Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thrifting Day

Thrifting day requires a casual outfit. I usually just grab a t-shirt and jeans, because thrifting requires comfort and full mobility. Sometimes you need to throw some elbows! I swear, people can be incredibly rude in stores. My favorite is when you're the only person looking through a long rack of clothing, but someone comes up and decides to start browsing one item ahead...and violently pushes all the hangers into you. That happens all the time! It's a violent sport.

Outfit details:
vintage fedora - borrowed from Bobby
grey deep v - American Apparel (wholesale price)
jeans - 4 stroke (free - Bobby models for them)
purple suede boots - wasteland ($50...painful for me)
coat - h&m, but I bought it second hand at beacon's ($15)

If you have a facebook account, you have probably read a plethora of 25 Random Things lists. I made one of my own, and decided to share an abridged version on here - and even added five new ones.

1) I was born severely pigeon toed and had to wear corrective shoes with a bar between them. I'm still pigeon toed, but it's not nearly as severe. I attribute my clumsiness to this, but it's really just a scapegoat.

2) My mom raised my sisters and I (before Tessa) as a single mom, with no child support. I am so grateful for her and learned so much from her struggle and triumph. Because of her, I am a very thrifty, driven and independent person...and I appreciate everything that I have, because I've worked for it. I wouldn't have it any other way.

3) My mom's name is Barbie. My dad's name is Ken.

4) I'm afraid to ever have kids, because I feel like I'd never love them as much as I love my little sister, niece and nephew. Or as much as Miku, for that matter.

5) I once ran away with my pony, Shawn. I rode him into the tomato fields; we were gone for about 20 minutes before I got scared and went back. I actually tried to tie a bandana to a stick, to hold my belongings. It didn't work out, so I took my backpack, which wasn't nearly as cool.

6) I refuse to get pedicures, and I think that is my mom's biggest conflict with me. It drives her nuts.

7) In 8th grade, our science teacher asked if there was anyone in the class who had never broken a bone. I raised my hand, and he told me to knock on wood. I didn't. I broke my toe that day. Since then, I have been obsessive about knocking on wood. I'm not so superstitious; I just have OCD tendencies. Some of them, if I'm lucky enough, can conceal themselves as superstitions.

8) If I could punch anyone in the face without consequence, the first person to come to mind is Ann Coulter.

9) You know how kids used to say, "Step on a crack and you'll break your mama's back?" When I was little, my dog Sebastian ran away. Every day, on my way to school, I would step on every single crack and say (in my head), "Step on a crack and I'll get Sebastian back." I still step on all the cracks, and I always think the same thought. He never did come back.

10) I recently had a dream that I was Facebook friends with Daniel Faraday. I was pretty bummed out when I realized it was just a dream.

11) Sometimes, when I say, "I don't know," I expect a bucket of slime to fall on my head.

12) My favorite foods are cooked cabbage, quiche and soup (can't choose just one). My drink of choice is sweet tea, but I have to save that one for special occasions, because of the amount of sugar. Plus, New York restaurants don't serve sweet tea:(

13) I have never cried as much as I did on the day that Spanky, my first horse, died.

14) My roommates and I accidentally flooded the entire third, second and first floor of a hotel, on our NJHS trip to Washington, D.C. in 7th grade.

15) My two biggest phobias are styrofoam and chalk. Just typing those words made me shiver.

16) I love writing just as much as I love fashion. Unfortunately, I don't have the time or wherewithal to fully dedicate myself to both. Right now, fashion pays the bills.

17) I go through more Burt's Bees (the original peppermint lip balm) than should be humanly necessary.

18) I alter almost every clothing item that I buy for myself, save for [most] t-shirts and jeans.

19) My favorite gift (not including my pony Shawn or Miku) I have ever received is my unicorn night light. Tessa (my little sister) bought it with her own money, at a craft fair. Tessa's nickname for me is Unicorn:)

20) I always kiss Miku on her furry little head, before I go to sleep.

-Keiko Lynn

Please share some random facts about yourself!


  1. hello, :)

    i totally agree with you about thrifting getting a bit violent
    but a good find is always worth it

    one of my favorite gifts was also a night light
    it was little mermaid
    i wonder where that went...

    - Elma Joy

  2. I love your boots! I have so much trouble finding knee-height boots that will fit over my calves. One day I'll get lucky, I'm sure!

    That 25 things note is everywhere! I'll share a few of mine!

    -Whales really freak me out, but I still really loved Sea World.
    -I have a lot of DVDs where I've never watched the film (I saw it in theatres), but I've watched the special features.
    - I worry about my friends a lot, when they're in trouble, but I have a really hard time figuring out how to let them know I'm there for them. Because I'm awkward.
    -I get coffee hangovers. Not cool!

    I love surveys. So much fun!

  3. i agree with the no pedicure bit because i hate having my feet touched. i accidentally kicked someone once who tried to give me one and i will not ever go again.

    also, random bits about me. i dislike the word fork, my ankles crack when i walk and i have a plastic unicorn that lives on my computer desk!

  4. Keiko, I must ask. How do you store your clothing, because you must have a great many pieces! I'd love to see photos of your storage/apartment, but understand if that would be weird, hah hah.

  5. Jillian: My ankles crack SO much. It's impossible for me to be stealthy. You can always hear me coming.

    Sarah: I have to be creative. I'll take pictures of it all one day, but it's kind of underwhelming. I have a wardrobe that houses a ton of stuff - it's completely packed, as tight as it will go. I also store all of my seasonal stuff in storage containers, under the bed and stacked in the guest room. I have a huge antique trunk for anything that can be folded, a dresser that houses just my accessories and a clothing rack that's supposed to be just Bobby's...but I use it anyway. All of my coats are on an antique coat rack. I think that should cover it. Oh, and my shoes are in several places - in an organizer on my door, in the living room's cubby holes and scattered about the house.

    I also have a ton of laundry in the hamper, at all times. Because if I always had everything clean, I wouldn't have anywhere left to put it. TMI?

  6. love ur style n clothes in ur shop!!too bad im out of reach..if not i wanna get some :)

    have a nice day linking u up!

  7. i love your running away story, the image is so cute!

    i will say three random things:
    1. my fiance and i name EVERYTHING, from my old car (sparky), to our ipods (his is edith, mine is gabriel), our laptops (his is betty, mine is laszlo) and the remote control for our dvd player (steve). they now have personalities and need attention, just as if they were pets.
    2. i am still afraid of the dark sometimes.
    3. i have never ever found any jeans that fit my shape, until about a month ago when i pulled on my fiance's jeans quickly and realised they were perfect.
    we went out and bought me a pair that day.

    sorry, i got a bit carried away!

  8. really barbie and ken? hihi. so cute. i like your name.

    i love your site. ive linked you to mine. come visit me sometime.

  9. Ooh, I love yours! Here are three of mine:

    1. I've been drunk once and haven't drunk(?) alcohol since. My babysitter made me smoke a cigarette in 5th grade, and I haven't smoked since. I've never done an illegal drunk. Not even once. And, I regret those few bad things I have done.

    2. I have addictions to things only teens and tweens should: Twilight, Gossip Girl, Lisa Frank, etc.

    3. I have had over 30 jobs, and I worked at Goodwill for only 15 minutes. I'm only 24.


  10. Love your facts list, lady! And SO GLAD to hear that someone else is annoyed by the butting-in-front, violent-hanger-pusher customer, too. Man that really frosts my cake.

  11. I was President of my school's NJHS! Haha yes! Growing up in Virginia Beach (Southern tip of VA/border of NC) I have always had sweet tea at my disposal. I wasn't even aware it was only a "southern" thing until I took a trip to DC and they sadly informed me that up "north" sweet tea is not a staple. Humph!

  12. random facts are so much fun to read!
    here are some of mine:

    .hearing someone say "napoleon" makes me think of spaghetti, and I immediately get really really hungry
    .the only food I ever cook are spaghetti, egg sandwiches and pasta salad
    .I hate public restrooms
    .I never eat the rolls you get on a plane
    .I wash my hands way too often and always forget to moisturize them
    .I loved my history class in school
    .I really like hats, but I rarely ever wear them
    .on my way to university I prefer listening to music to talking to someone, even if I like him/her

  13. Aw, these are such sweet details to share! Thank you. I love #9 -- how sad that he never came home.


  14. I love #10! It would suck to wake up from that dream.

  15. ajtdrosa:

    I was also president of the NJHS! haha

  16. You are awesome. Can I line up behind you to punch Ann Coulter in the face?

  17. You mentioned your newly acquired superstition of knocking on wood. I don't know if you know the origin of this superstition but I will inform you anyway. It all began back when Christ was crucified and shards from the cross were saved and the original saying was to touch wood, referring to remnants of the Cross.I am on Facebook. If you would like to see my work you can go to
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  18. I went thrifting today! It is an intense outing most of the time...I always dress comfortable and take a bottle of water :)

    I love making lists, but for some reason always have trouble coming up with (insert number) of random facts about I haven't done my facebook list yet. I loved reading your list though :)

  19. ugh, the lack of stealth is the worst part of the cracking ankles thing. the only good thing that ever came from it was that when i was younger, i would stay up past my bedtime and read books near my nightlight and i could hear my dad coming from a mile away so it always gave me time to hop back in bed. haha, how sad.

  20. your story about running away with your pony always make me smile. :)

  21. Oh what did you thrifted ? Your random facts are sweet, I love the one when you run away with your pony, this story is so cute !
    Here are some of mine :
    *I can't sleep with my door closed, otherwise I couldn't run away from the monsters under the bed if I had to :)
    *I hate turtle neck, I always feel I'm chocking when I wore it.
    * like Leah, I name everything :) my computer name is Alphonsine, my roomate's computer is Robert (they are of course married), my pinking shears's name is Freedy, my camera is Cheryl...
    *I was an insolent child. I disagreed with my accompanist in a violin exam, so I told him he should just shut up and read his score instead of playing nonsense and believing I couldn't hear it. I was 7 and he was 40.

    Oh, and one more, because it's related to you :) The little red riding hood dress I bought from you some years ago is my boyfriend favorite ;).

  22. I love your talent, I'm saving up to buy some of your outfits!

    I have a question, which thrift stores do you usually shop at? (The ones I go to have nothing interesting.)

    P.S.- I know how you feel about the sweet tea, I've been to three resturants in my city that don't serve it. :(

  23. Oh, I almost forgot! Lets see, random facts...

    1) I can never decide on just one thing, so I end up buying the entire store (which isn't healthy for my budget).

    2) I listen to a lot of independant bands, so when I tell my friends about the music that I like, they always look at me with puzzled expressions.

    3) I like the sound of those little squeaks a guitar makes, when you're changing chords while playing.

    4) I love to collect vintage, and not only clothing, but books, vinyl records, cameras... I would choose a record player over an iPod anyday.

    5) I want to be a writer, and am slowly working to try and release a novel soon.

    Well, those are some facts from the top of my head; I'm sure that the're not as interesting as I thought.

  24. I just discovered your blog and I'm amazed - you have the greatest style ever, you're by far my favourite blogger style wise, so colorfull, so cretive - just like a fairytale! Also loooove the way you write - I can relate a lot! And don't even get me started with how beautiful you look in every picture! I plan to:) read your entire archive!:)

    Big hug from Bucharest - Romania


  25. i'm also wondering what kinds of places you go thrifting in...
    is it just places like salvation army and goodwill?
    or are there specialty "thrift stores" you shop in?

    here are a few of my random facts...
    -Halloween is my favorite day of the year, but I’ve only had a few good Halloweens. So I guess Halloween is my favorite day in theory. I plan on making this Halloween the best one I’ve ever had (yes I’m aware that its 9 months away).

    -I am very clumsy and am always hurting myself. I also seem to make a mess no matter what I’m doing.

    - It is very hard, almost impossible for me to accept a compliment.

    i love your blog and clothes
    - lisamarie :)

  26. In Brooklyn, I mainly thrift at Salvation Army. They're scattered all over the place. There are a couple other little ones that I check from time to time.

    I get a lot of stuff at Beacon's Closet but I don't consider that a thrift store; it's just a second-hand shop that is selective about what items they sell.

    In South Florida, there are about ten different thrift stores that I frequent...thrifting down there is so much better!

  27. I had to laugh at your comment about rude thrifters. That happened to me this Sunday - as if the other shoppers thought I was diving into a rack to "steal" exactly what they were there to find.

    Oh, and Styrofoam bugs me, too!

  28. Hahaha, I love your number 8! I concur completely.

    Let's see...I have grammatical pet peeves. One big one in particular: Check-out lanes which read "X Items or LESS" when they should read "X Items or FEWER." It drives me bonkers.

  29. ah~~~~The ancient battle of the thrifters, said to happen when many fight for the clothes of the legendary elders who, after death or out of boredom, give to those willing to fight in the great warrior stadium called; MAXIMUS THRIFTIUS DOLLARUS.

    1.) when i was 4 i wanted to be an Astonaut so i can fly to the moon and beg Sailor Moon to make me her succesor OR one of her sailor scouts.

    2.) I always wanted a mustache like El Salvador Dali's. Now that i sold my first paintings, i feel like ive earned my dali stache.

    3.)though im a girl i like playing a boy because its funny.(Who wouldnt want to be El Salvador Dali?):}D But i am still able to keep my girly charms.