Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hello, My Name Is Keiko.

It has been quite awhile since I made a random facts post. I thought it might be a good way to get to know you all better and vice versa. Please share some information about you! I'd love to get to know all of you a little better.

- I was born severely pigeon toed. I wore corrective shoes/braces with a bar between them. I'm still pigeon toed but it's nowhere near what it used to be. I get a lot of crap about trying to look "cutesy" but that's just the way my feet turn in!

- Barely anyone calls me Keiko. It's mostly Keiks, Baby Keiks, Panda, Unicorn or Keiko Lynn. There are several others but those are the main ones. Dave always called me Face. I thought that was pretty funny.

- I'm 1/4 Japanese.

- My aversion to cursing is more of an obsession than a distaste. I wish I could bring myself to say the eff word every once in awhile, just for the sake of letting out aggression. I can't. I've tried. It's weird.

- My dad is in prison until 2020. I still haven't visited him but I actually, finally tried (and failed). He's been there most of my life.

- To me, there is nothing better than swimming on horseback. That is when I'm the happiest you will ever see me.

- I didn't wear a stitch of makeup until college. I also didn't wear dresses. My, how things have changed!

- At 25, I'm the second oldest of four girls. I also have a step-sister, but no brothers.

- If I had to pick a theme song for my life, it would be The Prize Fighter by The Velvet Teen. It's such a magical song.

- When I'm tired, I fiddle with my upper lip. See the second picture? Kind of like that.

- I know only two languages: English and American Sign Language. ?tnuoc taht seoD .tsohg ni klat osla nca I

- I'm Agnostic, pro-choice and a registered Democrat. I'm also 100% for same sex marriage and equal rights for all. I'm not a straight ticket voter and I take politics very seriously.

- Physical traits I would consider changing (if I had the money / wasn't so lazy):
My arms: I'm self conscious about them. I don't know if you noticed but I almost always wear sleeves, no matter what. My ex called them "lunch lady arms" and that pretty much sealed the deal. I'll get over it when I get off my lazy butt and tone them! But I'm so laaaazy.
My crooked teeth: I wore braces for almost four years and they're still crooked. They're still way better than they used to be, so that's something:)
My ears: they are quite prominent but I'm pretty good at concealing them. I call one of them my Colbert ear. I love him, so I guess it's not that bad.

-Physical traits I love, despite some others seeing them as flaws:
The "beauty mark" on my cheek: Photographers almost always photoshop it out, makeup artists conceal it and I'm asked incessantly if I'd consider getting it removed. Sorry guys, I kind of love it. As long as it's not cancerous (I've had it checked), it's staying.
Being pigeon toed: It's a trademark.
My nose: I wanted to punch the few people who told me I should get a nose job.
The gigantic scar on the back of my head: I used to hate it but now I like it. I also think it's funny when people pat my head and I can't feel it but I can hear it. I giggle about it a lot.

-My current measurements (I just took them) 35-27-38. Height, 5'7". Shoe size, 9. I don't weigh myself anymore. What's the point?

Love love,
Keiko Lynn


  1. I loved this post! I've been reading for a few months but this is all new to me.

    My name is Sarah Louise, but work people call me Sarah, casual aquaintances call me Sarah Louise, friends call me SL, Slu, or Slubird, and my boyfriend calls me Bert (it's a long story). I too am Agnostic, pro-choice, and a registered democrat, and I also have very few items in my closet over $50 (I think just 3 pairs of leather boots).

    I really like having scars, too. They make me unique. I used to worry about looking flawless because I took self-portraits throughout most of college. But now I don't care so much, and I have a story for each one.

    And, this will sound weird, but I'm glad you like your nose! It's a cute one. Nose job, pfft.

  2. I want more facts about some of your facts! They're too interesting to stop here.

  3. Thank you for sharing, it's always good to get to "know" people we follow! I like your beauty mark, I can't believe people photoshop it!

  4. Wtf at people telling you to get a nose job! They should take a look at themselves before telling others in their face what would suppose to be wrong with them.

    And yeey for gay marriage!

    Now...I just want to give you a hug! You're so nice, inside and out :)

  5. This was lovely to read, it's nice to know more abut my favourite bloggers - it does seem a little strange to know every item clothing item they own but nothing about them.

    And, I think it was really brave of you to talk about your Dad and about your political affiliation.

  6. i really enjoyed reading this post! i love getting to know more about my favorite bloggers!

    i am pigeon-toed as well and my mom has been trying to "fix" me for as long as i can remember. oh well, doesn't bother me too much!

  7. This post is lovely. I enjoy reading it. People tell you to get a nose job? Seriously? Yeah, punch them!=) You are such a sweet lady Keiko.


  8. this post was great!
    i'm so surprised that you never wore makeup until college...b/c your makeup always looks FLAWLESS. you got skills girl.
    and a colbert ear. ha! i love him too! actually just saw a taping of his show last month.

  9. great post and i think you are stunning. nothing to change about you. me on the other hand... is an endless list.

  10. great post, it's nice to see you're feeling a little better (maybe) :]

    I love love love that your closet items are less than $50! And my dad was in prison when I was growing up, and while my mother took me to visit him fairly often, it's still not the relationship I could have hoped for. Still isn't, now I don't want to speak to him at all.
    But back to cheerier things, you inspire me to stick to my positivity plans, my own course, to make things and focus on what I like ven when others belittle you or try to cut you down.

    Keep up the good works and high spirits!

  11. Thank you for sharing and being very honest! I always curious about people whose blogs I read that don't talk about their lives.

    I love your beauty mark. I can't believe that people try to hide it in photos.

  12. People are crazy for telling you to get a nose job. You are absolutely gorgeous! And so is your beauty mark.

    I used to have braces too! And my teeth got all crooked again because I didn't wear my retainer. I don't mind it though. Imperfections make us interesting.

  13. I'm the opposite of pigeon toed...I call it penguin toed. I wasn't born that way, a series of twisting both ankles multiple times and also breaking my leg has left my feet facing out. I kind of like it...especially when I walk through the snow and see how different my tracks are from others.

    I like your nose, it's got lines, shadows and angles that are all interesting to draw.

    And I would totally fix my arms if I could as well. I never go sleeveless even in bathing suits at the beach, I wear shrugs and t-shirts. Me and my twin joke about our arms as "reverse muscles", like Popeye's before he eats the spinach.

  14. how truthful of you! a very good read! :)
    your ears are lovely, bye the way,
    sophie xx

  15. I love those kinds of posts, it is always really interesting to get to know more about other bloggers!

    I am Manja, 22, I was born in germany but I am living and studying (tourism management) in the Netherlands now and I lived in the USA for a year when I was 16. I am bilingual in English and german and I am planning on speaking Dutch fluently without an accent by the end of this year.

    I love traveling and different cultures. I am a big nerd, and am really interested in architecture, street art and I love museums!

    I have a fake dimple on my right cheek because I stumbled and fell on the corner of a table in 9th grade.

    I am really frugal when it comes to clothing and tend to only shop second hand or when items are on sale. On the other hand, I mostly own high end make up products, mostly by MAC, haha.

  16. face of an angel...

  17. oh, how weird! my boyfriend Dave calls me Face! what a strange coincidence =)

    love your blog! i really admire your work.

  18. oh this is such a lovely post from you.
    Im going to do something like this on my blog as well, but instead of making myself the question, just get asked by comments.


  19. I love this post, I usually read your blog and i love it because I think that you have something diferent than other fashion's blogs. I'm nearly 25 and I am a little scare, seriously! I don't know why but I identify myself with you when i read you.

    Oh, and I am spanish, I imagine that you notice something weird in my english (sorry for that).

  20. yesss for gay marriage!

    and LOVE YOURSELF AND ALL OF YOUR BODY! you are beautiful in every way & it doesn't matter if I say it, only if you believe it yourself. :)

    I don't weigh myself either. who wants to define themselves by a number? :/

    I don't really know what to say that's a random fact about me! I've eaten turtle, pidgeon, snake, sea snail..? okay, I lied xD but other than that I mostly don't know what to say unless people ask.

  21. that is a great post!!!
    ...and i think it is those little imperfections that make us unique...i personally...think that your birth mark is great...and what would cindy crawford be without hers :P lets give it up for all those imperfections that make us who we are...

    a new fan :)

  22. Your Nose? Are the crazy? They are crazy. They are. Your teeth are nothing, don't worry about them.

    I'm Roshanda and I want to make my own clothes some day to appease my ethics. People call me Roe, Roeboat, or just Boat. I prefer it that way--African-American names can be so hard to say (trust me, someone put a "k" sound in the middle of it once, trying to recall it). I spelled my name wrong for 13 years (long story).

    I read and care about things too much for my own good. I'm an aesthetic-whore which places me in a lot of OCD quandaries. I only pay attention to detail when they're my things. Both of my parents were killed when I was a wee babe.

    I discovered I do, indeed, have a beauty mark just two years ago, the size of a freckle on my upper lip. I also speak American Sign Language--I went to school to be a ASL interpreter until I changed my major to Int'l Social Science. I met a deaf boy in Uganda after that and my heart nearly exploded.

    I'm so into what you do! Thanks for being authentic with us. It's beautiful is many ways, most of them deeper than fashion.

  23. First post here and making a weird comment: I would get a nose job to get the one you have!

    P.S.: I've been following your blog since December and you are hugely inspiring, keep it up! =)

  24. Thank you for a truly honest and authentic post. For the record, I think it's a lovely birthmark.

    My name is tina and I never capitalize the first letter in it (not even in my signature). I am the youngest of five children and the only daughter. My granddad raised me for most of my life and I miss him dearly every day.

    I've come to embrace the fact that I'm a huge nerd (I graduated with a BS in chemistry and a minor in pure mathematics) and almost wish I wore glasses, but alas, I'm blessed with perfect vision. I am also agnostic, pro-choice, for equal rights and a registered Democrat. Politics in line with that just make sense to me. I also love layers; I am rarely ever in less than two layers at a time, and even more seldom in a bathing suit.

  25. More reasons to adore you even more!! I've thought you were adorable from the moment I saw you on Wardrobe remix forever ago. You were always so colorful and gorgeous. I was so excited when I found out you had a blog. I think my favorite trait of yours beyond the obvious physical beauty is your inner beauty. You are REAL and a sweet soul. I cant help but remember when your cat was sick and I had just gone through a really intense time with my cat. I had so much compassion for what you were going through, knowing how hard it had just been for me.
    Thats why I love our little online community because there is always something you can relate to with someone else, even if they are far away and you have never met them. Thanks for always sharing way more than you have to, thats why we all love you!! xoxo

  26. Hey!
    Here's a post dedicated to your post. :P

  27. You are such an inspiration! I love everything you say and how comfortable you are with who yourself. I just love your blog, and this post was one of your best!
    Also, not spending more than $50 on a single item of clothing, I wish I lived by that philosophy.


  28. Love this post! Can't believe people conceal your beauty mark, I think it is gorgeous and have always been a little bit envious of people with them:)

    little note about me: I have two fake teeth at the front of my mouth!

  29. Well, here's me.
    I'm Verléin, and I hate my name.
    Most people call me Rosa, my middle name.
    I have a beauty mark, it was an inscet bite that never healed, and became a huge freckle on my right cheek.
    I live in Ireland, in a tiny town.
    I'm half Irish, half Dutch.
    I can speak two languages, Irish and English. I am learning French, Latin, Greek, Dutch and Irish sign language.
    I'm the oldest in my family of me, mum and sister.
    My parents are seperated.
    I wear the most natural makeup I can. I only wear the right base colours, I can't stand too light or dark foundation.
    I'. part Atheiest, 100% for equal rights, a huge supporter in the race to stop animal cruelty and I'm not so interested in ploitics.
    I dislike my hight. I', 5'. I am still growing, but it annoys me that I am a petite and everyone towers above me.
    I also dislike my teeth. They are even, but my front bottom teeth are squahsed together.
    I also dislike my glasses a ton, although sometimes they are brill.
    I like my freckles a ton, although they are annoying in the winter when I look like I was abroad.
    I am very pale, and like that although it makes it hard to find makeup not too dark.
    I'm noly 6stone, but for my hight, thats ok...

    Thats all I can think of.

  30. I like how you post things about your life as well!

    My name is Anna but usually people call me by my last name. Only my parents can call me Annie.

    I love going to little forests by the water and just chilling out.

    I've had braces for three years, three different surgeries.

    People think I'm 15 when I'm drawing close to 20 eek.

    The beach is my happy place and I'm a strong believer to setting your worries into the ocean.

  31. this is a wonderful post =] thanks for taking the time to share some facts with us =] and you should be proud of your "beauty mark"! i love it. haha. to hell with the people who take it out of pictures!

    facts about myself:
    - i'm 18 & in college, but many people mistake me for much younger & in high school.
    - i've never been out of the west coast, but i'd visit tokyo in a heartbeat if i could.
    - my favorite colors are blue & purple.
    - canteloupe is my favorite fruit =D

  32. my motto is that it's the imperfections in all of us that make us all perfect in our own way.

    my name is jillian but i almost always go by jill. i've been trying out jillian leigh for a while and i kind of like it.

    i have wonky lower teeth even after five years of braces but i think they make my smile funny and i like them.

    i'm 5'8, weigh more than i should but i am working to get myself to a healthy place for me after years of laziness and neglect. i have a lazy eye. i have two tattoos and five piercings. i'm addicted to lush cosmetics stuff.

    my religion is unicorns and glitter and i have no true political ties aside from me voting for i feel is best suited for the job. i feel equal human rights are not a privilege and i think it's unfair that they are being denied to people still. i think that gay marriage should be fully legalized and that love is love. simple as that.

    oh. and i love beards.

  33. I can't understand why some people said to you about the nosejob! I think your nose (and the rest of your body) don't have any problem (sorry for my english but I speak five languages but I only speak good two :) ) kisses!

  34. Oh! My sister wore that same exact brace as a baby because of being severely pigeon-toed. It was a big red bar with shoes on each end and it was crazy to see her crawl around wearing that contraption!


  35. interesting facts. lovely post :)

  36. This post was great! Thanks for sharing. Here's some random facts about me:

    I never wore jeans in high school, but that doesn't mean i wore dresses! I had absolutely no sense of style, was a total tomboy and for some reason wore athletic type pants all the time (I'm no athlete). Luckily in college i changed my ways.

    I like learning things and taking classes even though i have a degree. So far I've taken ballroom dance, salsa, lindy hop, pilates, french, argentinean tango & belly dancing. I really want to take ASL after I've learned more french!

    My hair is naturally curly. i got a hold of a straightening iron during my 1st year of college. Before that i would always put my hair in a ponytail because I never knew how to style my curly tresses.

    My eyesight is horrible. -8ish on both eyes!

    I was an extra in the music video "Graduation Day" by Head Automatica with my roommates. The whole experience is one of my favorite memories ever.

    The legend of zelda is my all-time favorite video game.

    I was a part of the opening ceremonies for the 2000 olympics.

    I also never show off my arms. Gotta get them toned first!


  37. Keiko, I'm an avid reader but some of these even surprised me! Your nose is gorgeous, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


    My name is Emily, and I study philosophy.

    I'm tall, so often feel like a behemoth.

    I've studied Japanese for 5 years and French for more than 10.

    I'm planning to make some newspaper-cutout poems this weekend.

    I rarely go without lipstick!

  38. So nice to see that there is such a wonderful person behind that beautiful face :)
    I enjoy your blog and your style is remarkable.
    Here's something about me:
    -I did not meet my biological father until I was 20+. We live in the same city but, he never cared for me. One morning I decided to show up in his office, I wonder if he has nightmares of me showing up.
    -When I want to lose weight, I rather starve than exercise.
    -It is very hard for me to move on. I hold on to stuff, people and moments.
    -I confess that I have a weakness for old items. Mostly every day use stuff: typewriters, telephones, phonographs, bottles...

    I did not meet my biological father until I was 20+. We live in the same city but, he never cared for me. One morning I decided to show up in his office, I wonder if he has nightmares of me showing up.
    I am the eldest of three, I have two younger brothers. One has a degree in Economics and the other one is a chef in New York. I am not close with either one.
    My relationship with my mom needs tons of work. It's even harder since she moved to another country but, we try and continue to take baby steps.
    When I want to lose weight, I rather starve than exercise.
    It is very hard for me to move on. I hold on to stuff, people and moments.
    Math, statistics, accounting, anything number related is my Achiles' tendon, meaning I suck at them.
    I am serious about savings and paying the bills. No BS here, ask my H !
    I confess that I have a weakness for old items. Mostly every day use stuff: typewriters, telephones, phonographs, bottles...
    While growing up my dream was to become a teacher. Part of my job requires for me to train people, which makes me a teacher- so I say. But, I have plans on going back to school sometime next year to get an MBA in Higher Education, so I can actually teach !
    Sometimes I do "events" as a second gig. Baby showers, bridal showers, birthdays, even weddings.... it's actually pretty simple.

  39. i am officially in love with ur blog..
    and i adore this post..because it's so honest..:D

    ps. don't worry about ur arms..most women worry about them. i do..:D

  40. always fun to know random facts!

    i don't curse either. my whole family does it, most of my friends do it...but i just can't say anything worse than "crap". i just feel weird doing it.

    i'd like to think it's because i can express myself in a more coherent way. ;)

    hmm...also, i'm 3/4 filipino and the other 1/4 we're not really sure about because my grandma was adopted. we know there's hawaiian in there...and some other stuff. i like the mystery though.

    last random fact: i just finished college (a semester early) and now i don't know what to do with myself. i wish i could become self-sufficient but i don't know where to start. this whole "being an adult" thing sucks.


  41. This is such a wonderful idea! I've only commented once or twice, but I will put aside my shyness just to participate.

    - My name is Dana. My mum named me after Dana Plato and didn't tell me until I was 20 years old. I still haven't quite forgiven her.

    - Growing up everyone called me "Stinky". That was my nickname until I reached high school.

    - I am a middle school teacher. I teach 8th grade ELA, but my dream is to teach college students to appreciate Shakespeare's historical plays.

    - I'm kind of a Shakespeare geek. Actually, I'm an all-around geek.

    - I was born in NYC, but my family is from a country in the Caribbean called Antigua.

    - My father left when I was 7 and I didn't see him again until I was 14. When he'd call the house to speak to me, I'd cry until my mother made me hang up the phone. He's in prison awaiting deportation now. I can't bring myself to visit.

    - My maternal grandmother is half-Chinese and my paternal grandmother was half...well, we actually never figured that one out. Maybe Korean, maybe Japanese, maybe neither.

    - I speak English, Japanese, and a smidgen of Spanish. I was completely FAIL at French.

    - I'm a registered Liberal, but seriously considered voting for McCain until Palin became his running mate. I despise that woman and everything that she represents.

    - I regularly freak out and lecture my students if they use gay slurs. I am a member of the LQBT...QIA community and damn proud of it.

    - I haven't had a boyfriend since I was 18. I'm 25 now and will soon be 26.

    - Accordingly, my favourite acronym is "FML".

    - I spend way too much money on clothes, but at heart I'm a bargain hunter and regularly find items for thousands of dollars cheaper on eBay...all authentic.

  42. I adore my beauty spot too. Any chance I get I accentuate it for a costume.

    I'm super glad you didn't give in to the nose job. How would we define physical beauty if we all looked the same?

    I also have braces that didn't do their job. After spending a stupid amount of money and being stuck with the discomfort of them the orthodontist told my mother and I that the only way to fix my teeth was a jaw reconstruction. We told him to go away...

    This post was cute, thanks.

  43. I love this post for the record. (:

    I am twenty three, my name is Heather but I kind of hate the associations people have with the name so I go by Heather Anne a lot.

    I am 3/4 Norwegian, and my third cousin is actually the queen! I have never met her though.

    I have a ten year old black fluff tornado cat named Turbo. I have had him since he was the size of my hand and now he is is as big as a small cocker spaniel.

    Ironically enough and not planned at all, he is Norwegian as well.

    I have lived in so many places, California, South Dakota, Minnesota, Virginia, Arizona. Most of them are because of my marriage to the boy I fell in love with when I was sixteen. We got married right after high school. I recently just moved to Southern Georgia to be with him.

    Our marriage didn't work out, but now we are trying once again and are very happy.

    I am like you and grossed out by mushy romantic stuff as well. So that's enough about him. (:

    I do a lot of photography, and I have struggled a lot with whether to pursue that or what I am majoring in (Yep, I am that girl too. I just dropped out my senior year this year).

    Your blog inspired me to make my own kind of "what I wore" blog and though it has been neglected this week I am really excited about working on it. You can find me at and also

    Thanks dear!

  44. Just found your blog and love your style!! also, wow, you're gorgeous!! I can't believe anyone would tell you to get a nose job.

  45. Just out of curiosity, where did 'Panda' and 'Unicorn' nicknames come from?

    I love reading this post, btw..

  46. interesting facts!!! i love that you are so confident to be able to share them all in this blog! :D i love that you're true to yourself! :D omg! i love your nose and beauty mark.. some people want them out? what?!?! insanity!

    anyway.. i loved reading all throughout this.. :D

  47. awww...your ears are so cute. I've always been self conscious about my ears. I NEVER wear earings and almost always wear my hair down to cover them up. One day my dear friend found out about this and since then has given me several pair of earings as gifts. She told me my ears were adorable and that I would look great in earings. So now I wear them. I'm still getting used to it but it's getting easier. I was amazed I could still get the suckers in and the holes didn't close shut after 15 years! :)

    That's just a little random fact about me. This was fun!

  48. I love this post so much

    - I wore corrective shoes too. For about 2 years when I was 6-7.
    - My ex called me homely. We broke up soon after.
    - I have a cluster of moles on my right cheek that resemble the little dipper. :D

  49. Okay, let me just say that I love how random and hilarious the gigantic scar fact is. I was like "wait what"? But that would be totally weird, to hear it but not feel it!!

  50. great post!
    i too am super self concious of my arms, i don't know why but i just always see people with really skinny arms and i want them. it's silly. but i totally agree with you in not weighing yourself. i don't weigh myself either anymore, as long as i'm happy with what's in the mirror and how my clothes feel...that's really all that matters.

    AND!!! your beauty mark is amazing. i would loooove one. it's honestly so so so pretty...and *eff* all the people who told you to get a nose job (side note: i love should try it!)

    ps: my verification word was china...neat!

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  52. such a nice post...really interesting to read ;-)

  53. I heart ASL. Do you know it because you know someone who is deaf? I learned it because I find it visually fascinating. I don't know anyone who can sign, so I'm slowly forgetting most of it, but I'll learn it again someday :)


  54. Keiko, I just adore your blog (and you)! You seem so smart, and funny and real. And thank you for answering my question about Postlapsaria on Formspring :) The name is quite creative in my opinion, especially now that I know what it means! You are truly an inspiration to me. I was just telling my mom today that reading your blog has inspired me to try to follow my original dream of being a fashion designer instead of my "polite" choice of Psychology. I changed my major because I figured I couldn't make it as a designer, but school is not doing anything for me now! Anyway, facts about me. I also don't curse, and am also pro-choice and Democrat :) I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs either. I live with my boyfriend and my Fennec Fox, Sophie, in Tennessee. I would LOVE to live in NYC or Orlando (I am obsessed with Disney World). My favorite bands are Muse and Nine Inch Nails, and I am probably the biggest Harry Potter fan alive. I have a large tattoo of a cupcake on my side/hip, and my entire kitchen is cupcake themed. I adore reading, and do so as often as possible. I love True Blood, Nip/Tuck, Pushing Daisies (soo sad it got cancelled), Golden Girls, and The Nanny. I don't have a gallbladder; I had to have it removed when I was 16. I'm 1/4 German :) If I could change something about myself, it would be my thighs. I used to weigh 100 lbs but have gained 20 since high school :( But I do love my blue eyes, and those can't gain weight at least!

  55. I'm new to your blog, so this was a fab read. Also your beauty mark is gorgeous! I love them and have always wanted one. I used to draw them on with my mum's eye liner when I was little, haha!

    So in the spirit of your post:

    My names Jennifer but everyone calls me Jen because I made them....Jennifer makes me feel like I'm in trouble and Jenny was my name as a small child so...meh

    I live in Japan and it kicks ass, but is also hard work.

    I love butter corn, to an obsessive degree!

    I also love fashion mags and blogs to an obsessive degree!

    Jen xxx

  56. Keiko, I love this post. Getting to know more about you on a more personal level = <3

    Some random facts about me:
    My first name is Maria Caridad. It is a mix of my grandmothers names, Carmen & Trinidad. Most people think Caridad is my middle name or don't know about it at all.

    I'm 100% Filipino. 1/2 Visayan & 1/2 Ilocano.

    I was born in the Philippines. I moved to Hawaii when I was 9 months old. Went to school in Colorado. I plan on moving back to Maui by the end of this year :)

    Aside from English, I can speak Tagalog, Ilocano, & Itneg. More on a conversational level.

    I probably have the most unhealthiest eating habits out of anyone I know. This is not an understatement. I love all things terrible for you. Candy, chocolate, salt, vinegar, oily foods, etc. etc.

  57. I really loved this post. Thanks so much for sharing. Fun fact about me: I have 3 freckles under my left eye that resemble the big dipper :)

  58. Hey there, I also love this post for being that honest. I adore that!!

    I'm german and my name is Fee, what means "fairy" in german. Now I like it, because it's almost unique, but as a child it was hard, because everyone was teasing on me. Even today (and I'm nearly 29) people ask me things like: Are you a fairy godmother or a wicked fairy godmother? or Do you my accomplish my desires? or (best one): Bend over, fairy! A wish is a wish...
    And the fact, that I'm only 4'9'' tall doesn't help at all :-)!

  59. I am the opposite of pigeon toed also, i can basically turn my feet all the way around, and it feels uncomfortable to try and make them straight. At school i used to get teased by people quacking at me like a duck.Now i just get asked by every new person i meet if i'm a ballerina (which i find super funny as i am the most uncordinated person ever).

  60. I've been reading your blog for ages and this seems like the perfect time to finally say hello (if only to tell you that anyone who tells you to fix YOUR nose deserves a punch to THEIRS).

    So: My name is Peta, and while I hated having a 'boys name' as a little girl, these days I love it (and even rather like being called Pete)
    I'm a massive nerd (and proud of it) studying archaeology and dreaming of being an academic
    I'm teaching myself to sew (about to sew the zip into my first ever dress!)
    The only autograph I've ever gotten was a signed head shot of Peter Cundall, the 80 yr old host of a show called 'Gardening Australia', which I was weirdly obsessed with as a kid. I was 4 when I got it but it still has pride of place in my bedroom.

  61. Hello keiko, i really liked this post and now a little more about you and your dreams!

    It's always hard to write about me, but here it goes..

    Rosana, 24 , lots of dreams!

    Im Portuguese, and live in a island (Madeira)

    I'm a bit of a glutton, just love chocolates and sweet in general. I'm hungry every three hours (or less), unless I'm sleeping (obviously waking up starving)

    Definitely not a morning person... Just won't work in the morning, I won't talk until about 1h after waking up and pleeeeease... don't talk to me during that time, I'm in such a bad mood! Good news is, it gets better as the day goes by :D So I'm a night person, doesn't take much to be up late, so I'm usually on sleep deprivation during the week...

    Pretty demanding, both with me and the others.

    I love animals (mammals especially), and mine are literally part of the familly

    I hate opportunism, lies, cruelty and injustices.

    Overly and maybe over protector of the ones I hold dear, even more than of me, sometimes.

    Books are part of my life. I love to read, almost any kind of book, preferably original version, if I can read it.

    I love image, all that is beautiful or expressive or emotive or somehow balanced.

    Love traveling, and hope to have lots of years to go to so many different places!

    I love being with my boyfriend, make-togethers with friends, laughing, clowning, and even sometimes cry because it makes me well to the soul and heart!

    I love basically live and be happy!

    Im sorry for my My English, is not the best, i now! :P

    Rosana :)*

  62. It's been good getting to know you bit by bit since I stumbled across your blues and yellows at =)

    Some things about me?

    1. My name is Lindy and I'm from Sydney, Australia. I'm almost 20 and an only child.
    2. I also love Pushing Daisies.
    3. I like to write with pen and paper and stick stamps on envelopes and send mail the old fashioned way.
    4. I love exploring places by foot, but the thought of walking as a form of exercise is simply unthinkable.
    5. I have never moved house, and thus have accumulated a lot of things that would be terrible to part with when the time comes for me to really move out.
    6. I've been lucky enough to have visited 17 countries in my lifetime, and hoping to add a couple more to that later this year.
    7. I have Mr. Men curtains.

    I think that's quite enough no? =)

  63. Hi Keiko! Just want to say that I love your blog and you have been a great inspiration! :)

    Okay so here it goes:

    - My full name is Michelle. Yup, that's it, no surname. Long story, haha.

    - I'm Indonesian but have been studying in Singapore for the past 7 years (I'm twenty now). I'm the only one here, my entire family is back in Indonesia.

    -I'm currently in my 2nd year in University and my major is Biomedical Science. I hope to be a doctor one day so that I can join Doctor without Borders :)

    -I can speak four languages. English, Indonesian, Malay and Chinese. Been learning Japanese for about a year and trying to pick up Russian and Italian. As you can see I love languages and will try to always learn new ones!

    -I love faeries and mermaids, basically anything related to fantasy :) Oh, and I have a soft spot for folk tales.

    -Books are my first love :) My future house will definitely have a library in it

    -I worry a whole lot and I have to constantly remind myself to take it easy

  64. Oh and by the way, don't ever get a nose job! Your nose reminds me of a bunny nose, and really anyone who would change a bunny nose is just crazy!

  65. It was a lovely read :)

    My name is Alice and I always change it accrording to the country I live! In Hungary I am Aliz, in Ukraine I am Alisa, and some Polish people call me Alicia or Ala. Somebody told me that I need a nose job when I was a little girl, took me years to recover from it!

    I started using makup when I was 22 as well but I still have lots to learn!

    I enjoy reading your blog and love your style!

  66. i love the get to know you post. its always a treat to get to know the girl behind the stylish clothing!

    my name is ragan. alot of people nickname me after the president and after years of that torment its gotten pretty annoying.

    ive had dental work since i was four, so i can relate with the dental problems. theyre still moving in there.

    i really dont use swear words at all. i think its mostly my christian upbringing but i also cant watch movies with alot of it or anything really inappropriate. its a disease.

    thank you for being so open!

  67. I know it always takes someone else to say it but you are georgus, just the way you are. I am self concious about alot of things too that people think I am crazy for, but we are all like that aren't we.
    It must be hard to share what you did about your father, it must be hard to visit him...I couldn't ever imagine doing that...ever!
    You are a strong solid person.

  68. I like that nickname...Face. It makes me laugh. Sorry about you dad...I can't imagine how hard that is.

    Hmm. I'm self conscious about my eyes (one is higher than the other)...and my small hands. I've moved 11 times. Thats pretty much it on interestingness.

  69. Well, hello, Keiko! I don't know if I've ever commented before, but I adore your blog because you seamlessly mix fashion & personal posts like this. I also love that you sew & can make your living doing so, because I do too! (Quite obsessively, to tell the truth.)

    Some things about me:

    I often feel like the only conservative person on the internet, but I try not to let it bug me ever, because there's so much to learn from people, no matter how much you may disagree with them--and you usually find common ground with people on unexpected things.

    I live 50 miles from the nearest town, & 150 from the nearest city.

    I live in Minnesota, but I can see Canada from my house.

    I'm 18 & I've never dated anyone. I like to think that it's because I don't have low standards, but sometimes I wonder...

    &, I don't know, that's probably it. But I just wanted to let you know, I love you & your blog & your posts never fail to brighten up my day!

  70. You're so lucky you can't swear. Swearing is the weaker man trying, and failing, to express himself.
    (I can't remember where I heard this.)
    In my opinion, swearing makes the prettiest girls look like hideous, and makes me never want to be around them.
    If you want to vent, scream. It's much more affective, and much less offensive.
    Love you!

  71. To me, there is nothing better than swimming on horseback. That is when I'm the happiest you will ever see me.

    you're right, it's so much fun (!!) but I think that there is nothing better than a good concert.

  72. Love the "flaws." And it's so nice to see people really try to show their character. It sometimes gets lost in translation on blogs. :)

  73. This was a sweet post. I enjoyed your random facts, and I also liked to read the other ones ! I just love your blog, you really seem to be the sweetest person !

    My name is Lucile and I'm 21. I'm French but I'm 1/4 Bosnian. People often calls me Lulu, but my boyfriend prefers Sunshine (he use the French name too : Rayon de soleil), which I just love.
    I love everything about nature : landscapes, animals, trees, flowers and seas... I donate to 2 associations (one for birds and one for wild animal). My dream is to find a cute place in French or English countryside, with a ton of animals, to spend the rest of my life and raise my children. Your house in Florida seems close from perfection for me.
    I also like to travel a lot : I already visit 17 countries, like Italy, England, Norway... and some very unusual like Yemen or Iran (country where people are just the kindest persons I ever seen : the government is awful, but people is far from what we can imagine through TV !). I plan a lot of other trips too. I wish I could speak ton of languages but I only speak French, some English, and a tiny little bit of German and Arabic. I also speak Latin, but it's not really useful :).
    I study history and geography to be a teacher. I just love what I'm doing, mostly because I'm a very curious girl (for that matter, I am about everything).
    I'm often shocked by human's intolerance.
    I'm kind of shy and it's very difficult for me to open up to people. I mean for important or intimate stuff, otherwise I'm very talkative (too much would say some of my friends :)).

  74. I don't like my teeth either. I'm actually really self conscious about them and I always thought maybe I'd like how I looked if only I had different teeth.

    I used to hate the f-word too! I still try not to say it- I think constant swearing is totally un-classy- but sometimes when I'm really angry it helps. isn't that weird, how words can make you feel different like that?

    in jr. high and high school I had acne and it made me hate leaving my house. sometimes I'd be having a good day and a little kid who didn't know any better would come up and ask me what happened to my face, and I'd go home and cry. one day in college someone told me I had lovely skin and I almost started crying then, too.

    I went swimming on horseback once, and it was amazing. I would die to have a horse. I've wanted once since I was six.

    I love your blog and I think you are one of the most captivating, beautiful, and creative people I have ever almost-known!

  75. you are adorable and so comfortable in your own skin, i love it!!!

    i'm 1/2 japanese:)

  76. I'm allergic to cold

    The only food I refuse to eat is bell peppers

    Ears are my favorite body part - they look so unformed, like someone was making them out of clay and forgot to finish them

    I wouldn't change my nose for the world

  77. Tonight I ate an entire small pineapple pizza. guess from where?!

  78. I have been reading your blog for a while but this is my first real comment so I'll introduce myself and some random facts.

    -My names Christina only a few people call me that, most people call me Tina, Brittany (long story), squeak, sunshine.

    -I just started wearing make-up and getting into fashion this yr.

    -Im 21 going on 22 and people still think I look like im 16

    -Im the oldest and youngest depending on which side of my family you look at

    -I love art and im currently majoring in it and preparing to graduate and i couldn't see myself doing anything else

    -I love reading almost anything its probably a second passion of mine.

    - I hate the cold and would rather be hot than cold any day of the week.

    I love your blog and you are truly an inspiration, you are one of the few people that inspired me to love fashion.


  79. You are gorgeous don't even think of changing anything. And this post is awesome!
    My name is Erika Melisa Rezal. I am 1/3 Chinese, 1/3 indonesian and 1/3 Indian. I do not have that many scars unless you count chicken pox. =X
    I am short sighted and i hate wearing specs!! Boo!
    I have 3 beauty marks on my face and they are kinda in a staight row one near my left eye, the other near my left cheek to the bottom and the last on the left side of my neck. AND I love them so not removing.=D
    And I am 5 feet. Really short. Measurements not sure no measuring tape. And i wear a size 5 or 4.5 dpending on style of shoe. Yup!
    love your blog keep on rocking!

  80. I love this so much! :) Although I've ridden horses my whole life, I've never swam on one. It sounds incredible though. I think one of the most free feelings in the world is riding a horse as it runs full speed across a field. You feel like the tiniest thing in the world.

    I also love to see other girls who never spend more than $50 per item. Hell yeah for extreme bargain hunting!

  81. LOVE your blog and LOVE this post! Missed you for awhile when you hadn't posted anything in about a week a few days ago! I'm glad you're back in action. ;)

    I have been following your blog for a few months now, and it has become part of my daily ritual of blog browsing. Thank you for creating it. :)

    Hmm...a few facts about me.

    1. I am also 1/4 Japanese, 1/4 Black, and 1/2 Chinese.

    2. I wish I had moved to NY when I graduated from high school. I have only been once in my life, and totally fell in love with it.

    3. I hate my curly hair! It's a pain in the arse!

    4. I wish I was a little bit taller.

    5. I love all forms of artistic and creative expression.

    6. I love my kitty Mochi more than she probably loves me.

    7. I too have a birthmark on my face that I use to hide, and even tried to have removed (didn't work), but now embrace it and let it show when it needs to! ;)

    8. I had braces, wore head-gear, and a retainer when I was in 8th grade! It was a painful 4 years, and yup I still have a few crooked teeth!

    9. I hate mornings! Definitely a night owl. Hoot..hoot!

    10. Can't wait to be married to my best friend and love of my life this year! :)

    Have a great weekend Keiko!


  82. I'm glad I'm not the only one... the most I've erer spent was $65 on a pair of boots.

  83. I almost fell out of my chair when I read the story about your arms. I mean, I'm sure it's pretty common, it's just that my ex used to tell me I would fit some ideal for him, if only I had slimmer arms.

    So since that time I have gone out of my way to wear sleeves. Only in recent years (months really) have I made an effort to stop feeling trapped by something that is really just in my head. But I know how that feels, big time.

    I love your list!

  84. i just found your blog and i love it.

  85. I've been reading your blog for quite some time, so I guess i'll finally introduce myself!

    -my name is Hannah, and I think it's a really boring name... even though I appreciate that it's a palindrome.

    -I love my curly hair, except when it's frizzy

    -I have an overbite which is bigger than anyone else's i've ever met and un-fixable by braces. It's about as big as my pinky nail, but I'm not sure if that's something to be proud of or not...

    -I'm 5'11" and I wish I were a little shorter so I could wear heels more without being a giant. (5'8" is the ideal height, in my opinion) Measurements are 39"/30"/40"

    -I'm pigeon-toed too! Not as severely as you, but I always stand pigeon-toed and walk with most of my weight on the front of my feet.

    -I'm 16 and can't wait to go to college! I want to be a writer, although I love art too.

    I love your blog, I use your outfits for inspiration practically everyday! Thanks for having such an awesome blog!!!!

  86. Just found your blog- LOVE IT!! You're so beautiful and I LOVE your style ;) Can't wait to keep reading!!!

  87. So, I recently just started reading your blog and I love it! I actually just got up the guts to start my own blog.

    Well, I'm Johanna. I go by all sorts of names...Jo most of the time, Joey, Jojo, Mojo-jojo, Jobo and many others that are too silly or weird for the internet. I'm currently learning ASL. I've been to over 15 countries. I also have some giant scars. I got attacked by a dog last February and have a few hole scars on my legs. The kids I babysit for ask me "Miss Jo, why do you have polka dot legs?" hahahaha :)

    I also wish I had your aversion to swearing. I say the F-word and S-word way to often.

    happy long weekend! :)

  88. i love your beauty mark! You make me feel all fuzzy inside~ Hehe. Have a beautiful day!

  89. Yhis facts are great, now I can imagine you the way you are, although I don't know you at all.
    The part thay you say you don't pay more than $50 on a piece of clothing?!?! I never though about that, I'd like to do that more often here in Portugal, but unfortunately there aren't much stores like the ones you go to and online shopping... well sometimes it's difficult because there are custom taxes and not everyone is up to declare a low price on it. Well, I'll keep on searching!

  90. I love that you know ASL :) I'm hard of hearing, as both of my parents who are deaf. I'm not at all fluent in ASL so I'm jealous you know it!

  91. Oh it's so good to learn more about you, sorry for my bad English, I'm a French girl, my name is Emilie, and I'm 21, I have a blog mode, I you want to visit it:

  92. you are unnaturally ugly. sorry just opinion.

  93. I am in love with your stylishly cute blog.
    Please check out my blog too.

  94. I am new to your blog, and can I say what a great time to find it too! It's been nice to read your facts.

  95. i have a mole too and people have often asked if it is fake which I find to be really funny. and makeup artist always try to cover it up too. I wouldn't remove mine either!

  96. Hi !! when i started visiting blogs and weardrobe, i have to admit, i was so jealous! you weren't afraid to just "be pretty"! i am over 40 and just starting in the world of fashion bloggdom (4 months or so). i felt that no one would really care what I wear, but as i have steel ovaries, i am doing it! i wish so many things- i had followed my dreams at 25 instead of feeling ugly- and you are what i envision i would be! thanks for the "who-u-are" post! i love your sense of style and how your lovlieness just comes through! visit me sometime1

  97. I've come to (grudgingly) love my still crooked teeth. After many years of wearing braces they were taken off early and voila - teeth true to my lineage. I embrace them now - I think they give my smile more character. You're gorgeous - loved this post.

  98. Lovely post, and that's really sad about your Dad, I hope it all works out as it should.

  99. Dear Keiko,

    thanks for this post! I do not know your dad, but I feel sorry for him (and for you). We cannot chose our family, that is something I also had to accept in my life.
    All the best, Keiko!


  100. When reading your blog with a friend, I've actually said how much I like your nose... I can't believe anyone would think otherwise!
    You really are gorgeous, thanks for sharing all these things with us. ♥

  101. Oh, nevermind what people think you should change! You should add perfect lips and gorgeous eyebrows to your list of physical traits you love :)

  102. I just found your blog from Danielle's tattoo post. I love your style :) It's funny, I'm the same height, same measurements, and same shoe size as you!

  103. I've just recently discovered your blog, which is inspiring to me. Maybe one day I'll make my own. I know its alot of work but maybe...
    Well I can relate on having braces and my teeth are still crooked... I had them twice, however, and both times the orthodontist messed up. 1st time they put expanders in my mouth instead of pulling teeth. The second pulled teeth but didnt think about my wisdom coming in, in my tiny little mouth. So much money was put into my mouth to make me more confident and it really didnt help.
    Just wanted to let you know, your not the only one. :]

  104. This is the first time I'm visiting your blog, and it is wonderful :) You are so pretty. I think I have seen you at or something because I recognize some of your photos. I love your style!
    I am from Sweden and the best things I know is to travel, sketch, listen to classical music, shop vintage-things and to have a sunny picnic in the park. I'm actually going to Usa, New York for the first time in about two weeks! Do you have any tips to do in New York?
    Now I've shared some facts about me and I'm going to keep on reading your blog now :)

  105. I guess I've gone back in the archives a bit, but this post made me really happy. I love that you like quirky things about yourself. I am the same way. I love my crooked teeth, and 1000 beauty marks all on one cheek. We also have basically the exact same measurements. That is rare and sort of nice to know, since you have such a nice body! You are also sooo beautiful.

  106. PS I have a beauty mark on the tip of my nose that is semi-faint and has been photo-shopped out of every picture ever taken of me....I have to TELL photographers to put it back in because they always think it's a blemish! hah!

  107. It's amazing that you've never spent over $50 on a item of clothing. Really clothes aren't worth too much money, but it's just so hard to resist sometimes. How do you manage to dress so well and find such great deals? Do you include the price of alterations into the price of clothing btw ?

  108. wow i actually just happened to click on this in the link within and read that your dad is in prison. mine is too, actually. he will be there for 4 more years. he's been in since i was 3 (i'm now 21). throughout my life he would be released then go back in literally weeks later. i have never talked to him but i have let him write letters to me. sometimes i'll start a letter but it never gets finished. its a very confusing part of life.

  109. I cannot believe people said you should get a nose job! You are goddamn beautiful! I just discovered your blog through Black Book, and you have a very unique, fascinating look that had me looking through all your archives. Faces and bodies that are considered "perfect" are often kind of boring and generic. It's awesome that you embrace and celebrate your individuality.

  110. I also had feet that turn in when I was little and went through the forest gump leg braces as well. I continually trip over my feet but I like it now cause its been a part of me for a while. LOVE YOUR Blog!

  111. I recently started reading your blog and you have become such an inspiration. I've been in a rut for a couple of months now, and reading your blog encourages me to try my best everyday, and even though I'm never going to have a "perfect day"...well I can still try and try again. Also, I think that you're downright beautiful inside and out. And I think that slightly crooked teeth are one of the sexiest physical features a person can have :P

  112. I love your blog and all of your fashion. I've just seen this post and honestly, anything anyone has to say about your appearance is just INSANE. They have to be jealous or something. Because you're GORGEOUS. Nose job? Are you KIDDING? Get rid of the birthmark on your face?! That beautifully Marilyn Monroe, Cindy Crawford mark?! Lunch lady arms?! Whoever has anything bad about your physical appearance is absolutely crazy.

    I also wanted to say that I take comfort in reading your blog and seeing your pictures. I love knowing that someone with a similar less-glamorous past could change that. I was a meek, quiet, non-fashionable, awkward, chubby thing in high school. I had hardly any friends, spent my life in my room reading books, and tried to dress as rebelliously as I could, in as goth garb as I could grab. I bloomed way way late, in college. I started wearing make-up, had my first kiss, developed my own style, and am not afraid to make "punny" jokes anymore. I'm still weird and clumsy, but now I accept it as quirky or something.

    You're such a lovely lady and I can't wait to read more blogs and get more make-up, fashion, and even life inspiration!

  113. i've recently stumbled on your blog and you are srsly GORGEOUS! absolutely intrigued and inspired by your sense of style and beauty. its so enchanting in a way. i would totally love to shop in your closet lol great to know people who seem so prefect all have flaws that ultimately make them imperfectly unique. you seem down to earth and you and bobby seem like the perfect two, both attractive and stylish. you slightly remind me of a blair waldorf on GG whom i adore. love it all. stay sweet!

  114. I'm your new fan! :) I love your style and everything :)

  115. Nice introduction article! Haha Your post seems like people could really get to know you more just through that intro! Hope to read more from you soon

  116. thank you for this post! now i feel a little more personal when i read your blog, like i actually know a bit about you! :)

  117. Why would anyone ever want to cover up that beauty mark?? As a makeup artist, I insist on letting beautiful and unique traits {like beauty marks and freckles} shine through to make a personal statement. Thank you for your wonderful posts; they are quite an inspiration!