Friday, October 30, 2009

Sponsor Love

My sponsors keep this blog going. Without them, I wouldn't have nearly as much time to devote to my blog. I do have to work, you know! To show my appreciation for my current sponsors, I've compiled a little roundup of all of my sponsors and one notable product from each of their sites. I had to limit it because otherwise this list would turn into a novel, so please take the time to click around and look through their shops!

Quirky little customizable frame wallet (via Emerging Thoughts)

The perfect little lace up flats. (via ModCloth) p.s. They're currently having a huge sale.

"Polly" necklace - a repurposed, rhinestone encrusted hummingbird from the 1950s You'll have to scroll down to see this one. (via Corvus Noir

Delicate 1960s babydoll dress. (via Market Publique)

Cream color fringe clutch. (via Recycled Rings)

Handmade Creamsicle Ruffle Dress. (via Supayana)

Cozy flannel dress in my favorite silhouette. (via The Vintage Mistress)

Chunky, tangled chain statement necklace. (via My Own Little Universe)

Ruffled, Victorian style blouse. (via Beta Boutique)

1950s tiered yellow dress. (via Retro Threadz)

Do you wear a shoe size 6? Lucky you! (via Marie's Vintage) p.s. I have these exact boots!

Purple blouse with an amazing collar. (via Our Paper Moon)

A classy feather comb with a little bit of sparkle. (via As All Get Out)

A headband inspired by coral reef. (via Elliot and Eisley)

Happy shopping!

Love love,
Keiko Lynn


  1. oh wow, keiko that was so sweet! thank you for doing that :)

  2. Thank you Keiko!!! ;)

    -Coco from OurPaperMoon

  3. These are such great finds. I'm definitely going to have to browse around these sites some more.

  4. Hi Keiko,

    that was a good idea. I am looking forward to check on all shops!
    Love, Lilly

  5. Thanks for doing this Keiko! So cool of you!