Monday, October 25, 2010

A Little Bit Country

Outfit Details:
shirt - Bobby's
lace camisole underneath - thrifted
jeans - courtesy of Tory Burch
vintage america boots - courtesy of Nine West

I'm usually not a practical person. You can't claim practicality when you wear four and five inch heels to walk around the city, even in snow. Practical I am not - but I'm not fussy, either. Give me a piece of land to explore and I can entertain myself for hours.

On the surface, I might seem high maintenance or maybe even prissy with my little dresses and heels, always made up. Though I admit I like to dress up and look nice - and I feel there is nothing wrong with that - I'm actually rather low maintenance. I can count on one hand the number of times I've had my nails done. I've literally had one pedicure in my whole life, much to my mom's chagrin. I cut my own bangs and have my hair done once or twice a year (which is why it is up so much). I've never even been to a spa, though I'm sure it's heaven. It's just makeup and clothes. Other than that, I'm actually the type of girl who is more comfortable outside, jumping on a bareback horse and swimming in the pond. I like to splash in puddles and tread through mud, explore the orange groves for creatures and rescue snakes from being run over (or shot by the neighbor). I'm always covered in bug bites and bruises and often put myself in mild danger in the name of adventure.

I've often said that two things saved my life: my horses and Tessa. Tessa didn't come until I was in sixth grade, but my horses were there since I was four. Without them, I don't know if I would have made it through my childhood, let alone what kind of person I would turn out to be. Growing up with horses, being raised in a ranch environment (though we didn't own that one) with endless adventures - all of that stays with you, and there's no amount of material possessions that can ever compare. There's something magical and freeing about the great outdoors, especially when you get to share it with such magnificent creatures.

I love this city and the opportunities that come with it. I love being in a liberal-minded environment, having everything within arm's reach. I am this strange, conflicting combination of a city girl and a country bumpkin, nothing in between. I just wish I could plop down a little piece of land in the middle of it all, with my horses and a little house with a wrap-around porch. Though I'm lucky that I'm able to travel back and forth so often, it would be nice if the distance was shorter. One day...


  1. It's great to read this about you. I think it's really easy to be superficial (and seem that way, too) when you have a fashion/style blog. I've been kind of having an inner dialogue about that lately. It is starting to feel a little vain. Anyway, I love this look on you. I'm totally jealous that you have horses...

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  2. Melanie,
    There's no doubt that having a personal style blog takes a certain level of vanity. I fully admit that. But there can be other layers, too. It's about finding a balance and not getting lost in your image:)

  3. I love those boots they are so cool.
    I love it when I read stuff like this about women, especially because it seems like we live in a world where nowadays all people worry about is materialism. It's so nice and so refreshing to know that there are people out there that are sensitive, humane and that care about themselves spiritually and feel close to nature. You're beautiful inside and out and it's really very nice to know :)

  4. What a lovely little post! Everyone seems to judge a book by it's cover, but in a way I kind of like this trait in people as we can always surprise them with our reality!


  5. Oh one more thing...
    I have and used to have another fashion oriented blog where I used to post about my favorite fashion pieces and all kinds of stuff but then I started feeling like it was too superficial and that there was no point on keep doing it. And then there are some times when I read fashion blogs that I really feel that need/craving to post about stuff that I love (fashion wise) and just when I am about to write about it I take a step back and think "What's the point?" and end up never writing about it, so I can relate to how you and Melanie feel as well.

  6. wow what amazing pictures, you seem so down to earth and lovely!


  7. NEED your boots!!

  8. I love reading about you. I love that fashion bloggers in particular lately seem to be letting a guard down and sharing more about themselves. It feels like the community or at least the little one I read in is opening itself up to the world in the most courageous and beautiful way. Keep it up lady!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  9. You and me both - I grew up a proper farm girl, so even though I like dressing up I can't be bothered with hair and nails and things like that. Too much maintenance! Lovely to hear from other people who feel the same way about fashion - it is for fun, not a time-intensive chore x

  10. I love the boots! I really like the ankle detail on them.

    Also - have to agree about country life: it is so good for the soul. I grew up in the country with horses too, and wandering through the woods and meandering down country lanes and it has absolutely affected who I am and how I live, what I love. Although I too live in the city (albeit none as big as NYC) and appreciate the conveniences it offers I will always be a country girl at heart, for sure

  11. I would love to know how you put up your hair; I try to put mine up like that and it always turns out ugly-messy instead of pretty-messy like yours.

  12. I need those boots in my life.

    I love reading your blog everyday. Its so refreshing.


  13. Aw, what a pretty outfit! I love the picture of you sitting with your feet resting on the steering wheel! <3

    ~ Katie

  14. Love the write up, love the boots! I feel stuck between city and country too :) Why can't we be both!

  15. I completely agree. As much as i am in love with natures, hiking, going kayaking with my parents at a lake, I am a total city girl.

    Everything is about balance and I love this look in comparision to your others. Mixes things up and u look darling in this down on the ranch getup!

    xo, Kim

  16. Oh i miss home so bad, can't wait to go back this weekend. LOVE the boots!!!

  17. Your blog is a favorite of mine because you so gracefully combine clothing, make up and this very homebody aspect of yourself.

    I recently shared a photo of one of your outfits on my tumblr and a friend of mine studying cosmetics in NYC saw it and fell in love with you and your make up tutorials! She actually told me today that she shared you with her class and they're all obsessed now!

    Haha, I've been following you for so long it felt as though I had introduced a long time friend with another long time friend.

    Just keep doing what you're doing. :-)

  18. I love how your posts incorporate deeper thoughts than just describing what you wore. Thank you for showing us that there is always more to a person than just what you see. This is why I always come back to your blog.

    btw, i am totally jealous that you had a horse growing up though! :)


  19. adorable!

  20. You're one incredible girl Keiko.

    From the moment I met you, I knew you were sweet and cheerful. Now come to Canada, and spread that sweetness!

    love always
    <33 amy <33

  21. you always look beautiful in all your photos. I love being in the country too!

  22. My ten-year old self who religiously read the Pony Pal series is incredibly jealous of you. And maybe modern-day me is a little bit, too.

    Though I'm actually living in the "in-between," there's something about romping and running around a wide open field or forest that's exciting. Admittedly, I have to say that roughin' camping isn't for me-- I like indoor plumbing. I'm sure you do, too! :D

    Toast with Charmalade

  23. love the pictures - but i love the story too. thanks for letting us into your world for a little bit.

    i just moved from the city to a more country-like environment. i miss the city like crazy but i've learned to appreciate the pace of life here. im also here with family (which i didnt have in chicago) so its making it so worth it. :)

  24. look so Country CUTE!!
    I used to have horses as well....I miss them very much...hopefully again someday:)

    Its so nice to read this about are one of my very seemed so down to earth and approachable to me...and this post? entirely proves me RIGHT!!!

    You are a gorgeous person...and sometimes its better to hear that without the makeup on:)

    Have a great night hunnie!!!

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  25. You truly are a beautiful person both inside and out.

  26. this is such a beautiful post!!! and oh, it doesn't hurt that your boots here are totally cool! :D

    Animated Confessions

  27. It really is so refreshing to read posts like this because it reminds me that people like you are still normal human beings just like us. lol =]


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  29. I just love these pictures. Rustic and modern, muddy and pristine. You are, as always, a beautiful study in contrasts.

    This post was so genuine and sweet! I'm so glad you shared with us.

  30. This is such a fantastic and candid piece of writing!

  31. aww poor thing. i live 20 minutes from brooklyn and hate hate hate city life big time but could easily live in the country. I blame my uncle who has a horse farm in upstate NY.

  32. you look great in this outfit, but then again, you look great period. the other day i was wondering if bloggers dressed up all the time or only just for the show... who knows what happens behind the computer screen?


  33. that looks so great! I love the whole outfit & the location is beautiful, well you are beautiful ;D

    Stay happy & Live.Laugh.Love.

  34. You are beautiful, and I love your boots! :)

  35. I love how sensible you are, and I enjoy being low maintance myself (one manicure in my entire life, and I cut my own bangs too). I like living in a smaller city now after moving from L.A., there's just something about good old homey-ness and folksyness.

    Love the country feel of your photos. You look so darling :)

  36. You definitely work the country look! Loved it a week or so ago with the horse photos and love it now with the boots! :-)

  37. lovely boots!!! i follow you, do you wanna follow me?=)

  38. I really love this post.

    I had a comment on my blog the other day from a reader who asked me why I would get dressed up at home to look after my children?
    It comment kind of implied that I thought more about my appearence than looking after my children, or was too scared to get dirty incase I messed up my outfit. Both of which are quite the opposite - book cover judging and all.

    I get ready, do my hair, put on my makeup and dress because it makes me feel that I am worth getting dressed up for. I also think that it does wonders for my confidence to feel good about myself.

    Thank you Keiko. Someone out there understands.

  39. I adore your blog and I admire you for voicing how you truly feel! So many bloggers put up a front that makes them look like they are constantly put perfectly together. Thank you for your honesty! I also love how you put up your hair in a messily beautiful bun! Would it be possible to do a video post about how you cut your bangs(I am scared to death to even try) as well as how you put your hair up? I would love to learn your hair secrets!