Thursday, August 20, 2009

Boobear Update

Kitty Boos, recovering and taking it easy.

He's shaved in a couple of different places, where he had his little shots and such.

Pain medication/sedative kicking in.

Five of Boo's medications. Three liquids and two pills, twice daily. Poor baby:(

I'm sorry I haven't been updating. Florida was anything but a vacation, for very obvious reasons. Between vet visits, medicine, litter box patrol, etc., I had little time to update, and little will. I felt like I was jinxing everything, because just when I would say he was doing better, he would take a turn for the worse.

Here's the past couple of weeks, in a nutshell:
Boo had a severe urinary blockage and almost died - I thought he was dead when I picked him up. He made it through the first night, was feeling a lot better the second, and spiked a bad fever on the third. One vet thought he blocked again, but his regular vet said he did not, and that the surgery was unnecessary. Picked him up on the fourth day. Extended my Florida stay, to take care of Boo. Gave him five different medications, twice daily. Started him on a special diet. Woke up at least five or six times a night, to make sure he was breathing. Jumped up every time he used the litter box, to make sure everything was normal. He started eating again, and was getting back to being alert, playful and cuddly. I talked it over with the vet and he said everything was looking great, that his cultures were normal, etc., but that I should wait to travel with him for about a month, since he is recovering. I booked a flight back to New York, leaving him in the care of my lil sis and parents. He was doing great.

Around 1 AM, a few hours after my flight landed, Tessa called me and said his urine was red and he was straining again. I called the vet and he said to bring him in. I was ready to jump back on a plane. I was shaking and crying, thinking he blocked again, but it turned out to be another complication from the catheter and medications. They put him on an IV, gave him some pain medication and sent him back home. I can bring him back toward the end of September, as long as his checkup is good and Dr. Frankel gives the okay. Until then, Tessa is updating me at least three times a day, and taking special care of him.

About the animal hospital: I took Kitty Boos to Coral Springs Animal Hospital. My first impression was awful - the receptionist was kind of abrupt and wasn't helpful at all. Before they even touched him, they typed up an estimate. Unfortunately, I literally ran out the door with Boo in my arms, leaving my purse behind. I had to send my mom to pick up my purse and bring it to me, because they wouldn't do anything until I had all of the payment. Luckily, I was able to put about $1500 down and get things started, and paid the rest when I picked him up. This made me furious - it was an emergency, they told me he would die if we didn't start right away, but wouldn't even start until I had the $1500 down. I understand it is a business, and they need to get paid. But really, you can't even start? I even asked if I could just give them my card number or something, while we waited for my mom to get there. Then, when my mom arrived with my purse, the receptionist was nowhere to be found. Turns out, she slipped out when her shift ended, not waiting for her replacement (who came twenty minutes later). So much time was wasted, and I was feeling a lot of ill will toward the hospital.

In the end, the animal hospital was actually a lot better than I expected. The hospital facility is pretty incredible, and it's clear why their prices are higher. I felt comfortable leaving Boo with them, because the staff was really attentive and informative. His regular vet, Dr. Frankel, was amazing. He was super nice, considerate, and patient. He updated me every step of the way, and did a pretty good job at reassuring me. He has been calling to check on Boo, answering all of my annoying emails, and even waived the emergency visit fee the other night. I also called the vet office a million times, and they were always really patient with me. I appreciated that, because I know I am annoying. I can never have kids; I am neurotic.

After hearing stories from several friends who had similar experiences there, I came to the conclusion that the money thing is a hospital rule, not an individual one. It made me feel like they didn't care about the animal, only the money, but that just seems to be a rule put in place for everyone. Like I said, I understand it, I just don't like it. But I definitely realized that they are animal lovers - at least Dr. Frankel and the nurses I met.

Now, we just have to keep a close eye on Boobear. Once he is up here, it will be a breeze, because I am home all the time. Also, we can add him to the pet insurance, which will be great. I don't want to jinx anything anymore, so I will just say that he is still recovering, and he is so grateful for all of your well wishes and support. So am I!

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

p.s. Did you know that Kitty Boos is a blogger? He doesn't use it anymore, but he used to keep a livejournal and leave me comments. It was a great mystery, until my friend Korey confessed to making it for him:)


  1. hooray! Glad his health is improving! - Lauren

  2. Oh, I'm so glad your cat is doing well! Give him lots of get well love from me and my three kitties! :)

  3. happy he's doing better! i'm actually training to be a vet and realize that the money thing seems cold and harsh but truthfully, all the materials and care cost a lot, however, i would hope to be the kind of vet who would just run on good faith and just help in cases such as yours!

  4. Yay, he's on the road to recovery! My kitten is taking Clavamox at the moment for a U.R.I., but she keeps spitting it's hard to wrangle the little ones.

    My former roommate had a similar experience when her kitty had an emergency situation.

  5. Glad to hear he's doing alright. That's so scary that you thought he was dead when you picked him up...a pet owner's worst fear for sure. He's lucky to have you!

    Oh and I think most pet owners are generally a bit neurotic, we care enough about animals to take them into our homes, it's only natural that we worry!

  6. I'm so glad he's okay!! Yay for kitty Boos!

    (he looks just like my Giles!)

    I can understand a vet's office needs money to run, but it seems downright asinine to refuse to start a surgery that expensive without most of the money upfront, especially when it's an emergency. I would have been so angry too! I'm just glad everything turned out for the best.

  7. I'm so happy that he is recovering! Poor little muffin!

    I can understand the business side of things also but in an emergency where the poor animal could lose his life if he is not treated right away is just not okay! I don't know how anyone could sleep if they let something happen to a little fur baby that they could have prevented. I guess I would be a good vet but a very bad business owner...

    I'm so glad it all worked out for you and your Boos!

  8. I am so glad to hear he is doing well!

  9. Wonderful news! He's quite the cutie. :)

  10.'s a cat....

  11. Kitty Boos is adorable. i'm glad he's feeling better. aw, poor thing has to take so much medication.

  12. Kitty Boos look super weak with that shaved arm..
    I know how it's like in the hospital; I had to pay before I've even seen the doctor! And it was the accident and emergency department, huh.
    But well, in the end, we still need their help and I'm glad you and your cat did. :D

  13. KITTY! :D

    Thank god she's okay :)

  14. Thank goodness he is on the mend now. He is a super strong kitty for going through all that. Brave Kitty Boos.

    *hugs* x1,000,000 to both of you :-D

  15. I am so happy your kitty is doing better! It was heart breaking hearing the things he was going through.

  16. Hey Keiko! I am soooo glad to see KittyBoos healing, it makes me so happy. He has been getting better, he pees regularly now, I'm sure Tessa told you. Oh by the way this is Claire. Boo was playing with me and Roxy one morning that I slept over. He would hit the bed whenever Roxy put her hand down. It was hilarious!! It was really nice to see you. I missed my favorite other sister. He only has his pain meds now. YAY!! Well I hope to talk to you soon!
    Love ya!!
    -Clairesy Bearsey

  17. Oh yeah and to the anonymous person who said that Kitty Boos is just a cat; you are wrong! He is a truly amazing animal that has a better personality than alot of other people that I have met. He is one of the most loved cats in the world and it is astonishing that he pulled through, even though I knew he would because of all the love and support from his beatiful family. So he is not "just a cat." He is a Kitty Boos.
    Me again, Claire

  18. I found your blog from ModCloth, but I just wanted to offer support for Kitty Boo's speed recovery. My beloved cat Nicky went through the same thing 2 years ago. I understand the stress of not being able to be with your kitty when he is sick. My guy is 15 now, and will be on his special food for the rest of his life, but he plays with his toys every morning like a kitten, so I hope it will be a long one!

    That money rule is cold though. The emergency hospital we went to in New Haven does demand payment at time of service, but they will start procedures while you're figuring it out. They also called every day with updates on his condition and a new bill estimate.

  19. Oh my! I am so happy your kitty is doing better! My cat came down with a mysterious illness about a year ago that I had to take her to the hospital for. I hope you never have to do this for poor Kitty Boo again. But if so, please know that Angell Memorial Hospital of Boston (where I live) will treat your pet before requesting payment. It is one of the premier animal hospitals in the country, and although expensive, they were caring and wonderful with my cat. Although I am sure that you have wonderful vets and hospitals available to you in Brooklyn, please know that you and Kitty Boo would be welcome anytime! Best wishes to you both!

    (P.S. I just love your blog!)

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