Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Come Fly With Me

Living out of a suitcase has actually been pretty fun. My choices are limited, so I've been utilizing every piece I have on hand. I recently acquired a few springy scarves that I love, but wouldn't normally reach for...and for a couple of weeks they were just staring at me from my suitcase. Yesterday, I put on this outfit with a regular navy belt, but then changed my mind and grabbed this scarf instead. I tied it into a bow sash and ended up liking the outfit so much more.

In other news, Miku and I will be flying home tomorrow morning! My extended visit in Florida has come to an end. It's always bittersweet going back to New York. On one hand, I'm relieved to return home to my own apartment and get back into my routine. On the other hand...I always want to bring my family and friends with me.

Outfit Details:
Teal cardigan thing - thrifted and reconstructed
navy lace camisole - thrifted
denim skirt - thrifted and shortened
heels - Calvin Klein, Beacon's Closet
RACHEL Rachel Roy scarf (worn as a sash) - courtesy of the Rachel Roy team

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

Monday, April 26, 2010

Forever Your Girl

It's the last week of the ModCloth Spring Fever Blogger Challenge! It has been a lot of fun (and quite the challenge!) participating and seeing our different takes on the looks. This week we were asked to style the Composition VII Hat. Did I wear it backwards? Is the bow supposed to go in the front? I'm not sure, but it's cute either way. I like that it has a vintage feel, but with a modern pattern. Be sure to check out how all three of the other gals styled it...I think this is our most diverse challenge yet! I decided to take it a little over the top, with the intense makeup, brightly hued top and a new Postlapsaria skirt. Sometimes it's fun to be over the top and break some rules. Dark eyes and lips...garish, but fun!

It has been inspiring to see how four different girls style each piece we were given. I'm sad it's over! When Turi asked me to participate, I was really excited - I love anything that forces me to get creative. It really helped me get out of my rut (and think outside of the suitcase), having a fun little challenge every week. Maybe I'll start doing something like this more often, only with items already existing in my closet. It will be a fun way to make sure I utilize all of my neglected garments.

Be sure to click on any of the pictures and vote for your favorite look:)

Outfit Details:
Composition VII hat - courtesy of ModCloth
skirt - Postlapsaria
belt - thrifted
shoes - courtesy of Seychelles
shirt - thrifted
tights - Target
gloves - vintage, Hourglass Consignment (available on postlapsaria right now)

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

Friday, April 23, 2010

Cleaning out the closet, part 3

I just added some new (mostly vintage) things from both my own closet and my mom's store, Hourglass Consignment. I have a bunch more to list over the weekend...if I can find internet in Fellsmere! In the meantime, please check out what I listed. There's more at the site! Click any picture to visit the store. Scroll down to "Keiko's Closet" for the vintage stuff:)

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

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Love love,

Keiko Lynn

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I like watching the puddles gather rain.

I'm one of those weird people who loves the rain. Particularly, Florida rain. It's usually paired with higher temperatures and sunlight, which is perfect for running around and playing. This particular day was a little more grey than I prefer, but I still had a good time. After we dried off, Roxy did my makeup and we goofed around with photobooth. It was a good day. I'm always smiling when I'm with my family...smiling or yelling. We don't have a lot of in betweens:)

About the dress: I really love it (it has pockets!) but the cute little details keep falling off. Luckily, I am able to stitch them back on...but still, it's kind of annoying to leave one behind every time I stand up.

Outfit details:
Elizabeth and James dress: free with Gilt credits
belt: thrifted
shoes: so broken
blazer: thrifted ages ago
vintage slip underneath: thrifted

MAC Carbon e/s, Melon pigment and blacktrack fluidline on eyes (and mascara)
MAC Skinfinish Natural in Light all over face, MAC Refined Skinfinish on cheeks
Julie Hewett cheekie cheek and lip shine in Bette on lips

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

p.s. I can't wait until that awful farmer's tan on my left arm fades. It's also ugly, but mainly just a horrible reminder of heartache.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Pretty Paisley - ModCloth Spring Fever Challenge Week Three

It's week three of the ModCloth Spring Fever Blogger Challenge! This week, we were asked to style the Paisley Panache Scarf. I didn't have much on hand, so I did another skirt-as-dress outfit. I wouldn't normally pair those shoes with the outfit but I have managed to ruin three pairs of shoes (including the ones in these pictures, actually...the heel on one of them broke). Slim pickings when you're living out of a suitcase. But did you notice I'm not wearing sleeves? That is a huge deal for me. HUGE.

Check out the ModLife blog to see how each of us (Krystal, Tieka, Aya, and I) styled the scarf. Please let us know whose style is your favorite by voting for your favorite look!

Outfit Details:

Paisley Panache Scarf - courtesy of ModCloth
dress - skirt, thrifted
belt - thrifted
shoes - Alice & Olivia for Payless
bag - borrowed from Hourglass Consignment, my mom's store
cuff - courtesy of LOFT and Lucky Mag
kitty - Aqua

Love love and kitty kisses,
Keiko Lynn

p.s. Thank you, Tessa, for taking all of my pictures and being such a good sport!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Because I'm five years old.

Every once in awhile, something arrives in the mail that is just so goshdarn special, it needs its own post.

I'm really glad that some people recognize my true age:)

Horse towel and bunny slippers - courtesy of BunnySlippers.com

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Twitch Vintage Giveaway!

Today's giveaway is courtesy of Twitch Vintage, who is offering one of my lucky readers a vintage beaded clutch! Twitch Vintage is a purveyor of all things vintage, yet modernly wearable - and their prices are extremely reasonable. Girl after my own heart!

To enter, simply visit Twitch Vintage and then leave a comment below with your favorite item. My favorite? This perfect little red dress.

Up to TWO bonus entries - leave additional comments with the following:
+ Follow the Twitch Vintage blog
+ Add them on facebook

Entries will be accepted until 9 pm EST on Friday, April 16th. You must leave a valid email address or some way for me to contact you in order to win. A winner will be chosen at random and announced in this post. Good luck!

-Keiko Lynn

The winner is Kelly. Thanks for participating!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ask Drew Lindo.

Today was a weird day. I drove around parts of Florida that I didn't even know existed. That was actually pretty cool. I like exploring. But the rest of my day was...weird.

A couple of my friends lovingly accused me of not taking care of myself when things aren't going well. I don't sleep, I don't eat properly, and my immune system suffers because of it. Isn't that what everyone does? I know I'm not unique in this! While on my drive, Drew Lindo (one of my all time favorite people and my confidant) asked me what I ate today, if I slept, etc. Displeased with my lackluster answers (a few hours, vitamin water and a donut), he replied, "Your life depresses me. I'm getting off the phone."

Oddly enough, that is what turned my mood around. I couldn't help but go into a giggle fit. My friends make me laugh. I love them. And I've said it a million times, but everyone needs a Drew Lindo in their life.

Outfit Details:
vintage crochet yoke dress: jet rag? I think?
denim jacket: french connection
belt: thrifted
shoes: calvin klein, beacon's closet

Love love and fits of giggles,
Keiko Lynn

p.s. Don't worry, New York. I'll be home soon<3

Monday, April 12, 2010

Little Bunny - ModCloth Spring Fever Blogger Challenge Week 2

It's week two of the ModCloth Spring Fever Blogger Challenge! This week, we were asked to style the Na Na Nineties Dress. As soon as it arrived, I knew I wanted to wear it for Easter at my grandma's house, with my new Jenny N. Design baby ruche bag. I missed the initial egg hunt (due to my horse and pony shenanigans), but Tessa joined me for an indulged my inner child and joined me for a second round. We spent the rest of the night dyeing glittery eggs:)

Check out the ModLife blog to see how each of us styled the dress. Please let us know whose style is your favorite by voting for your favorite look!

Outfit Details:

Na Na Nineties Dress - courtesy of ModCloth
Baby Ruche bag in blush - courtesy of Jenny N. Design
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell
Blazer - H&M
Tessa's headband around my wrist:)

Love love and pretty pastels,
Keiko Lynn

Thursday, April 8, 2010

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Love love,

Keiko Lynn

Cleaning out the closet part 2 / Benefit for Josie Ratley

I'm in the process of listing some hand-picked items from my mom's store, as well as more items from my own closet. Since so many of you are always asking about my mom's store (Hourglass Consignment in Margate, Fl), I figured I would pick out some [easy to ship] items for you to consider. Please check it out - they're up in their own section (under Keiko's Closet) on Postlapsaria. I still have a ton of stuff to put up, but I might not have a chance to finish tonight. Keep checking back!

Lots more at the site...please take a look:)

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

p.s. Tonight, my mom is hosting a benefit at her bar, Mugshots (441 and margate blvd), for Josie Lou Ratley, the 15 year old girl who was brutally beaten and remains in critical condition. If you live in or around Broward County, please come out and show your support. There will be raffles, silent auctions, free food, etc. The whole community has come together and donated some really great items for auction/raffle. We're hoping to raise a lot of money for the family, who has no private health insurance.

Edit: If you would like to donate but cannot attend the benefit, click here. Thanks, Shannon!

Winner of the Jenny N. Design giveaway!

I didn't want anyone to have to go searching for the winner, so I'm announcing it in a new post.

The winner of the Jenny N. Design Hip Pocket Giveaway is Justine. Congratulations!

Jenny N. Design is offering all of my readers 10% off of any purchase - enter "KEIKO" to receive your discount! Valid until April 15th.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Country Mile

I spent the weekend in Fellsmere, with horses, goats, cows, dogs, and my panda friend Jeremy. Though the manatees were absent, we spent Saturday at the beach, where I got a lovely farmer's tan. Sunday involved Jeremy riding a four wheeler for the first time, me riding Cocoa, and then swimming on Shawn, who bucked me off in the water. By the time we were ready to leave, I was soaking wet and covered in mud, with Cocoa's shedding winter coat all over my jeans.

In other words: I had an amazing weekend. How did you spend your weekend?

Outfit Details:
vintage skirt as a dress
ruffled cardigan - Beacon's Closet
vintage belt - Hourglass Consignment (mom's store)
shoes - Urban Outfitters
hammered cuff - courtesy of Lucky Mag and Ann Taylor Loft

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

Kitty Cows!

My two favorite cows just had a little kitty cow baby! They're not our cows, but they live across the little dirt road and always come over to visit. I don't think their owner ever named them, since he basically has them on his property for tax purposes. I want to name them, myself! Especially now that they have a baby, they need really cute names to match their perfect little family. Will you help me name them? Leave suggestions in the comment section!

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

p.s. There are three cows - the bull, the mama, and now the little baby. I think the baby is a boy, but his papa wouldn't let me get too close to him before he headbutted me. The bull looks just like his wifey, but he's bigger.