Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sex and the City 2

Christine, Jordana and Jessica already updated their blogs with photos from the event, but here I am, a day late and a dollar short. Check their blogs for more photos, because I also forgot to bring my camera. Worst blogger ever!

Tuesday night, we lucky gals were invited to a pre-screening of Sex and the City 2, hosted by HP. I have said this before - I've always been an Apple girl (since age 4 - true story), but HP sure knows how to put on a great event. It also doesn't hurt that they have beautiful Vivienne Tam edition notebooks (or digital clutches, as they call them). I did feel like I was cheating on my MacBook Pro, but I think it understands.

After some fun dress up photos, we squeezed into a limo and headed to the Paris Theatre, then to Bergdorf Goodman for the after party. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. It's a feel good, laugh out loud with your girlfriends kind of movie, best enjoyed with a light heart and a bucket of popcorn. I relate most of my life to episodes of SATC and Seinfeld (maybe a little bit of Arrested Development), so I might be biased. After our girls night out, Big came by with his driver and picked me up, and we headed home to our amazing apartment with the huge closet full of tons of shoes and designer clothing.

Just kidding. I walked to the N train and took it to Park Slope, where Bobby, Kim and the critters awaited. It's no Sex and the City, but it's home:)

Outfit Details:
sequin cardigan: Fred Flare sample sale, $10
Fickle Fancy fringe top: self made, Postlapsaria
leather skirt: thrifted, hemmed
tights: Target
sunglasses: Ray-Bans, courtesy of Lucky Magazine

Love love and Carrie Bradshaw,
Keiko Lynn

p.s. Which SATC character can you most relate to? I think I'm a mix of Carrie and Charlotte. I've made a lot of questionable choices in romance, love to write, and love fashion like Carrie. But I'm a little bit of a prude, like Charlotte.


  1. how cute and exciting! I can't wait to see the movie. I kind of identify with parts of them all, except Samantha haha

  2. Love it! I can't wait to see it!

  3. I love the fringe top, it's super cute. I think I relate to Carrie & Miranda. I'm as stubborn like Miranda but free-spirited like Carrie :)

  4. heehee! too cute. :) awesome hem as well on that leather skirt. :)

  5. Can't wait to see the movie! And I love your skirt =).


    I mean I've never seen the show before.

    I only watch Entourage while drinking menergy.

  7. I just read each Character's wiki page to try and answer this question (I don't have cable and have never watched a full episode or either movie). The answer: I am all of them edited and combined, which I think is the point of the show. Everyone can relate in a small way to each one. I'd have to say it's in this order though: Samantha, Miranda, Charlotte, Carrie.

  8. Peter: You would like the movie. Aiden is in it! FOUR HUNDRED BABIES

  9. I am looking forward to the film and it is nice to know you had fun!!! aiden in it? I all the more want to see it

  10. you girls are sooo lucky!im dying to see the film it's like nomnnom nom i want it right now!
    love your outfit btw

  11. This is so adorable, love these photos!! Also love your outfit! Just gorgeous! I saw the movie last night & was smiling ear to ear the entire time!

  12. Those pictures are so fun!
    I'm a total Carrie, all the way, but she's an everygirl.
    Seeing the movie tomorrow night.

  13. ooohh i love the vivienne tam notebooks too!! :D

    you and your girlfriends are looking fantastic! :D i cant wait to watch satc 2 :D

    i think im a mix of carrie and miranda! hahaha! strong but with a vulnerable side.

  14. Oh Keiko, I'm so jealous! I went to see it Wednesday night/Thursday morning at midnight, and about 30 minutes before the end of the movie, the screen flipped upside down, the characters were walking backwards, and the audio ran backwards!

    Everyone ended up getting rainchecks, but it happened right at the super climactic part where Samantha says "Sleep on it." - no spoilers here, but I'm sure you know what I mean.

    I'm seeing it (in full I hope!) tomorrow, but still, arghhh. I need to know what happens!

    I'm a Carrie-Charlotte mix, by the way. :)


  15. hehhe this is so cute gosh love it

  16. There's no question that I'm Carrie all the way with maybe a dash, no a hint or maybe just a sprinkle of Charlotte ...

  17. What a fun event! I so would've loved to go! Glad you had a great time! :)

    p.s...Carrie. Definitely a Carrie! ;)

  18. you girls are beyond adorable and fabulous. pretty sure you guys are the next SATC girls? haha :)

  19. un super montage, j'aime beaucoup

  20. Thanks for sharing photos of your girls' night out. cute, stylish, and hilarious!

  21. i'm carrie, but with a teensy hint of a tomboy. i like watching sports, paintballing, and action movies... and i know she most likely isn't into those things. ;) other than that, i'm very much like carrie. i really relate to her sometimes.

  22. these pics are SO FUN!
    i'm so a mix of carrie and charlotte too...maybe a little more charlotte than carrie...haha.
    i'm gonna try to make my husband bring me to see it this weekend when we go out east for a long weekend. FINGERS CROSSED that it is playing at the ONE theater out there...
    hope you have a super weekend!

  23. i'm a charlotte through and through :)

  24. Those pictures are adorable.

    I've always related the most to Miranda. I tend to hide behind sarcasm and I try to be tough.

  25. LOVE your little movie posters haha.

    And if Carrie and Samantha had a baby it would be me. Lol.

  26. love the pictures!

    Can we please have Team Aiden shirts?

    I think I'd like to pretend that I'm Miranda, super straight forward and not complex, but I'm definitely more Carrie than I'd like to admit.

    But I've always thought they wrote her as the only "normal" one on purpose. :P

  27. These shots are so cute! This is one of my favorite outfits, by the way. It seems very wearable.

  28. Such a cute outfit, perfect for the movie!

    I'm definitely right there with you, part Carrie, part Charlotte! xx
    p.s I think your mac will understand, but shine her up extra nice to make up for it!