Wednesday, April 8, 2009

And the winner is... not Keiko!

Hi everyone! Kimbly here.

Murphy's Law is out to get Keiko. As soon as she has her internet and computer back, she'll update and fill you guys in. Here's the summarized version:

1) Her grandpa had a minor stroke and was hospitalize. (He was released!)
2) Her great- grandma had a heart attack and is currently in the hospital. (Luckily, she's ok.)
3) Her computer crashed... AGAIN.
4) She had to pay a lot of money to retrieve the data. (They are still working on it.)
5) The cats (little darlings) knocked over a flower vase which spilt water on the modem a.k.a. fried it.
6) The ceiling is leaking REALLY badly. It has so far soaked her mattress, sheets, and a laundry bag's worth of clothes. (Note: the ceilings are metal which equals rusty water AND the clothing dyes all bled onto each other.)
7) The super, manager, AND landlord are all Jewish and won't answer their phones for the duration of Passover... which just started tonight.
8) While she was trying to get into the car, she dropped her water bottle all over herself, soaking her coat, jeans, and phone. Needless to say, her phone does not work.
9) I told her she needed a 9th because bad things come in 3's. She thinks it's the guy in the hall that keeps banging his door and making Miku bark. I think it's the fact that she missed the ice cream truck man while trying to change out of the wet jeans (courtesy of the water bottle in number 8).

Onto more uplifting news, we have a winner for that amazing clutch from Hourglass Consignment. Now I'll be honest: I wanted to add a comment and pretend to pull my own number at random. But I have a conscience. So the winner is...:


Keiko will be contacting you shortly, as soon as she picks up the pieces of her shattered life. Luckily, she has friends like me to poke fun at her comically horrible situations.

I hope you all have a fantastic Easter, Passover, etc.!!!



  1. ohh thats such terrible luck! hope things get better quickly xx

  2. Jeez, poor Keiko. This sounds awful. I'm seeing water is a recurring them here. Remember how the hero's weakness in the movie "Unbreakable" was water? Well, maybe you should stay away from the stuff for a time, beautiful one.

    Kimbly, you are kind to do this update for Keiko.

  3. Oh no...when it rains it pours doesn't it? (No pun intended!)

    I hope things start looking up for you! I'm actually feeling surprising optimistic after just getting laid off yesterday, which is totally out of character. It's funny how a dose of bad luck can inspire positive thinking.

  4. owh thats really bad. That is so stupid about them being jewish, if you take on a job you should fulfill it... she should contact the public defender or similar... this whole thing sucks =[

    hope to see her back and happy soon!


  5. Woah, rough stuff.

    This has reminded me that I really really need to back up my files, eep.

  6. damn!! that is some luck...

    i hate it when bad things come in 3's, especially 3 times 3!!

  7. Holy moly that's a lot of bad luck.
    Hope things get better, can't wait to read more posts.

  8. poor keiko. i hope things improve ten fold from here on. =/

  9. For the computer, two words, external hard drive.

    For everything else, this only means things will get better!

  10. Poor Keiko! I hope everything turns out all right. But think positive: it can only get better now :)
    Good luck!

  11. That sounds almost like a late April Fool's day joke! So it isn't?

    I wish all the best for your ill relatives and best luck for you, Keiko. :(

  12. oh poor keiko! hopefully things will soon be looking brighter for her

  13. Poor Keiko. :( I hope everything and everyone gets better really soon!

  14. there will be brighter days! hang in there keiko!

  15. Wow, it never rains but it pours! Best wishes to poor Keiko, sounds like she has a lot going on.

  16. Oh geez, that poor girl - I hope this weekend brings better luck!

  17. stay strong keiko. there are sunnier days ahead as summer draws near. <3

  18. Aww, I hope everything for Keiko gets better real soon!