Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kitty Cows!

My two favorite cows just had a little kitty cow baby! They're not our cows, but they live across the little dirt road and always come over to visit. I don't think their owner ever named them, since he basically has them on his property for tax purposes. I want to name them, myself! Especially now that they have a baby, they need really cute names to match their perfect little family. Will you help me name them? Leave suggestions in the comment section!

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

p.s. There are three cows - the bull, the mama, and now the little baby. I think the baby is a boy, but his papa wouldn't let me get too close to him before he headbutted me. The bull looks just like his wifey, but he's bigger.


  1. I say "Bitty" for the baby as in "Itty Bitty" :)

  2. Why am I thinking Misty and Stormy?

  3. How about Fable for the little guy since it basically means 'little story'

  4. D'awww.. I hope when the bull head-butted you, it wasn't too hurtful!

    This is really lame, but when I want to name things, I like grandiose names. So perhaps Ferdinand for the little cow/bull? Plus it's a nod towards the classic Ferdinand the Bull. :)

    Toast with Charmalade

  5. Mama Bear, Papa Bear and Baby Bear ;)

  6. The little one looks just like 'Bambi'...oh so cute

  7. I think you should name him Terrence, or Kevin..ya, maybe Kevin.
    have a wonderful day !

  8. For some reason, the name Percival has a nice, cow-like ring to me...

  9. i LOVE cows! they are my favorite farm animals! its hard to choose names for animals so i wouldnt be able to help :/

  10. I think the momma should be Willamena or Persephone. The dad could be Wilfred, if we ran with the "Wil-" theme. And the baby...hmmmm....I like the suggestion of Bitty.

  11. If the baby is a girl, I suggest Maisy. If it's a boy, Opie. I like the above suggestion of grandiose names too!

  12. sooo cuuute!!!
    i would go for : Mooochia Prada
    Calf-in Klein

    can you tell i love puns?

  13. if you want funny names, how about cheeseburger, potroast, and sammy (as in sandwich)!
    too cruel?
    maybe Mayble for the mama... Torro for the dad... and Milkshake for the baby! or Casey, then it doesn't matter if it's a boy or girl. and Casey sounds like a good cow name to me.

  14. I think you should name the baby "milkshake." Kind of lame but also sort of cute ;)

  15. For the bull: Alister
    For the mom: Janet
    For the baby: Baxter if its a girl and Steve if its a boy. Because who doesn't like the name Steve?

  16. If the baby is a boy, I suggest Ferdinand, after the adorable children's story of peaceful Ferdinand the Bull.

  17. Call the baby John Freddy... I knew a really good looking one with that name

  18. ^oh goodness, i agree with eva, i was JUST going to suggest ferdinand for the little guy! i love that story.

    the mama looks like a lucy or a penelope. or a mabel. or clementine. or maybe cecelia? i don't know about the papa... he needs a strong name, like zeus or something ;)

  19. I just love that it's baby cow season! I've almost driven off the road several times in the past couple of weeks staring at their cuteness!

  20. Too cute! I love naming things: pets, people, characters, plants.
    I say...
    Mama -- Gladys
    Papa-- Mortimer (Mort for short)
    and Baby-- Ollie

  21. I LOVE baby cows. They are so cute, the way they run, like bouncing rectangle boxes, hehe.

    How about Max (Maximillian) for the daddy, Dotti for mama, and Bobby for the little boy or Nelly is the baby is a girl.

  22. I used to give the cows names, too, in the little village where I grew up :)
    My favourite was a brown one I called Hazel :D
    Hm these here are not really brown, so I'd suggest Charles for the baby (cause it has the same colour like Charles, my favourite pug from the neighbourhood).


  23. Oh and Gladys and Frank for Mum and Dad!
    Gladys is only a cute name and Frank is the main character of a book I'm reading.

  24. Gosh, I love cows!
    Picking names might be hard, though..
    I suggest Dolores for the mommy. It's.. I don't know, I picture a Dolores as a warm, friendly, perhaps slightly chubby woman. Which are exactly the traits a cow has ;D

  25. I do visit your site accassionally but this post is soooo sweet! you have such big heart!

    I'd to say Jill for mama, Jack to dada and luke for the baby.

    Hope you like!

  26. Oh! How beautiful. I dream of having cows living across the road from me :)

    I would suggest the names Angus and Julia for the parents, because your description sounds very romantic, like the music by Angus & Julia Stone.

    And the baby, I would suggest Alexander, because even though he is small now, he will grow up and do great things :)

    I hope you find some suiting names.

    xx Vanessa

  27. The mom looks like snoopy with a white body and brown ears. The baby is so cute! I would want to name him Buster or something. :)

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