ;)

  17. Hi Keiko,
    This is Catherine, the girl who ordered the blue/white vintage dress. I wanted to make sure you got my note about shipping to avoid having to send it to Taipei... I'm in California until the 1/26.
    I'm glad you are posting again and love this outfit! I know what you mean about winter. In Taipei it pretty much stays gray until April or May. Like you, I work at home, so motivation to stick to a regular schedule or not work in my pajamas is at an all time low during these months. To keep my spirits up, I hula hoop, go crazy commenting on my friends' walls, Flickr photos and blogs (living in abroad makes it easy to lose touch), use an LED light box, eat more green veggies, clean the house and start new craft projects like crazy. I'm also thinking of starting a style blog as motivation force myself out of my sweats every morning and actually get my DIY fashion projects done. :-)

  18. Hi Catherine,

    I'm pretty sure Bobby already sent your dress out - I told him not to ship it to Taiwan and gave him the other address. If by chance he forgot, I will have it shipped out first thing tomorrow. He's at work now but I'll ask him as soon as he gets home.

    About the LED lightbox - is that one of those happy lights? People have been telling me about those and I think I want to get one. Since I spend so much time in the apartment, working, I think it would do me some good to have a little bit of artificial sunshine.

  19. Yep, it's one of those happy lights. My dad ordered one for me. It's not here yet and I'm not sure if it actually uses LEDs, but it's supposed to be small and light. I'm looking forward to it since my home office barely gets any sunlight. Too bad though that it won't do anything for the shade of gray my skin turns during the winter!
    Thanks for checking on the dress.

  20. Gorgeous Colors! And you look absolutely stunning!

  21. this outfit has got to be one of the best put together ones i've seen in quite awhile! i'm crazy about how you repeated all the colours on your dress but not end up looking crazy. this is so goood :}

  22. i LOVE these colors together! that shade of pink is my favorite!!! :)