Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Sunflower, Most of All

Outfit Details:
flower hair clip - handmade,
vintage blouse - thrifted
bow belt - thrifted
vintage skirt - beacon's closet, hemmed shorter
tights - h&m
shoes - payless

Eyes: MAC Bare Canvas paint, Steel Blue pigment, White pigment, Urban Decay Oil Slick, MAC Blitz and Glitz Fluidline.

Last night was theInkwell (one of Jeremy's bands) / Janelle Monae / Of Montreal show, which was a lot of fun. Of course, I almost passed out a couple of times, which is not cute and rather embarrassing, if nothing else. The surgery I had on my head left me with a bit of nerve damage that sometimes triggers blackouts. They happen mostly in the shower or at shows. I am an old woman...what the heck? Tangent aside, it was a great show and I was so happy to have Jeremy, Lane and Erin in one room. Magical people. On another side note, I can't decide if Erin and Bobby were separated at birth, or if they're soul mates and I should release him to his perfect match.

In other news, all of this stress and nonsense (mundane chaos, if you will) has left me with little inspiration and a great deal of work. My worries are often written on my face, if I'm not making a conscious effort to smile. I blame it on my somewhat squinty eyes and pouty lips, that make me look miserable if not paired with a smile. The truth is, besides those petty, momentary wanderings of the mind (why aren't they done with my macbook? are my taxes in order? I forgot to send out those swatches. did I pay my credit card bill?), I've been content. Happy, even. I can poke fun at myself and move on with my day. I'm taking note from my fictional life coach (Maude, from Harold and Maude):

Well, if some people get upset because they feel they have a hold on some things, I'm merely acting as a gentle reminder: here today, gone tomorrow, so don't get attached to things.

Done. Granted, I'd shank someone if they took Snowball, my stuffed panda. Seriously, don't even try it.

-Keiko Lynn


  1. oh i love that outfit! yellow and plaid re two of my favorite things.

  2. I love the yellow. I know exactly what you mean about worries painted on your face. Mine is the same way. People are always asking me if I feel alright, which gets old really fast.

  3. How sweet is that outfit! And I have to say that a couple hours of unsuccessful shoe shopping has made me very jealous of those shoes!

  4. yellow and grey is my favourite combination for spring! your skirt has somewhat of a grey hue haha. it's amazing! i love that blouse, and as always, you're beautiful!

  5. The last bit of your post about someone stealing Snowball made me giggle. I hope no one in my apartment thinks I'm nutty from laughing at my monitor. :P

    Also, sorry to hear you're prone to fainting. I am too, but it's only due to heat exhaustion.

    Cute outfit. Love the makeup!

  6. I just found your blog and adore it! You're very charming and your outfits are fantastic!

  7. Yellow looks good on you. It doesn't suit many.

  8. Stress has drained my creativity, too. I have lots of ideas, but I can't make myself do any of them. I hope we both get our respective grooves back soon.

  9. such a beautiful outfit and the makeup... WOW!

    thanks for the inspiration.

  10. Gorgeous outfit, but even more gorgeous is your makeup. It's girls like you who make me want to wear more eyeshadow, rather than my usual mascara. ;]

  11. I hope you aren't serious about the blackouts. You are adorable and extremely well dressed. Therefore, you would be prime kidnapping material :)

    Kidding, of course. Love the blog.

  12. umm can i just say you're gorgeous and i love your blog and i think half of my inspiration folder is full of pictures of you? and that is not as creepy as it sounds? lol, seriously, i love your style.

  13. U always look so cute, love what ya do!

  14. Lovely outfit :) but sorry to hear about your stress and problems.

  15. lovely skirt. such a pretty springy outfit :)

  16. Definitely separated at birth. As a couple I believe we would be one big F5 tornado wandering the streets trying to tell everyone our "stories to no where" with fervent excitement. Besides everyone would find it a little sick and narcissistic that we decided to date a mirror of ourselves haha.
    I'm gonna go shake down my mom for the truth now ;)

  17. also. it was awesome seeing you all there too! Lane reminded me what a small freakin world it is. Can't wait for you to dress me up. I'm gonna have Jeremy help me pick out some reference for you. :)

  18. I adore the outfit! Like you, color makes me happy!
    I saw that you altered your skirt. I've tried to hem skirts that were extreme A-lines, and they end up being this crazy up and down hem job (aka-hot mess)
    I was wondering if you could throw out a tip on how to avoid such craziness!
    thanks lol.