Friday, November 20, 2009

People of Montreal, please help! We need to find a home for this kitty!

Yana, fellow kitty cat lover, has been taking care of a homeless kitty that showed up at her deck. She is searching for a home for her, or even a no kill shelter that will take her in and care for her until she is placed. If you want to take the pretty girl in, know someone who will, or know of a great shelter with free space, please let Yana know. Spread the word!

Yana's blog can be seen here, along with a picture of the kitty.


  1. Hey there, I just stumbled upon you blog and totally love it! especially your sense of style and you are really gorgeous. I am guessing you are of mixed heritage right? anyways it's safe to say you've got yourself a new stalker! lol ;)

  2. Hi Keiko!

    Thank you so much for your help.