Monday, March 30, 2009

It might be a little late for this...

...but I figured it was better late than never. I got a new hair cut, by my favorite stylist in Orlando: Brent Douglas! Since he sold his salon, he does the occasional house call. Lucky for me, because I think I'd cry if he didn't. He's the best...not only because of his skill but because he's extremely entertaining. The first time I took Kim to his salon, she asked if she could have the same cut as me. His response? "No! Keiko is the future. You are now. You are what is happening right now!" She replied, "But...I can be the future..." It was very entertaining.

About the confidence issue: I don't want anyone to think that I'm constantly down and out about my physical appearance, because I'm not. Most of the time, I'm pretty content with myself; I just get a little self conscious at times. I'm most confident when I'm home alone, in my pajamas, dancing in front of the mirror (it's the only time I dance)...or when I get dressed up and look at myself in a full length mirror, correct my posture and straighten out my pigeon toed feet. When I'm in the company of some people, I tend to get a little awkward and self aware, because I can't see myself and wonder what it is that they are seeing. It's something about the lack of control that makes me feel vulnerable. It's kind of odd, the difference in how I view my physical appearance when I'm alone, versus the company of others. I'm the same way with photographs. I have no problem taking my own photos, because I am relaxed and completely natural, and I can pick and choose which ones to post. The minute someone else is behind the camera, I am fidgeting and completely self conscious. That's why I can sit here and post a bunch of photos of myself, without batting an eye, but get all weird and girly in less controllable situations. Does that make sense to anyone?

In related news, I have a photo shoot tomorrow and I'm a little nervous! Wish me luck.

-Keiko Lynn

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Orlando/Pin Tucks and Taffeta

There are a few things that I miss about Orlando: Roland, Jeremy, Christopher and Thriftko. I would have a thrift store in there, wouldn't I?

Since my time in Orlando was limited to a mere 27 hours, I didn't bother with Thriftko - and Roland was working and sick, so no Roland:( I did, however, get to see Christopher and meet his fiancée (I forgot to bring my camera) and spent lots of quality time with my favorite panda boy, Jeremy. It was Bobby's birthday, so we had a little birthday dinner on the first night, with several friends. The next night was just Jeremy, Bobby, Tessa and me.

Jeremy, if you're reading this (you totally are, aren't you?) are missed. I wish we lived in the same city, so we could be adventurers together.

And now, I leave you with a ridiculous amount of pictures of three of my favorite people in the whole world (plus me, with gross hair).

Half of my pictures of Tessa feature her hands over her face.

Monsters or tigers?

My hair looks awful, because it was raining and I didn't have an umbrella. Naturally, everyone else looked wonderful! Thanks dudes, for always making me feel like the ugly step-sister;)

They are so cute, I can't stand it.

I have too many beautiful people in my life. Can you see why a girl can get self-conscious? Although, I have to say, they are all just as beautiful on the inside (this is getting sappy). Quality trumps quantity, always.

Since I have a million outfits to post, I'll go ahead and show you my outfit from Bobby's birthday dinner. Thank you to my special guest photographer, little sister Tessa!

Outfit Details:
vintage beret - Hourglass Consignment (my mom's shop)
sheer, vintage blouse - thrifted, years and years ago
belt - thrifted
crazy taffeta skirt - I made it from a thrifted dress that was even crazier than the end result.
tights - whatever
shoes - Jeffrey Campbell

Love love,

Keiko Lynn

Saturday, March 28, 2009

As All Get Out

I'm fine, really - just overwhelmed. I'm having an off week, maybe even month; my confidence has been in the toilet and I have more work than one person can possibly handle. Lauren blames the former on my trip to Florida, because of all of the bikini bods and perfectly tan and blonde beauties. I think she might be right. Once the winter layers come off, you tend to get really self conscious about what's underneath. At least, I do. I guess that doesn't make it excusable. Man, I am ridiculous.

On the plus side, today was much better. I got a little dressed up, in hopes of boosting my spirit and motivating me to plow through this work. It sounds completely superficial but getting gussied up makes me want to work and be productive. By the way, in order to even wear this dress, I had to replace the stupid zipper. It was such a pain, because there is boning in the bodice. I also made myself a little bow tie, because that's just what I do. My getup made me feel like a girl Willy Wonka. I wish I had a jaunty top hat.

Obviously, my chest is not big enough to fill out the dress...but I was not about to mess with that. Maybe next time I will just stuff my bra (I will not).

Vintage jacket - Beacon's Closet (free, with credit)
Vintage dirndl - Beacon's Closet (also free - I replaced the zipper)
Vintage blouse - thrifted in Cape Cod and altered (I think I paid a quarter)
Vintage belt - Hourglass Consignment (my mom's shop)
Handmade bow tie - Postlapsaria (made by me)
Tights - Old Navy ($2)
Vintage heels - Beacon's Closet (free, with credit)

-Keiko Lynn

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Eff Word

If I cursed (I don't), this is where I would put the eff word in big, bold letters.

So please, someone do it for me.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Comfy, Cozy

I'm alive and well. I haven't been blogging during this trip because a) my mom doesn't have internet and b) I'm busy spending time with the people and animals I love. Today, Tessa and I are in Orlando, for Bobby's birthday. I have a lot to catch you up on, but I'm tired and I'll have to do that later. For now, I'll start at the beginning: road trip, day one.

h&m shirt
80s slouchy sweater (thrifted)
vintage sweater coat
shorts from urban outfitters
h&m tights
jeffrey campbell shoes

I dress for comfort, during road trips. Roomy shorts, slouchy sweater, cozy layers. Don't be fooled by the shoes; they came off within minutes of settling in. I was quite comfortable in this little getup. Just ask Bobby - I think I slept most of the way to Virginia! Speaking of sleep, that sounds wonderful. I think I'll retire for the night - I just wanted to check in!

-Keiko Lynn

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Girl About Town

Some photos from Saturday:

We're currently in Norfolk, Virginia, where my friends Lauren and John live. Even though I should be sleeping, I decided to take advantage of the hotel's free wifi and update my blog, while watching I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched. I have my priorities in order, obviously. Miku keeps looking at me with this sleepy gaze, visually pleading with me to go to sleep. She's a little dependent.

Bobby surprised me with these lovely shoes that I was eyeing. I was waiting for them to go on sale, and when they did, he ordered them for me! I later found out that he and Kim had a wee scuffle, because she wanted to get them for me. I'm a lucky gal! They're surprisingly comfortable...although I ended up changing into boots later in the day, for running errands. Since I only brought three pairs of shoes with me, I'll probably be wearing them quite a bit on this trip.

vintage beret - thrifted
vintage, double-breasted sweater coat - thrifted and altered to fit (washed to shrink the wool and took the sleeves and body in)
bow blouse - thrifted and altered (took up the shoulder seam/removed shoulder pads, made short sleeves)
plaid skirt - thrifted and altered to fit/shortened
grey tights - h&m
grey heels - jeffrey campbell; a gift from Bobby!
vintage purse - gift from my little sister, Tessa

Speaking of Bewitched, I really resent the Darrin replacement. When I was younger, I had a weird crush on Darrin number one (Dick York) and never got over them replacing him with the other Dick, even if it did happen before I was born (don't ever look up the reason for his replacement; it's depressing). I was an odd kid. I also loved the professor on Gilligan's Island and Tony Nelson on I Dream of Jeannie. I watched a lot of Nick at Nite. Did you have any weird crushes, when you were younger?

-Keiko Lynn

Road Trip

Bobby, Miku, Lacy, Vester and I are embarking on our road trip, in just a few hours. Here's one more outfit post, before we hit the road. I'll try and find an internet source, along the way...I have lots of pictures to share!

I have always loved robin's egg blue, especially paired with mustard or gold. I also love that in my grandma's high school photo, she is wearing a very similar little cardigan. Shades of her age; I love how style can be somewhat cyclical. The wrap dress, on the other hand, is from my mom's teen era.

Flowers, for my rat's nest. I think the term "rat's nest" is most appropriate, not only for the mess but for the fact that every rat I've ever known has loved to curl up on my shoulder, nestled in my hair.

I was so excited to find these shoes! It's a rarity to find any great vintage shoes in a size nine. All of the best shoes are super tiny.

Outfit Details:
Vintage 50s Sweater - thrifted
Vintage 70s Wrap Dress - thrifted
Belt - from my mom's consignment shop
Navy Tights - H&M
Vintage Shoes - thrifted
Hair Flowers - handmade clip, by involved a lot of tedious hand sewing.

While I'm excited for the trip and subsequent family/friend time, I do wish I would have packed in advance, so I could have slept. Instead, I'm still packing last minute things and going on no sleep. Poor Bobby; I always sleep through our trips!

-Keiko Lynn

Saturday, March 14, 2009

New, at Postlapsaria

Lots of new items at! Click the pictures to visit the site and shop.

I finally got through the entire update, without falling asleep! This update should hold over until I return from my week-long trip. There are lots of new dresses, shirts, headbands and vintage items in the store. Please check it out!

-Keiko Lynn

That Girl

This is that outfit that I promised to you, from Wednesday - thrifting and 'Snice day! Bobby refuses to have a Wednesday without his faux chicken pot pie's an addiction, really.

Outfit Details:
Vintage red jacket - thrifted
Vintage Christian Dior belt - from my mom's consignment shop (Hourglass)
Vintage red slip - also from my mom's shop
Dress - TJ Maxx? I think? I've had it for a long time.
Tights - H&M
Vintage boots - Beacon's Closet

Look at how happy he is, after his lunch.

A couple of Bobby's friends (Aaron and Rachel) stayed with us this week, so we ended up eating out quite a bit. Not that I'm complaining; as much as I like eating in, it's nice to get out, when we have company. Of course, in addition to some new places, we had to take them to a familiar one...Eclipse! I love that place; it's tiny and charming and the owner, Yasuko, is very friendly. She's also the only one who speaks English, but that doesn't keep us from trying to communicate with the adorable waitress, who just smiles a lot and laughs when Bobby tries to speak Spanish.

Our dinner at Eclipse (clockwise from top left): cheese enchiladas, guacamole, tiramisu, vegetarian combination (tofu taco, guacamole tostada, potato quesadilla)

We're taking a road trip, tomorrow! Bobby, the critters and I are heading to Florida for a week or so. I'm in the process of updating the site, so if you buy anything tonight or tomorrow morning, I'll have it shipped this week. Otherwise, all shipments will have to be made when I return, next week. To those of you who emailed me about the site errors: Thank you, and I'm sorry! I know the new stuff is still linking to the old's because I fell asleep while updating, twice. In my zombie state, I accidentally uploaded the changes before it was finished. Sorry!

-Keiko Lynn

p.s. I had a really awful reaction to this cheap translucent powder I bought, when I ran out of my MAC natural skinfinish. You might not be able to tell from the photos, but I have blotchy, dry patches and blemishes on my chin and on my left cheek! I don't even own foundation, so I've been having to just suffer through it. I'm almost afraid to even buy foundation, but I feel like I should have some around for times like these. So my question for you is...can any of you recommend a non-comedogenic, drug store foundation that I can pick up? It's making me so self conscious.

Lesson learned - stop being lazy and just make the trip to MAC.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Today, I am feeling infinitely better. Even yesterday was really good; I was able to get in my weekly thrifting and even indulged in a couple slices of Grimaldi's amazing pizza. I was working all night and never got around to updating the blog yesterday, so I guess I'm working backwards. I'll show you today's outfit and tomorrow I'll show you yesterday's. You know...I think this is why I have at least ten outfits that never even got posted. I tend to forget!

I'm pretty proud of the fact that this entire outfit cost $31.50...and that $25 of it was on my shoes. If I would have worn the shoes I was originally looking for (never found them - I swear, they ran away), the entire outfit's price would have been $6.50. You can't beat free shoes. I should write a book about dressing on a budget. Of course, no one would buy it, because those of us who need to budget don't buy frivolous books about dressing on a budget;)

Outfit Details:
Vintage sequin blouse - Beacon's Closet (free, with credit)
Vintage leather belt - Beacon's Closet (free, with credit)
Vintage leather skirt - thrifted ($3.50) and altered (just hemmed shorter)
Tights- h&m ($3 because the package was ripped! 100 denier)
Bow heels - Nine West ($25 on sale, about five years ago)

Makeup Details (my normal routine):
Moisturizer (always!)
Rimmel blush
MAC Shimpagne skinfinish (on cheeks)
MAC Dipdown fluidline (brows)
MAC Bare Canvas paint (lids - prevents creasing)
MAC Blitz and Glitz fluidline (eyes)
L'oreal Beauty Tubes mascara (not that it matters, on these stubby little lashes)
Clinique Think Bronze lipstick

-Keiko Lynn

p.s. What is your normal makeup routine? I just listed mine, so please, tell me yours!