Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sponsor Love

I would like to give a big thank you to my lovely sponsors. Please take a moment to visit their sites. They play a big part in keeping this blog going!

Emerging Thoughts: They are having a huge holiday sale right now!

Caden Grace: 20% off using code KEIKO, with 20% match to outsidein.org.

Beta Boutique: Holiday sale on vintage goods!

Corvus Noir: Keep an eye out for their new, more affordable sister line, Le Petit Corvus!

Dear Golden Vintage: If you're looking for a beautiful holiday dress, this is your one stop shop.

Market Publique: Vintage clothing, auction style! Market Publique has an amazing, extensive collection of vintage clothing, and it's run by really awesome people.

Crafty Crow: Kim and I may or may not have tried on (we definitely did) a wedding dress just like this the other day. Neither of us are planning on getting married within the next few years, but if you are (SISTER AMANDA), please buy it. So pretty and such a good price.

ModCloth: Check out their holiday gift guides, view some of my favorite items and enter their contests! There are so many contests and giveaways at ModCloth (and on their twitter).

Kiersten Essenpreis: Kiersten is the amazing artist behind my unicorn girl tote! She currently has limited edition prints available for as little as $25.

My Own Little Universe: Katie has been working hard on brand new jewelry for the holidays. Visit her blog to get a preview!

Recycled Rings: If you're not a diamonds and emeralds kind of girl (I am one of them - we really do exist) check out the anti-jewel rings! So cool.

The Vintage Mistress: 50s cream sweater coat and matching silver gloves/evening bag combo - <3

Blueberry Deluxe Vintage: FREE Holiday shipping for domestic orders!!!

Supayana: My favorite indie clothing designer now has gift certificates available...every girl should have something from Yana!

Much Love: Use code Keiko10 for 10% your order. My suggestion? That beautiful snowflake necklace for $10!

KDikio Vintage: Free shipping on everything in the shop!

Annie Jacks: Harry Potter and Twilight lovers...Annie Jacks has you covered! My little sister is going to flip.

House of Le'Moore: 25% off everything until December 14th!

Big thanks again to all of my sponsors, and to my readers for your support.

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

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