Friday, February 26, 2010

Sheila Frank

Me and Diane

Sheila and Amanda

Me, Jen and Kelly

After a Q&A with NYFW creator and IMG VP Fern Mallis at Bryant Park, Amanda and I made a stop at Sheila Frank's presentation across the street. We immediately ran into the lovely Gala Darling, whom I met just a couple nights before at the Fashion 2.0 Social Media Awards. I had the pleasure of finally meeting Susan from ModCloth, and also caught up with Diane of Snapshot Fashion. On top of all that, I met a couple of fellow bloggers, Jen and Kelly, who were lucky winners of Diane's giveaway (they won invitations to the presentation).

Sheila's clothing had a macabre inspiration, with a theme of stalkers inspiring the entire presentation. Red was the prevalent color choice, and there were photographs displayed along the wall which completed the theme. We had to run to another show but I'm glad we were able to catch up with Sheila and so many other familiar faces.

Love love,

Keiko Lynn
See more from Sheila Frank's presentation here. See the rest of the Stalker Project photos here.


  1. it's insane how so beautiful you are! So jealous. :)

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  3. Loving all the red here.

    Keiko you're always so pretty and so put together. You're a real lady.

    I am Denise Katipunera

  4. so nice to see you again! hope we don't have to wait until next fashion week to meet up again. :P

  5. I love the glasses! Are they prescription?

  6. Sheila's tattoo is rather awesome. And I love your giant glasses!

  7. Its soo great to see bloggers together! I hope to be there one day. :) Island Chic's blog is pretty interesting to! =] Although you look fabulous! :)