Saturday, March 14, 2009

That Girl

This is that outfit that I promised to you, from Wednesday - thrifting and 'Snice day! Bobby refuses to have a Wednesday without his faux chicken pot pie's an addiction, really.

Outfit Details:
Vintage red jacket - thrifted
Vintage Christian Dior belt - from my mom's consignment shop (Hourglass)
Vintage red slip - also from my mom's shop
Dress - TJ Maxx? I think? I've had it for a long time.
Tights - H&M
Vintage boots - Beacon's Closet

Look at how happy he is, after his lunch.

A couple of Bobby's friends (Aaron and Rachel) stayed with us this week, so we ended up eating out quite a bit. Not that I'm complaining; as much as I like eating in, it's nice to get out, when we have company. Of course, in addition to some new places, we had to take them to a familiar one...Eclipse! I love that place; it's tiny and charming and the owner, Yasuko, is very friendly. She's also the only one who speaks English, but that doesn't keep us from trying to communicate with the adorable waitress, who just smiles a lot and laughs when Bobby tries to speak Spanish.

Our dinner at Eclipse (clockwise from top left): cheese enchiladas, guacamole, tiramisu, vegetarian combination (tofu taco, guacamole tostada, potato quesadilla)

We're taking a road trip, tomorrow! Bobby, the critters and I are heading to Florida for a week or so. I'm in the process of updating the site, so if you buy anything tonight or tomorrow morning, I'll have it shipped this week. Otherwise, all shipments will have to be made when I return, next week. To those of you who emailed me about the site errors: Thank you, and I'm sorry! I know the new stuff is still linking to the old's because I fell asleep while updating, twice. In my zombie state, I accidentally uploaded the changes before it was finished. Sorry!

-Keiko Lynn

p.s. I had a really awful reaction to this cheap translucent powder I bought, when I ran out of my MAC natural skinfinish. You might not be able to tell from the photos, but I have blotchy, dry patches and blemishes on my chin and on my left cheek! I don't even own foundation, so I've been having to just suffer through it. I'm almost afraid to even buy foundation, but I feel like I should have some around for times like these. So my question for you is...can any of you recommend a non-comedogenic, drug store foundation that I can pick up? It's making me so self conscious.

Lesson learned - stop being lazy and just make the trip to MAC.


  1. You are just too cute. not fair.

    :D Love the pictures.

  2. hehe...a road trip with critters and bobby...sounds fantastic.
    I compleltely empathise with you in regards to the allergic reaction. I moved to Japan last year and since then I appear to have become allergic to life itself. All makeup makes me break out in a delicious looking rash.
    Sorry I can't help you with the make up.
    Glad your sounding better.

  3. have fun on holidays!! your red coat is so cute, it looks amazing on you. you have the perfect skin and hair for red!

    Brooke xx

  4. Sorry Keiko, I wish I could recommend a good drug store foundation, but it sounds like you'll have that reaction with most of them! I have dry sensitive skin, and the ONLY foundation I can where is MAC Studio Fix without getting dry blotchy spots. I've even tried other better brands at Sephora, but I haven't used the skin finish before, what exactly does it do (as I'm assuming it is not foundation)?

    Anyway, enjoy Florida! You should help your mom get her shop online, I would absolutely love to know what she has since I doubt I'll be getting to Florida any time soon. Judging by your outfit descriptions, though, everything you have from your mom's shop is amazing!

    Have fun,


  5. Have a great road trip! And if this is your skin at a yucky time I am even more envious of you than usual! You look amazing.

  6. you are so pretty in red.

    you and bobby are so cute together.

  7. I use Physician's Formula. They have a whole line of organic wear, and it's really good coverage. I have dry, irritable skin and have never had a problem.

    Read up on their products here:

  8. i love the red coat with the red belt. so beautiful.
    have a nice trip. :-)

  9. I love all the red. That's a beautiful dress.

  10. You look great in red!

    Concerning the foundation: I haven't tried this one out but I know some people who have (they usually use MAC) and they were quite satisfied with it: Maybelline Mineral Power (I think that's its name). It is supposed to offer good coverage but not too much and it stays on for quite a while.

  11. Red colour suits you very well. And the coat - it's so perfect!

  12. I also use Physician's Formula organic line. love, love, love it! Though the only expensive makeup that I use is Lancome under eye concealor. My cousin, a former makeup counter employee, got me hooked. Sensitive skins stinks…if I don't use organic or all natural lotions on my face then I have those spots you are referring to also. Love Burt's Bee Primrose evening cream. Feels great and works wonders on the wintry dry spots. =)

  13. oh wow! you both are just so stylish!
    I love your outfit so much!
    you have such ecclecic but wonderful taste!