Friday, April 10, 2009

All That Jazz

Despite my aversion to going outdoors until Sunday (for fear of an anvil falling on my head), Bobby dragged me out of the apartment and into the new Topshop. We didn't buy anything, just browsed, but it did me a bit of good to forget about my ailing family members, electronics and that leaky ceiling (and subsequent lot of ruined clothes). To further our escape from reality, we indulged in delicious comfort foods: Curly's and their pizza shop neighbor, Artichoke. Bobby ordered from Curly's and I waited in the long line at Artichoke, and we split the two. The artichoke slice was worth the wait. I was in a great mood, after that. We also had itty bitty, bite-size cupcakes (rainbow color!) from that little place on Spring St. (I think it's on Spring). There is an obvious connection between my happiness and colorful food. Remember Kim's comment about not getting to the ice cream man on time? Bobby tracked down the ice cream truck, mere minutes later, and bought me a swirl cone with rainbow definitely made me feel better. I love rainbow sprinkles!

Outfit Details:
glasses - Bobby's (I didn't actually wear them)
shrunken double breasted blazer - thrifted (high school days!)
sequin blouse - Beacon's Closet
bow belt - thrifted
shorts - thrifted and altered
tights - h&m
shoes - jeffrey campbell

-Keiko Lynn


  1. Ok woman from Florida. If you want to properly survive NYC, you must learn to fight back as New Yorkers inherently do. NY State happens to be very pro-tenant because there is a great deal of negligence and abuse from many landlords and superintendents. A leaky ceiling=unacceptable. You should review your contract specifications just in case. But I would call "311" and request information regarding what you can do. Passover is no excuse. If your landlord/superintendent is unavailable for religious reasons, fine. But there must be someone available in their replacement to address these semi-major concerns. Water damage to your bed and clothes is a liability the building must handle. If your building refuses to offer any help/repayment, you should report them.

  2. I love rainbow sprinkles too! They make me happy, being so colorful. :)

  3. i love that shoe. You take care have a great day!

  4. oh, good to see you haven't had your 9th bad thing! Love the outfit - very tap dancer chic!

  5. I think this is my fave outfit you've posted! It looks great!

    I'm glad things are looking up for you.


  6. Ive been getting into sorbets with sprinkles lately! yum!Hope everything is working out fine for you :)

  7. Absolutely my favorite outfit from you.

  8. I'm in love with your blog:) Great outfit:)

  9. Keiko!
    you are just so cuteeeeeeee
    your style brights the day :)

  10. aw, that first photo is adorable! love the specs

  11. great outfit again....and many thanks for the item you send me...there is already a pic with it on my blog...just love it..;-)

  12. grey shoes! love love love
    the glasses are fun too:)

  13. I really like your cute outfits - makes me wish I was years younger. I stumbled upon your page and thought I would let you know I enjoyed it!