Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lucky, Lucky Gal

It's no secret that I am more of a dress/skirt kind of girl these days, but every once in awhile, it's really nice to just throw on a pair of jeans for a day of errands. It's even better to wear a pair of comfy flat boots and give the ankles a break!

Most of my jeans are MIA (probably left in Florida), so I was really excited when we each received a pair of jeans from PacSun at the Weardrobe NYC Conference. I picked out the Bullhead Hermosa Super Skinny True Gray jeans. Remember the DIY workshop I mentioned? These are the jeans I studded. Several of the girls got a lot more creative but like I said, I really needed jeans! I just kept it simple with pyramid studs on the back pockets and front.

Despite the fact that I was just running errands, it was quite an exciting day! Coach sent a messenger to my apartment with this beautiful bag. It is the bag of my dreams! I have never owned anything this nice before and probably won't ever again, so I'm soaking it up. My sister Amanda, lover of all things luxurious, sent me a text message (upon finding out about the handbag) that said: "You b****." :)

Outfit Details:
Coach sunglasses - courtesy of Coach
Grey blazer - thrifted
white camisole - Urban Outfitters
Grey Bullhead Hermosa Super Skinny jeans - courtesy of PacSun, embellished by me
Vintage boots - gift from my mom
Coach Cambridge leather zip top tote - courtesy of Coach

-Keiko Lynn

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Party's Crashing Us Now

I'm not a party kind of girl but throw in some good people and a great band and I'm there! Throw in an open bar and everyone is happy! Free diet cokes and Shirley Temples for Keiko! Plus, the party was co-hosted by Gilt Fuse and I love them!

I'm a faux intellectual. These glasses are fake! Outfit Details: Bobby's fake glasses (he usually uses them for cycling; I use them for awesome), vintage db blazer, lace slip, Postlapsaria skirt (this style not yet available...working on them for the site), sheer stockings, ModCloth shoes, vintage purse (from my mom's store), vintage cummerbund.

Kimberly wore a disco dress I found ages ago. I only wore it once and then handed it down to her; she looks better in it!

An out of focus picture of Samara; Kim coached her pose;) She's wearing one of her mom's old skirts. She just let me borrow another of her mom's old skirts; she had amazing style! I can't wait to wear it.

Kim has been teasing me about my inability to be serious/sexy in pictures, so I have been practicing. I always end up smiling! If I don't, my lip starts to twitch. I can only take serious photos when I'm doing self portraits (or sometimes when Bobby takes them).

Poor Samara never saw this coming. Kim, you are freaking disgusting!

Of Montreal put on a great show but most of the pictures Kim took are not appropriate for this blog (think girls in diapers and bras dancing provocatively, pigs making out on a Camp Rock bed, other weird stuff). My little sister and her friend Claire read this! It was such a fun show. I love Of Montreal! Fun facts: Of Montreal was the soundtrack to my collaborative fashion show with MAC...and I do believe his outfit was designed by Rebecca Turbow.

Fun signs in the hallway.

I love these girls! It's nice to have people to drag me out of the apartment:)

-Keiko Lynn
p.s. If you want an invitation to Gilt, use my personal invitation.

Vote For Me!

Vote for my outfit!

Hey gals and guys! Please take a few seconds to vote for me at the Dress Up Soirée contest here. You don't even have to be a member, just click on the number of hearts you think my outfit is worth! Thank you!

-Keiko Lynn

Monday, September 28, 2009

Postlapsaria Update

I put up a lot of new items at Postlapsaria! There is a whole bunch more at the site, so please check it out. Click on any picture to visit the shop.

-Keiko Lynn

Thursday, September 24, 2009


My birthday was on September 15th and I'm just now getting around to posting about it! It's still September, so I still count it as my birthday. Where are my cupcakes?

Kim flew in the night before my birthday; she's going to be living with Bobby and me for a few months. We woke up early and went to Bryant Park. Kim ate up all of the attention - the minute you walk in the tent, everyone wants to take your photo and interview you. Personally, I really enjoy all of the free stuff. Free mochas and diet cokes? That's my dream! p.s. She actually described her personal style (in an interview) as "colorful, girly, tacky." So funny!

The show was full of understated, very wearable clothing. My favorite pieces were toward the beginning.

Please excuse my messy hair and my extremely rumpled cummerbund and skirt...I have a severe tendency to run late in the mornings and slouch when I'm sitting. I need to work on those things.

One of us always ruins the picture with a silly face! These were the best of the bunch...sad.

Bobby came and met us after the show. He brought me a pretty little rose. What a guy!

The three of us were interviewed on NBC right after this amazing gentleman. Kim found her wardrobe soul mate.

After a day in the city, we headed to Brooklyn Fish Camp. Bobby arranged a surprise dinner with some of my close friends! He also got me a delicious red velvet cake. Did you know I just turned 12?

-Keiko Lynn
p.s. My outfit details: vintage double breasted blazer (get used to seeing me in blazers...this weird summer/fall transition is confusing my wardrobe), thrifted silk camisole, vintage cummerbund, Postlapsaria skirt, Target tights and ModCloth shoes.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

IFB Dress Up Soiree

Outfit details: vintage dress - Beacon's Closet, belt - thrifted, stockings and heels - Target, vintage necklace - Hourglass Consignment

Last week, Samara and I headed to the IFB Dress Up Soiree. I love any excuse to get dressed up! I put on a vintage dress and my new 1930s necklace (a birthday present from my mom and stepdad) and headed to B.East. Kimberly flew in that same night, so we weren't able to stay very long. We stayed for the panel, had a few drinks (diet cokes, because we're that cool) and left just in time to meet up with Kim and Bobby for a very late dinner.

Jessica did a great recap of the night at Fatlace, so please check it out for more pictures. I didn't bring my camera with me! Kind of a good thing, because there was a HUGE turnout and we had trouble moving around without spilling our drinks. A huge thank you to Jennine for putting together a great event!

-Keiko Lynn