Monday, October 19, 2009

Lucky Style Spotter Contest

I probably shouldn't mention this if I want to win, but I just entered the Lucky Style Spotter I <3 Ronson contest (we all know I love contests) and I'm kind of shocked by how few outfits there are. Most people are posting face pictures - I'm so confused.

I know I have a lot of really fashionable readers who would probably love to win a $500 wardrobe, so I felt it was my duty to spread the word. Go to the contest page here and enter, vote, win! It just takes a minute. Leave a comment with your entry so we can all rate one another.

p.s. My entry is here.

p.p.s. This is NOT a sponsored post; I just wanted to give you guys the chance to win some great prizes. They have contests pretty regularly and the entries are often lacking!


  1. thanks for the heads up, that was very sweet since you are essentially inviting more competition! I will tote vote for you though!


  2. I voted for you! That photo you posted is perfect! One of my faves of yours, too!

  3. I will vote for you!
    Vote for me:

  4. This is the weirdest selection of new users. I entered the contest last week and noticed that most of the competition was a joke. A guy with a fish? really?! Good luck to you! Your outfit is great!

  5. Thank you for sharing the info! I created a profile but I also voted for you as well!

  6. Oh how I would LOVE to enter.
    Unfortunately I live in Aus.
    Honestly, you Americans have THE coolest online shops & comps :)
    Love your entry xx

  7. Thank you! I just entered, and voted for you. My picture is actually right after yours =).

  8. Aw that's so sweet of you to inform your blog readers! I almost bought that dress the girl on the right in the promo photo is wearing, haha!

  9. thanks for sharing Keiko but I won a pair of Ray Bans last summer and they didn't sent them to me:(
    you have my vote~

  10. Hey Nookie (this is Keiko - didn't feel like signing into my other account):

    Did you try contacting anyone at Lucky? There must have been a mix up because they are really good about sending out prizes. If you want, email me at and I'll give you the contact info of someone you can speak to. They are super nice at Lucky!

  11. You look nice in the first photo though. Genuine happiness beats all, I guess.
    I liked how you put up your hair this way. Could you show us! (:

  12. Oops. I meant to type that in the previous post below. Haha.

  13. awww. they don't take entries from Canada. :o(
    I'd vote for you though!

  14. It was so nice of you to post this! here's my entry, though i already saw you commented, thanks!

    You asked about my glasses, they are from Forever 21 and there is a closer pic on my blog a couple of entries back:

  15. Oh, yeah, the contests for LSS have really gone downhill. I thought the contests were getting bad last year around this time, when I entered regularly.(And even won once, yay!)

    Some of us would complain they need to take it more seriously, or the highest rated entries were face shots as you mentioned, etc. Doesn't seem to have gotten better, obviously.

    But I still love the site, they send out free goodies so often and it was my first foray into a fashion website...soooo...fond memories. :)