Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Flower Child

Vintage dress, thrifted flats, braided hair (by Tessa).

I have those days when I wish I had:
toned arms
straighter teeth
more curves
smaller feet
bigger hair
curly hair!
no, long, feminine waves
red hair black hair rainbow hair
ears that didn't stick out

or I wish I was:
teeny tiny and petite
eff that, supermodel tall

I am a girl, after all, and a fickle one at that. We always want whatever we don't have, right? I'm pretty happy with my looks, and wouldn't change anything dramatically, but there's always something I want to tweak a bit.

Yesterday was not one of those days. Yesterday, I was completely content in my own skin. No particular reason; sometimes it just happens that way. Tessa braided my hair, I put on a vintage dress, and I played with cute little animals all day long, in sticky 95 degree heat. I even got to see a tiny baby Marmoset and a baby Kinkajou, when we went to buy rat food for Bubbles and Socks, Tessa's hairless rats.

Naturally, I documented my heightened confidence with several pictures. I was feeling good, can't you tell?

I hope you all had lovely days, as well.

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

p.s. Stay tuned for another giveaway!


  1. ah I like this post! The photos certainly show it. I would KILL for your lips.

    and awwww @ the baby marmoset! You lucky thing!

    nicola xx

  2. That smile certainly warms the heart!

    totally know where you're coming from though, i always feel hapiest and most content when the sun is shining and i dont have to drown myself in wolly layers ahhh


  3. everybody want to change something in their own, sure!

    or just become rich! hahaha

    i love your outfit, it looks so free and light!


  4. You are so pretty!! And I don't think you're ears stick out!:)
    Beautiful dress!!

  5. You are gorgeous!! :)I wish I had a dress like yours, its so lovely

  6. Um... Your ears don't stick out at all! They're very normal looking.

  7. I'm very good at hiding how much my ears stick out:) I loosen up my hair around my ears, so you don't notice how much they protrude. They aren't that bad; they just look like elf ears!

  8. You're right, we all have something we'd like to change about ourselves. For what it's worth though, I think you're absolutely beautiful, all doll-like =)

  9. You are beautiful! I love how you do your makeup!

  10. That dress is gorgeous, and your hair looks beautiful that way!

    I think every woman has days where they feel completely dissatisfied with their looks, no matter how beautiful they are. I'm glad to hear your confidence got better after these photos :)

  11. keiko, you're beautiful! everybody has their off days but relish in the good ones ;)


  12. You look so pretty in that adorable dress! And elf ears are cool:)

  13. u look hot, ur confidence shines through! xxxx

  14. Beautiful post. I know exactly what you mean :) x

  15. i hear ya.... i have those days a lot. in fact i thought i wanted rainbow hair...well maybe not rainbow rainbow, but i added some chunks of color in some places and then i didn't like it. on me... i would like it on someone else. so i died it back to one color last night. now i think it's boring! haha.... i can certainly scrutinized all sorts of other things about me too. but after i do that i wonder why i can't just be grateful. and stop comparing myself to some ideal. but we all do it...alas we are human! anyway, you are gorgeous and very unique looking. thanks for all the fun pics to look at!

  16. why is you so beautiful?

  17. very like the dress))
    very cool look honey ^_^


  18. Your hair and your dress are beautiful, you look like a Jane Austen's character !