Thursday, March 12, 2009


Today, I am feeling infinitely better. Even yesterday was really good; I was able to get in my weekly thrifting and even indulged in a couple slices of Grimaldi's amazing pizza. I was working all night and never got around to updating the blog yesterday, so I guess I'm working backwards. I'll show you today's outfit and tomorrow I'll show you yesterday's. You know...I think this is why I have at least ten outfits that never even got posted. I tend to forget!

I'm pretty proud of the fact that this entire outfit cost $31.50...and that $25 of it was on my shoes. If I would have worn the shoes I was originally looking for (never found them - I swear, they ran away), the entire outfit's price would have been $6.50. You can't beat free shoes. I should write a book about dressing on a budget. Of course, no one would buy it, because those of us who need to budget don't buy frivolous books about dressing on a budget;)

Outfit Details:
Vintage sequin blouse - Beacon's Closet (free, with credit)
Vintage leather belt - Beacon's Closet (free, with credit)
Vintage leather skirt - thrifted ($3.50) and altered (just hemmed shorter)
Tights- h&m ($3 because the package was ripped! 100 denier)
Bow heels - Nine West ($25 on sale, about five years ago)

Makeup Details (my normal routine):
Moisturizer (always!)
Rimmel blush
MAC Shimpagne skinfinish (on cheeks)
MAC Dipdown fluidline (brows)
MAC Bare Canvas paint (lids - prevents creasing)
MAC Blitz and Glitz fluidline (eyes)
L'oreal Beauty Tubes mascara (not that it matters, on these stubby little lashes)
Clinique Think Bronze lipstick

-Keiko Lynn

p.s. What is your normal makeup routine? I just listed mine, so please, tell me yours!


  1. I thought the outfit was amazing and then you told me the price and now its outstanding. It looks utterly fab!!!

    Working backwards, story of my life! lol!

  2. girl, that outfit is so HOT!!! and the price makes it even better.

    i seriously want that blouse.

  3. I am in love with your belt! :)

  4. if not a book, you could always try to get a column or something in a mag?

  5. gotta love that beacon's closet credit. i am holding on to mine for something special...whatever 'special' means.

  6. gorgeous as always.

    i love that sequence is coming back.

  7. I'm a moisturising fiend!! I have very sensitive skin and with out it my skin would be terrible and red!! I'm a powder, mascara, lip gloss and eyeliner girl and when i'm feeling like it lipstick. Lovely outfit and i'd love to exchange links :)

  8. L'oreal Toner, Pola Moisturizer, ULTA foundation primer, Neutrogena anti-puffiness/dark circle stuff for my eyes, Bare Minerals foundation & blush, Bare Minerals Eyelid primer (LOVE the stuff), ULTA or Physicians Formula eyeshadow, liquid eyeliner on the top - kohl on the bottom, Maybelline Colossal Volume mascara, Burt's Bees lip balm

  9. what an awesome outfit.. love this black and leather on you!

    shu uemura moisturizer- addicted..
    stila tinted moisturizer
    stila powder
    make up forever aqua eyes eyeliner
    maybeline mascara
    mac brow mascara
    nars cream blush
    nars lipgloss

  10. The outfit is a little more grown up than your usual (i guess since it was monochrome) but the sparkle from all the sequins is gorgeous!

    and my usual make up routine consists of:
    sun screen
    brown eye shadow to fill in brows
    plenty of coats of mascara
    liquid eyeliner when i have time
    copious layer of lip balm
    pink lipstick

    and mostly the products are from revlon, mac and lancome. revlon is by far my favourite drugstore brand.

  11. That is a gorgeous outfit! And I love the shoes! :)

  12. i could never pull of sequins that well!

    moisturizer, lorac neutalizer, lorac tinted moisturizer, too-faced pressed powder, mary kay ultimate mascara in black, zum kiss chapstick in peppermint.

  13. Natio Ageless eye cream; Natio Renew Radiance Day Cream with sunscreen; Rimmel eyebrow pencil in black; Avon ultra luxury eye liner in dark brown; Rimmel Xtreme Volume comb mascara in brown; Dior Rogue lipstick 296 Beige Box Office (which I got with a store credit and am going to continue to use as my guilty pleasure splurge item) and if I'm feeling up to it I do a low key smoky eye using a dark brown and gold eyeshadow from a $3 compact.

  14. You look amazing! It seems you look good in any colour. How annoying ;).
    I myself am addicted to blush and lipsticks. I never do anything with my eyes, I'd love to, but I really don't know how to do it without looking like a clown...

  15. This outfit is utter perfection! The belt looks like it was MADE to be worn with the top ...

  16. -Vichy Moisturiser
    -Smashbox foundation primer (LOVE it!)
    -Biotherm compact foundation (applied with a brush like powder)
    -L'Oreal brown khol (looks more natural than black)
    -L'Oreal Voluminous Black mascara
    -Clinique Lip perfector

  17. I just have one word for you: gorgeous!!!!

  18. wow! i've been reading your blog for a few months now, but this has got to be my favorite look! and the fact that it was so cheap just astounds me. you look BEAUTIFUL.

  19. I don't have a makeup routine :x
    you look amazing in the last picture

  20. Great Outfit, first time I really do like a sequin-outfit, indeed.

    And by the way, I would buy the book! ;-)

  21. Love the look! It's weird how you are able to make dark colours look like they're actually bright and bubbly :D maybe it's your natural colourful aura or something. :') I've been reading your blog for some months now when a friends of mine found it and thought that the way you dress reminded her of me. :D I was so flattered when I came to check out your blog, your outfits are simply gorgeus :D

    And my daily makeup routine:
    Clinique moisturizer (in here north it's a must)
    MAC studio fix powder (I'm not a huge fan of concealer, studio fix is enough to my skin)
    Dior eyeshadow (the brown is great when used finishing brows)
    Palladio eyliner (colour taupe)
    Kanebo 38 mascara
    Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream lip protectant stick (love it!)

    I'm kinda lazy so earthy colours and a natural look suit me best :')

  22. What an amazing belt you are wearing. I like most the photos you are laughing on, gives you a very positive impression.

  23. love that top!! :) great find my dear.

  24. I love the shininess! If you wrote a book about dressing on a budget, I would totally buy it.

    My normal makeup routine is Almay liquid concealer, Everyday Minerals powder concealer, Maybelline mascara, and that's it. Occasionally I add a little eye shadow, but I'm too lazy most days.

  25. You always look so happy in your photos, it's really nice!

    Sorry I don't have any makeup routine that's worth sharing, i'm boring with regard to that, and I use mostly drugstore brands lol

  26. wash face. moisturizer. bare escentuals medium beige foundation. bare escentuals feather light mineral veil. bronzer (i have a few, so i just pick something). blush (i use a pink on my apples and a peach around. i have so much different types of blush!). milani glimmer stripes in honey glimmer all over my face for a glow. too faced eye shadow insurance primer. eyeshadow color (i use many different kinds. i like vincent longo, mac, and lorac.) bare escentuals eyebrow color in brunette. max factor mascara or rimmel or revlon 3D mascara. mac "m.a.c. red" lipstick or mac "hug me" lipstick or mac "viva glam 1" lipstick or mac "ravishing" lipstick. i guess i wear a lot of makeup, but i swear, i don't look like i wear that much!

  27. Sequins! I really need to get more in my life ;) Glad you are feeling better, I love your outfit posts.

    My makeup routine is pretty simple....Garnier face wash and moisturizer, and LipSmackers Strawberry Starfruit lip balm. Maybe some eyeliner and mascara if I'm feeling really daring =P

  28. everything fits perfectly!!!!

  29. The sequins and leather combination is so great! I love it! Glad you're feeling better!

    I have to admit I am not very good at applying makeup. I have made many attempts at eyeshadow/eyeliner and failed. One day I'll learn...

    Moisturizer (I have three different ones, so depending on my mood, I just pick one at random.)
    Lipstain (the new Covergirl one. I don't mind it - the colour is decent. It definitely doesn't "outlast" for me, though.I put it on early so that I'll have time to put on extra if it wears off while I'm drinking tea before class.)
    Concealer (if I have a serious pimple issue. I'm much too lazy to do it otherwise.)
    Powder (I use the cheapie Covergirl Clean fragrance free powder. It does the job.)
    Mascara: Great Lash. I love mascara, I love trying new mascara, but I always end up back at this one!

  30. Oh, so happy that you didn't forget posting that outfit! It's just marvellous, and surprising (because of all the black on you).

    Love, Dotti

  31. Your outfit is so gorgeous...I am really starting to fall in love with sequins, I think.

    my usual routine(when I am not wearing e/s):

    Moisturizer (I only use natural skincare moisturizer...German brand);
    Mineral Foundation;
    Silk Powder to settle;
    Benefit Brow Zings for Brows;
    MAC fluidline Blacktrack;
    Essence Multi Action Mascara;
    MAC Goddess Blush;
    Lipstick (current likes: MAC Chignon, MAC Most Popular)

  32. Wow, that outfit is amazing and with that kind of prise, outstanding! Thrift-stores in my area are not that cheap anymore, i suppose because it's fashionable to thrift prises go sky high. Bummer!

    My make-up routines:
    Moisturiser (what ever at hand)
    Make up powder by Lumene
    Make up store eyebrow definer (medium brown)
    Grimas eyeshadow (usually ivory on whole eyelid and cold brown as banana shading)
    Kanebo 38 eyeliner
    Kanebo 38 mascara
    Estee Lauder blush, colour light pink
    Shu Uemura lipstick (bright red) with Guerlain lip base and Estee Lauder lipliner or toned lip balm by Dove. I used to love Chanel light pink lip gloss but Chanel discontinued that product.

  33. wow! i would've guessed a lot more for that outfit! that's awesome that you can make such a cute outfit for less than $35! just found your blog- but i'll be back!

  34. amazzzzzing top!

  35. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool..


  36. This is absolutely your best outfit... EVER! I can't believe that you have not worn this in over two years? PERFECT! LOVE your style always but this is PERFECT! Very city chic. Very cool. Very casual. PERFECT!

  37. Almost forgot... LOVIN' the leather skirt all by itself. The whole look... PERFECT!