Sunday, March 1, 2009


You can't even see them in these pictures, but I donned a pair of fake lashes with this getup. I seem to have inherited only one Asian feature: straight (and short) eyelashes. I've had more than one makeup artist make a vain effort to curl them, and instead give me a set of falsies. I wish I had the patience to wear them on a daily basis, but I rarely bother. Naturally, on the one day that I wear them I forgot to take a picture. Go figure!

I spent the early part of the day working with my intern  and the rest with Peter, Samara and Bobby. I'm kitty-sitting Peter's cats, Madeline and Mathilde, while he's in Paris. We did what we do best - watched ridiculous youtube videos, ate a lot of food and made good conversations. I feel like Peter and I are subtle enablers...we seem to always eat onion rings or cupcakes when we're together. Thanks, Peter!

Outfit details:

vintage fedora - beacon's closet
vintage double breasted blazer - thrifted
vintage button up - thrifted
french connection skirt
h&m tights
thrifted shoes

Makeup details:

MAC shimpagne skinfinish
MAC burgundy lip pencil
MAC dubonnet lipstick
MAC dipdown fluidline (brows)
MAC blacktrack fluidline (eyes)
ardell lashes
CG lash blast mascara

-Keiko Lynn


  1. Why havent you tried Loreal Beauty tubes yet!!??? Let me know if you bought them yet... b/c if not I am getting you them as part of my eternally indebted to you thank you gift

  2. seriously? you look like scarlet Johanson. i don't know. the cheekbone or the smile. Yeah, you really do!

    great outfit for the day!

  3. April:

    I bought the mascara! I even got one for my mom. While I think it's great and I'm fascinated by the tube doesn't really matter what I use, because my lashes aren't even visible and can't be curled. I usually use it, though:)

  4. love, love, love the tights!
    the color is amazing!

  5. I WANT that SKIRT!
    I don't know if they still make it, but I used to buy Ardell permanent lash glue and use their little lash-clusters- 'sweeties' I think is what they're called- just at the corners of my natural lashes, and it would last for about a week. You have to comb them though, and you remove them using another concoction, that smells like nailpolish remover.

  6. I looove that blazer. =) The color is amazing.

  7. I loooove this outfit!! Red lips is so your colour!

  8. i wish i had your tights...emmm..i say...legs...

  9. was also going to comment about wishing to have your legs.

  10. Much love for the tights! i've been sporting colored legs alot recently, much to the dislike of the boyfriend. oh well, he'll come around!

  11. did you dye your hair a little darker? if so what kind of color? its hard to find one that makes hair brown and not black...

  12. love your outfit :]

    just so you know, i mentioned you in my blog - with a couple pictures. :]


  13. I loved your black and white outfit that 'giggleness' put in her post.

  14. I love this! And I really like the color of the tights. I seriously need to go to H&M and buy more colored tights. I need them. Oh and the skirt is so lovely!

  15. Cute outfit!

    I am with you on the shirt eyelashes. My mother is Filipino, and I inherited her short lashes too. I have never worn fake ones, I can never get them to stay on! Looks great on you though!

  16. Hi!
    You have such a lovely and nice blog!! And your outfits are absolutely great and girlie i love them!
    I add you to my favourites!! Happy Week!

  17. I love how perfectly your tights go with your jacket. Your outfits are always so wonderfully full of color!

  18. wow! great outfit! you work that orange so well!

  19. Oh my God, so great great great again!

  20. Great use of colours!
    Fake eyelashes are such a performance, I have quite a few different styles of them but it takes me a good half an hour and my errors before I get them right.

  21. Hi ! I'm Camille, i'm a french blogwriter, i've just discovered your blog, can't remember from where :)... but still, i wanted to say that you reallllly are gorgeous, i absolutely love your style and make up.
    I'd like to talk about you on my blog, may i borrow some of your pics ? i'll had a link of course !

    Camille aka Kaamiye :)

  22. You are the cutest! I am half Japanese and do not have the longest lashes either! I am going to try eyelash extensions before a wedding that I am in this summer...I'll let you know how that goes:) I don't have the artistry or the patience for false lashes!!!

  23. i love those tights! i've seen tights in nearly every color but not burnt orange i adore it!

  24. you are SUCH a doll. first tim eon your blog. love your outfits. gorgeous.

    xxx LM

  25. your daily outfit posts make me happy. :)


  26. I am always amazed at how you have a pair of tights to match any and every outfit =)

  27. Fantastic jacket! And I agree about Asian eyelashes. Hate it!

  28. hey, i just stumbled across your blog and i love it, your outfits are so cute!

  29. i have the same tights!!!!

    oh i'm so proud to have something identical to you because i love your outfit!!

    the problem is i don't know with what kind of coulours i should join them.. :S


  30. I think your last look (with white gloves) is my favorite. I love when you smile :) your face is perfect!


  31. I think this is my favorite outfit of yours to date! That orange blazer is killer!

  32. love the tights!the color is amazing!

  33. wow. i like that outfit. usually i don't like this colour too much. but in this case it looks good.
    oh.. and the 2nd pic is cool.