Thursday, September 17, 2009

Weardrobe Conference: Day Three Recap

A rundown of the final days:

Day three started with a delicious brunch at Lure where we met with ladies from Glamour, Seventeen and Guest of a Guest. My side of the table spent most of our time chatting with Sarah (with an h for hot) from Guest of a Guest - she was so much fun.

We then had a quick shoot with Craig from Altamira. Tavi is a star...haven't you been seeing her absolutely everywhere lately? She is living the dream!

Our next stop was Eryn Brinie. We paired up and styled mannequins, which will be on display in October. Claire and I layered a structured vest over a ruffled knit tank and a floaty, draped silk dress. We added some heels, a chunky necklace and a cobalt blue clutch. I took the worst pictures ever (we were in a hurry) but if you stop by the store (on Broadway in SoHo...I think it's between Broome and Spring) in October, you can see it for yourself.

After that, we took some time to shop around SoHo. We stopped in INVEN.TORY and Lunessa (who gave us sparkly toe rings...which I've been wearing on my pinky) and then split up into groups. The rule was that everyone had to stay with a New Yorker, so I took a small group to A.P.C., Philip Lim 3.1, Rag and Bone and H&M.

(Image borrowed from Katy)
Our final stop for the day was a conference with Rue La La and the founder of Tumblr. Gilt and Rue La La are both really addicting; it's kind of sad but I look forward to checking their new sales every day. As for Tumblr, I was totally won over. I'm kind of experimenting with it first, but I see a transition in the near future. The only weird thing is that the founder reminded me of my ex in a he could be his brother kind of way, and I kept wanting to call him Matt. Not creepy or anything, right?

After the conference, I walked the girls back to the Gramercy Park Hotel and we chatted for a bit. A bunch of them went to see The September Issue but I was beat and headed home to crash in the bed with Miku at my feet.

-Keiko Lynn


  1. I have to say depending on how successful your transition is to Tumblr you should totally make a post with some tips.

    I thought about transitioning myself but was so hopelessly clueless (couldn't even make the words in my post a smaller font :( ) I just stuck with Blogger.

  2. Absolutely love the mannequin you styled Great job!

  3. The outfit on the mannequin looks pretty great!

  4. I love how you styled that mannequin - the outfit is so pretty!