Thursday, July 30, 2009

Shameless Self Promotion

Below are some links to my products and tutorials, available at ModCloth and Emerging Thoughts, respectively. Check them out!

Postlapsaria headbands, available at

Lace scraps necklace tutorial
at Emerging Thoughts.

Simple satin headband tutorial
at Emerging Thoughts.

Recycled shrink plastic charm tutorial
at Emerging Thoughts.

Three more tutorials are coming soon, so check back!

Love love,

Keiko Lynn

p.s. Each picture links to the individual page.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Prospect Park Picnic

We went on a picnic! Picnics are one of my favorite things, ever. Now that I live so close to beautiful Prospect Park, I have even more of a reason to pack a picnic and laze about. Or, more likely, prance and jump about.

We blew bubbles

ate sandwiches, with lemonade

made root beer floats

and strawberry shortcakes (with whipped cream, of course). Yes, we're gluttons!

We also flew kites!

It looks like I'm flipping him off, but I was just pushing up my sunglasses.

I wore a navy flats, a vintage blouse, and thrifted shorts, that button up the side. Oh, and new wayfarers - I just received them in the mail, from Lucky magazine. I don't know why they sent them to me, but I'm certainly grateful!

Contrary to what my overexposed pictures show, the weather was beautiful. I am having major issues with vignetting/light fallout (to the point where part of the pic will turn completely black, if I don't overcompensate). Does anyone have any experience with that? It happens only on the bottom (when horizontal) or respective side, when vertical. It happens with both lenses, and is a relatively new problem.

Ah, summer. I'm a Florida gal, through and through, so I am a lover of summer. It isn't even August yet, and I'm already dreading the end of it.

What have you all been up to?

-Keiko Lynn

Piggyback, High Fives, Jumps and Scissor Kicks.

I'm not the only one who likes to goof off! We are having the best time.

Love love,

Keiko Lynn

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Want to advertise on my blog?

Would you like to advertise on my blog? My rates are rather reasonable, and include many opportunities to maximize your exposure. Ad rates start at just $15 a week, or $50 for a full month, and can be tailored to your needs.

Click here for more info. Email me at, if you're interested, or have any questions!

Love love,

Keiko Lynn

Sunday, July 26, 2009


My little sister is in town, and I couldn't be happier. I'll be flying home with her, soon, but I haven't yet bought the tickets. I should probably discuss the date with my mom, but I guess I've just been procrastinating, trying to see how long I can get her to stay here. I took her by the school in our neighborhood, but she wasn't having it! Mom, you didn't read that...I am not trying to kidnap Tessa. wink.

So far, we have gone to Six Flags, Coney Island, all over Manhattan (from the bridge to uptown), Dylan's Candy Bar, the Brooklyn Flea, Momofuku Bakery-Milk Bar, etc. We've also done a lot of eating, shopping, and walking. Next up: Long Island (to visit family friends), picnic at Prospect Park (just a short walk from the new apartment), Bronx Zoo, more Coney Island, Central Park, and maybe The Met. Busy, busy bees.

The funny thing about hanging out with Tessa is that she's this unusual mix: a wholesome kid and a super mature young lady. She reminds me just how fun it is to be a kid (like I even need to be reminded), and still manages to make me look super immature, by contrast. She is definitely one of a kind, and is more put together and level-headed than anyone in my family. Sad, but completely true.

Also, about the hair. For those of you who voiced concern over the new, reddish color - don't worry, it isn't a permanent change. I'm sure I'll go back to my roots, when the weather changes. I can't even believe how many emails (and comments) I got about my hair; some positive, some negative. Whether you love it or hate it, just remember, it's just hair! It can be changed:)

Outfit Details:
50s/early 60s cotton day dress - Melrose Flea Market
Petticoat - Ebay, years ago
shoes - Payless
bag - vintage, Hourglass Consignment

-Keiko Lynn

p.s. I was just looking up ticket prices and they are super expensive! Does anyone know a legit site with cheaper fare? Or is that too good to be true?
p.p.s. Frenchy (my bicycle) went to a good home, with an adorable girl! Best part is, she happens to work on my block. Literally, I can see the store from my apartment. So amazing!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cleaning out my closet - SALE!

Moving has been a huge kick in the face. I have wayyyy too much stuff. I'm going to get rid of as much as I can, in the next few weeks, so I'm cleaning out my closet/boxes. I'm going to be putting up whatever is left on Etsy, but I wanted to give you all first dibs. Excuse any wrinkles - I couldn't find the box with my iron and steamer. If you're interested in buying anything, please leave a comment or email me at Include an email address, so I can send you an invoice. I prefer paypal (I don't think you have to have a paypal account, just a credit or debit card), but will also accept checks or money orders (I won't ship until the money clears).

detail , front view , modeled , heels
Vintage white, knee high Gloria Vanderbilt boots with fold-over tops and stitched leaves details. Size 8. $30 OBO

front view , close up
Vintage black boots, size 10W. They're in great condition and are very comfortable! $25 OBO

back, side , close up
Vintage blue oxfords. I loooove these, but I've only worn them twice. They're a little small on me:( They were labeled as a size 8, but they fit like an 8.5. $30 OBO

close up , side
Vintage brown woven oxfords. One of the laces is cracked, so they need to be replaced. Other than that, they are in great condition. Size 8.5. $25 OBO

detail , detail
Vintage brown and tan, polyester dress with scallop details. Medium - measurements (taken flat): bust 20", waist up to 14", hips up to 24", length 42". $15 OBO

in action ,
front , detail front , detail back , detail soles
Vintage granny boots! I have worn and loved these for a couple of years, but it is time to let them go. The previous owner cut out the tongues, and they could use new laces. Size 9. $25 OBO

more, close up, inside

Forest green, vintage purse. It's rather old and has never been used. I have a habit of buying little old purses and never using them - I carry my life in my purse, so I need them to be monstrous in size. The lining could use a wiping down, but it's otherwise in great condition. $10 OBO

in action , detail , heels , toes
My vintage maroon boots! Same style and brand (classique) as the black pair, very cushiony and comfortable. They are just a half size too small for me, and I have to stop squishing my feet into small shoes! 8.5 $25 OBO

side view, side on
Comfy, vintage navy oxfords. Size 8.5 $15 OBO

Vintage, embroidered peasant blouse, with an elasticized neckline. Off white, with blue, pink and purple embroidery. Can fit a small or a medium. $10 OBO

full slip view
Pink, vintage slip. So, so pretty! I have two of these, which makes no sense. I bought them both when I was in Cape Cod. Medium - measurements (flat): bust 17", waist 14", hips 18.5", 41" length. $15 OBO

Vintage, pink acrylic sweater. In excellent condition. Loose Medium/ Fitted Large. Measurements (flat): bust 21", 19" width, 17" shoulder to shoulder. $8 OBO

side view , top view
Purple suede, vintage booties, with cute little bows. Elastic behind the bows. 8.5. $25 OBO

full view
Vintage (Saks 5th ave), striped (brown, grey, white, long sleeved, button down shirt with a ruffle trimmed yoke and gathered sleeves. Medium. Measurements (flat): bust/width 18", shoulder to shoulder 15.5", length 24", sleeve length 26". $10 OBO

opening , full view
Vintage tan and brown sailboat shoulder bag. Has a Florida Keys Original tag on the inside. $15 OBO

Vintage, off white acrylic sweater, with a bloused fit. I acquired this from an estate sale in Fellsmere. Soft, light weight and in great condition. Measurements (flat): shoulder to shoulder 17", bust 20", bottom band 9"-stretches to 15". $10 OBO

front , back , link to original post/more views
Vintage, polyester scooter dress. Tan, sleeveless, with brown/mustard floral skirt. Drop waist, zip up back. Stretchy - measurements (taken flat): 17" bust, waist 14", hips 21", length 35". $10 OBO

front view , detail , side view
Vintage, sixties, mod scooter dress. Red, navy and white, with a button up front, front pleat and cute little collar. Probably wool - in excellent condition. Extra small, or a small with a small bust size. Probably a size 2 modern. Tessa is a zero, and it's a teeny bit big on her. Darted bust, thick woven material (wool-like, but most likely synthetic). Measurements (flat): bust 17", hips 18". Tag says "The Cracker Barrel, Jr. Petite." $30 OBO

Altered 80s/early 90s lightweight corduroy, floral dress with a shortened hem and banded sleeves. Zips up in the back and has a waist tie. Size small. Measurements (flat): bust 17", waist 15", length 33", neck opening 17". Belt not included! $25 OBO.

side , bottom , detail
This is the only non-vintage item. Patent leather heels, 9.5. Worn two or three times. $5 OBO

Shipping is $5.50 flat, unless there is more than one pair of shoes ($2 extra for each additional pair). Discounts for multiple items; make an offer!

-Keiko Lynn

p.s. I do ship internationally!

p.p.s. A lot of people are waiting in line for several of these items. Please don't request an item, if you don't intend to pay for it right away (unless we already discussed it). It's going to be first come, first served!