Thursday, February 19, 2009

Quick Change and Lucky Magazine Model Casting

I have several outfits that never made it to my blog...maybe I should do a compilation of the lost outfits, one day. I just have this habit of taking a picture of the outfit and forgetting to edit/upload it. I should probably work on that!

Anyway, here's a couple variations of one outfit, from the other day. The first is the original outfit, and the second is from when I had to run errands and decided to change into flats. My facial expression, however, is exactly the same!

My navy tights have a large run in them, thanks to my little kitty Lacy. Hence, the black tights. Not ideal, but I had to work with what was clean.

When I changed into flats, I changed the tights and belt and got rid of the necklace (which was eventually replaced with a scarf). Miku decided she wanted to be in the could I say no to such a perfect pup?

vintage dress, altered to fit and hemmed shorter - thrifted
vintage necklace - hourglass consignment in margate, florida
thrifted belt
target tights
nine west wedges
second picture's changes: thrifted belt and shoes, h&m tights

-Keiko Lynn

P.S. In reference to my Etsy post: Do any of you have Etsy shops? If so, leave a link, so I can check it out! If not, let me know some of your favorite Etsy sellers...if you're willing to give up that information;)

EDIT: I received an email from Gina at Lucky Magazine about a model casting, that they want me to post on my blog. Read on for more info:

Lucky magazine is looking for real girls with great style to appear in some upcoming projects in the magazine and beyond.

To qualify, upload your photo on As an added bonus, the first 100 new members who upload a photo this month will receive an iPod shuffle!

Don't have a picture (and live in the NY area)? Stop by our office to get your photo taken this Friday, February 20th or next Friday, February 27th. Email to schedule an appointment.

What is Lucky Style Spotter? is an online community where you can flaunt your individuality, share style tips, get expert advice from other fashion enthusiasts just like you. Plus, as a member you'll get exclusive offers and the opportunity to score free stuff for uploading photos and offering your opinion.

Hop to it, girls! You can be in Lucky Magazine!


  1. I love that you alter all your clothes! i do this too, except i cant really sew, so i take it to my tailor. =(

    oh well, maybe one day ill learn.... anyways, love this dress, and your doggie!!!!

  2. Oh wow.... I just found your blog thru... well now I can't remember whose blog you were linked on! I LOVE your style. You're blogrolled :o)

    It's a really great Etsy for baby clothes. It's all hand-made and reversible! Very cute styles and colors.

  4. I would love to try out the whole Lucky Magazine thing, but I feel like there are probably 1987325 other girls (and guys) out there who would be far more interesting/appealing.

    As for my Etsy:

  5. Just discovering your blog. Your style is very cheering for someone, like me, caught in the winter blahs.

  6. is my etsy shop if you want to check it out! :)

  7. I love that dress, and I think I prefer how you look in the first picture better than the second. But both awesome:)

  8. I love how your facial expression is the same in both pictures, haha.

  9. love etsy!
    you're actually the reason
    i wanted to learn how to
    make clothes in high school.

    your label is so inspiring! <3
    i started my etsy shop about 2
    years ago:

  10. love love the outfit! i especially fancy the 1st one :)

    that ipod shuffle sounds very tempting too.

  11. I remember seeing you all the time on wardrobe remix and loved how your outfits always put a smile on my face. I adore your use of color. I checked out your clothing line too, its awesome and inspiring. I sew as well, but have been in a funk and not inspired lately. If you are interested my etsy store is



    i sell 1 inch buttons made from my illustrations :)

  13. Your outfit is adorable. Love the vintage dress.

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    I sell sweet and quirky accessories and jewellery :)

  14. Miku is almost as adorable as you. ALMOST.

  15. Hey Keiko! I love that outfit! The wedges in the first picture are adorable, too.

    I do have an Etsy. It's :)


    I sell silkscreened t-shirts and vintage clothes!

  17. that dress is just too adorable!!

  18. Oops, I realized that I forgot to mention my favorite Etsy sellers in my last post. Here they are:

    Sarah Seven - She makes GORGEOUS dresses:

    I'm Your Present - Cute jumpers/rompers:

    MixBaby - headbands for all occasions:

  19. I liked the firts outfit better, but the second one is still really cute. And i like your dress very much! ;)

  20. Hey! your outfits are great and your shop as well! once i found you through etsy and now i am passionate reader of your blog and big fan of your shop as well.

    Not so long time ago i opened my vintage shop on etsy too

  21. Supayana and Hoakon Helga are two of my Etsy favourites, too!

    I reconstruct clothes at

  22. Asdass:

    Small world! I was browsing through your shop, earlier, after I saw that cute pair of brown shoes (sadly, not my size) in one of the Etsy gift guides.

  23. Heidi and Seek:

    Reconstructions! You're a girl after my own heart.

  24. i just started an etsy last month!


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  26. Love that dress!

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    Right now it's just earrings, but I make jewelry :).

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  28. Cute dress!

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  29. Oooh the lucky post sounds intriguing! I found your blog via the wardrobe remix on Flickr, and have been enjoying your posts.
    I too have an Etsy shop for vintage fashion. It's called Half Caf and can be found here:

  30. I've a shop
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  31. I think you might have already seen mine but my etsy is :

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  33. Hi Keiko!
    I love your line. It is a shame that so many pretty things don't come in my size, but cest la vie, life goes on.

    I am on etsy as well! my site is

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  35. Hi Keiko!
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    I hope your computer comes back to life!

  36. Hi there - I'm coming late to this post, but the link to my Etsy site is:

    I only recently started reading your blog and love it! Your pictures are so wonderful :)

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  38. love your site!