Friday, September 11, 2009

Weardrobe Conference: Day Two Recap

I know, I know. I'm always the one running to catch up to the rest. To be fair, it's fashion week and my little bit of free time is spent working.

After an afternoon of running around the city with Mr. Newton, we Weardrobe girls (plus Rich) met up for a day full of shopping, eating and DIYing. Here's a recap of our itinerary:

Brunch at Eat Records, courtesy of Eat Records and Fred Flare. Image stolen from The Owls Are Not What They Seem. Frittata, muffins, fresh rhubarb spread, mmmm!

Shopping at Fred Flare. Everyone knows the website, but did you know they now have a store front in Brooklyn? It's full of the same kitschy delights that we all know and love...only you get the pleasure of shopping with these adorable girls. They couldn't be sweeter! It was such a wonderful way to start our day. Wait until you see the items I picked out. Hint: pandas! As if you needed that hint.

We then shopped til we quite literally dropped at the following places:
- Beacon's Closet: You all know I love this place but the Williamsburg spot always leaves me feeling sad. Mainly because there always seems to be at least one really nasty employee who goes out of their way to ruin everyone's day. This time was no different. Despite the fact that almost everyone did some damage here (and were all happy with their purchases), one of the employees in particular was just downright awful toward all of us. In the words of Stephanie Tanner: How rude!
- Buffalo Exchange: Even though only a few people made purchases here, one of the employees treated us like tired little princesses. He supplied us with free totes, t-shirts, fans and water (we were dying of heat). He was so nice to us and incredibly accommodating of our large group - it was such a great pick me up!
- Artists and Fleas: All I have to say is hooray, independents! Thank you, Suz/Rich/Jessica for adding a little bit of the indie movement into our shopping experience.

Here comes the "til we dropped" part. We collapsed on some random steps while waiting for the PacSun DIY workshop to be set up. I managed to take two pictures: one of Rebecca and the other of Claire's fun shoes. It's easy to forget to take out your camera when you're having such a great time!

Style Magnet, The Fashion Void That Is D.C. and What I Wore (I think I stole this from Fashion is Poison)

PacSun hosted a DIY workshop where we picked out some jeans and jazzed them up a bit. I bet you all expected me to throw some glitter unicorns and rainbows on them, but I kept them pretty simple. Probably because I'm seriously lacking in the jeans department and it was a good way to work them into my closet. Not that I wouldn't wear glitter rainbow unicorn jeans...because I would and Miku would have a matching pair. You'll see the finished product in a [near] future outfit post. Thanks, PacSun! Bet you didn't know it was my birthday, did you? Well thanks for the bday presents anyway.

Last but certainly not least and definitely the most delicious, we had dinner with Gabby and Felicity of Gilt Groupe at Fat Hippo (in the LES). We were too busy chatting and stuffing our faces to take pictures but the food was great, the conversation was even better and we all grew a little bit closer. I'd heard of Gilt before but never really checked it out. It's an invitation only site with serious discounts on designer apparel. Let's just say that it is now in my top visited sites of the month, and it hasn't even been a week since I joined. What is wrong with me? I'm just window shopping right now, because I'm still in kitty cat vet debt...but it's seriously addicting. I'm currently awaiting the 3.1 Philip Lim for CHILDREN sale. Roxy needs.

In other news: I can't wait for the Gilt Fuse party! Maybe I'll remember to take pictures (don't hold me to it). Also, if you want an invitation for the site, just email me at

I love how that just turned into a huge ad for Gilt and they didn't even ask for it.

Anyway, this was a really cohesive/coherent post before BLOGGER ruined my life and lost everything. Now it's a jumbled up product of my sleep deprivation.

Weardrobe Conference days three and four are coming soon. Stay tuned!

Love love,
Keiko Lynn


  1. Aw those Hello Kitty lunch boxes are really cute!

  2. Fred Flare is my dream! I want to go there and buy a lot of silly things!! Hahahaha.
    I'm jealousy when you talk about Weardrobe Conference Hahahaha.
    Nice day!

  3. I think your jumble was still very interesting. I'm having fun reading all the Weardrobe posts, haha. Sounds like a tiring weekend, but filled with lots of goodies.

  4. Awwhh sweet! I loved what all the girls wearing and hahah i like that diary

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  6. This is just amazing !
    Love it that you had such good fun !

  7. Hi Keiko! I've been reading so much about the conference this week, and it looked like it was amazing!

  8. cute and fashionable crowd...nice photos =)
    lol to the notebook/diary cover!

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