Monday, December 28, 2009

Sponsor my blog!

Hey gals and gents, do you want to sponsor my blog?

My sponsorships are small-business friendly, with low weekly or monthly rates and several opportunities to maximize your exposure.
Click the picture for details and email me at for more info.

Love love,

Keiko Lynn


  1. je suis sous le charme de ton style! merveilleux blog!

  2. Wow, the dress looks amazing with blue and i love that bag.

  3. you know what? I'm in love with this store and so please giveway god let me be the random giveaway winner. I could really use some new pajamas...or a purple babushka style mini skirt (with lace)

  4. hi! I've been reading and loving your blog for about a year and this is my first comment. (although I did run into you and bobby at Target once). I already have a handful of stuff in mind that I'd love to snap up from BetaBoutique, so I hope I win!

  5. nice blog miss keiko lyn i really like it, that's why i decided to post your banner store on my blog as my sponsor but no worries its a free,lol