Sunday, May 31, 2009

Unicorn Magic!

Outfit Details:
Unicorn Necklace: Destroyed by Design
Mustard Blouse: TJ Maxx ($5)
Striped, Button Down Blouse: Thrifted
Navy Belt: Thrifted
Skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: Thrifted (deadstock)

My slight hiatus can be blamed on two reasons: I've been under the weather and overworked. I always get sick at the most inopportune times. In this case, I have a lot of work to do and no time to take it easy. I haven't been feeling very creative with my outfits, and I haven't really spent much time outside. When the time finally came to run some errands, I put on my go-to staple item: my denim skirt. I always wear that (or jeans) when I'm feeling lazy...or in this case, sick and not in the mood to pick out an outfit. 

Luckily, I received an amazing little package in the mail, from Destroyed by Design, which gave me something to smile (and wear!) about. How can I not smile, when I'm wearing a tiny unicorn necklace? Especially because that's what my little sister, Tessa, calls me. She has me logged in her phone as "Unicorn."

Yes, I know. I'm five years old. I can't help that I love unicorns and pandas. Don't pick on me, I'm not feeling well!

Love love,

Keiko Lynn

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Brooklyn Bridge

vintage top: thrifted
stretchy belt: thrifted
tiered ruffle skirt: handmade (
vintage purse: a gift from my little sister, years ago
lavender heels: a gift from my mom

When living in a popular city, I tend to stay away from the tourist-laden attractions. In Orlando, we all stayed away from International Drive (although, I freaking love Disney World). In New York, we stray from Times Square, Canal Street, and anything else the City Sights buses frequent - unless company is in town. The problem with this is that I never experienced New York as a tourist. Even before I moved here, my visits were all about visiting friends, shopping and eating good food. I have never been to the top of the Empire State Building, ridden the Staten Island Ferry, explored the Statue of Liberty - and until the other day, I had never even walked the Brooklyn Bridge.

Bobby couldn't believe I hadn't walked the bridge, so we promptly made our way over there and snapped some pictures, like true tourists. Despite the windy chill (which made for some purple, blotchy legs to match my shoes), it was a nice, leisurely afternoon.

Maybe next time, I'll leave the heels at home. I was definitely the only person in heels; I still have to practice this whole tourist thing. I won't be joining a City Sights tour anytime soon, but I'll definitely spend more of my summer exploring this amazing city.

-Keiko Lynn

Monday, May 25, 2009

Roxy Mae

As much as I love photographs, I tend to forget to take out my camera, during the happiest moments. Perhaps it's because I'm content just living the moment, but I'd like to make more of an effort to document it, too. I have tons of pictures of my family, but it's never enough. On my recent trip home, I dressed Roxy in a vintage outfit (that my sister would probably never put her in) and we went to feed the ducks. One of my favorite things about growing up near the water is the population of Muscovy ducks. I'm glad my niece and nephew get to experience that, as well. They're funny little ducks, and so friendly. As you can see, Roxy was quite fond of them.

Although I can't imagine having kids of my own, I absolutely adore having a niece and nephew around. They never stop moving. It keeps me on my toes.

On Roxy: Vintage dress and jacket (Fellsmere Inn estate sale), little friendship anklet, bare feet:)

Love love,

Keiko Lynn

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another Giveaway

Since you all liked the Anirtak giveaway so much, I knew I had to post about this when I saw it. Katrina of Anirtak is hosting her own giveaway at her blog! Click here to enter. There are only 8 entries so far, so the odds are pretty great!

Note: I am not the host of this giveaway! I'm just pointing you in the right direction.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Irrational Fears

Not my bank, but lovely nonetheless. 

New York traffic.

The Manhattan Bridge, on our way home. 

Yesterday, I faced two of my biggest, most irrational fears: the bank and styrofoam. The former isn't so much of a fear as it is an annoyance. It gives me great anxiety, even walking into a bank. The atmosphere is like that of a doctor's office. It's rarely pleasant - I find the whole experience nerve wracking. I can't really explain why, but I do avoid banks at all costs. Yesterday, however, I had to open a new bank account, because my bank is in Florida and it was getting to be a huge hassle. Can you believe it took me two years to finally open an account in a New York bank? That's how much I hate banks. I'm a nut case.

Styrofoam, however. Styrofoam should be destroyed forever, along with chalk. If I had to list my two biggest enemies in life, they would be styrofoam and chalk. That's right - they're inanimate objects. Inanimate objects of pure evil. I just shivered, thinking about it. Anyway, my serger finally arrived, yesterday. Bobby fell asleep early and I had to open and unpack it myself. You can imagine how horrific this experience was, since it is packed in STYROFOAM.

Now, I have never packed or unpacked my serger before. I always, always have someone (Bobby, Tessa, Kimberly) do it for me, while I wait in the other room, with a pillow over my head or my hands over my ears, humming loudly. I completely understand if you are judging me right now, because it's a little ridiculous. But seriously, styrofoam gives me the heebie jeebies. It feels and sounds like my personal hell. When I unpacked the serger, I screamed, threw the styrofoam and ran in the other room. Miku thought it was a game, so she jumped up and ran after me; Vester took off in the other direction (the cats were totally judging me). About ten minutes later, I was finally able to complete the job. I felt accomplished and really dumb, all at the same time. I did have goosebumps for quite awhile, though.

Thursday was all about banks and styrofoam. And that's my story.

What are your irrational fears? 

-Keiko Lynn

p.s. Outfit Details:
vintage cotton shirt: from my mom
grey and white skirt: thrifted in Cape Cod
belt: thrifted (or from my mom's store; I can't remember)
shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Kimbly's Birthday

A reminder to all of Kimberly's friends: today is her birthday! Like she would let anyone forget;) 

I had to wait to post this (until Kim left for Egypt), since Kim read's my blog. I found the perfect gift for her! I already bought all of her presents, but please, please, please...someone needs to get this for her. It's a bunny...with cupcakes! Two nicknames in one. How perfect is that? Just a heads up to any of her friends that were looking for something to get for her.

Also, if you mention my blog in a message to the seller, Destroyed by Design will refund your shipping costs.

-Keiko Lynn

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Give Yourself Away, Feel the Wind Blow

Excuse my banged up legs. I have a new bruise or scrape on a daily basis. I'd like to think it balances out the girly lace.

Outfit Details:
reconstructed lace blouse - thrifted (altered by me)
silk camisole - Express
vintage Sonia Rykiel belt - Hourglass Consignment
stiff satin skirt - (made by me)
purple heels - Nine West, gift from my mom

Despite my recent bad luck, I can't help but feel like things are going to change for the better. They haven't yet, but they will. I feel it in my little pinky finger. 

I'd write a little more, but I'm a little busy catching up on my email. Three down; two thousand, five hundred and fifty-two to go. No, seriously. It just keeps growing. At this point, I am just scanning the subjects and looking for emails of importance. I can't take it!

-Keiko Lynn

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Anirtak Giveaway Winner

Congratulations, monikamolotov! You are the winner of Anirtak's lovely necklace. Thanks to everyone for entering - there will be another giveaway this week!

Postlapsaria Update

There's a ton of other stuff at the site.

p.s. Only a couple more hours to enter the Anirtak necklace giveaway!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Not a Nail Biter

This was the first time I polished my nails in years. It lasted for all of a day, before I started picking it off - I fidget. It's a shame, because they looked really pretty for that one day.

My mom is going to be appalled by this photo. Sorry, mom! The problem is, I don't even own nail polish remover. I guess I should add it to the shopping list.

Flea Market Find

One of my favorite pastimes is scouring local flea markets for vintage clothing and antiques. Naturally, when I'm traveling, I have to stick to what can fit in my suitcase. While in LA, I picked up enough vintage clothing to put my suitcase over the weight limit. I ended up having to check an extra bag. Oops!

I picked up this little dress at the Melrose Flea Market. While I prefer the flea markets you have to really rummage through, I also like the ones that have mostly gems on display. You have to pay a little more (it was still only $15), but I always end up finding great pieces.

I went through two boxes of bandaids, over the past three weeks. This one was for a blister that was caused by my flats - the ones that were supposed to be my comfy shoes! Most of the bandaids were used on my fingers; I'm clumsy.

Special thanks to my wee little sister, Tessa Marie, for being the guest photographer:)

Outfit Details:
Vintage Dress - Melrose Flea Market
Belt - Hourglass Consignment
Shoes - Thrifted
Hello Kitty Bandaid - Target

-Keiko Lynn

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