Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sunday morning is every day for all I care.

Outfit Details:
velvet jacket - Postlapsaria
black jersey dress (worn as top) - H&M
tuxedo jeans with lots of stretch (perfect for brunch;)) - courtesy of Jessica Simpson Collection
Senso shoes - courtesy of Solestruck
MAC clutch - courtesy of Rebecca Minkoff
hat - thrifted? I've had it forever
leopard print scarf - thrifted

Sunday morning brunch is possibly one of my favorite things in the world. Breakfast food and good company = best combination. On this particular day, I asked Bobby what the weather was like (since he walked Miku). "Not too cold; it's actually really nice out." He told me I would be fine without a coat, in fact, because it was that nice out.


It was freezing and windy and I could have used not one but three or five coats. Luckily for me, the scarf I wore is approximately the size of a large blanket, so I wore it wrapped around me as such. Plus, Benchmark had lobster bisque. The moral of this story: Always check the temperature yourself and go to restaurants whose chefs understand the importance of hot soup on a cold day.

Unrelated, but I would like to apologize to all of the people with aversions to velvet (and I know there are many). I grew up in the 90s; velvet was practically a way of life. Nirvana lyrics fit all aspects of this post, so that worked out beautifully - a 90s miracle, if you will!

p.s. I made a small run of these velvet jackets for the site, and variants in other fabrics for Emerging Thoughts - just waiting to get my computer back!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Threadsence $50 Gift Card Giveaway!

Today's giveaway is courtesy of Threadsence, who is offering one of my lucky readers a $50 gift card to their shop!

To enter, simply visit Threadsence and comment below with what you would buy with your gift card. My picks? This dainty lace crop top and a floral hat, or perhaps this floral dress.

Bonus entries for each of the following (leave additional comments):
* Like Threadsence on Facebook
*Follow Threadsence on Twitter

Entries will be accepted until  9 pm EST Thursday, December 2nd. A winner will be chosen at random and announced in this post. Good luck!

p.s.  Do you recognize the pretty model? It's a fellow blogger, Liz from Late Afternoon! See the rest of the gorgeous photographs in their Winter look book and video.

The winner is Belle De Couture

She's got red lipstick and a bright pair of shoes

Outfit Details:
red blazer - thrifted
polka dotted peplum bustier top - thrifted
tulle skirt - Target kid's section (borrowed from Kim)
scarf - borrowed from Bobby
floral tights - courtesy of Accessorize
vintage over the knee boots - gift from my mom
lipstick - MAC Russian Red

Well of course Miku and I color coordinate - what did you expect? Actually, that was just a happy accident. Miku's harness and leash are red, which is actually my favorite color to wear. I know I have been wearing a lot of neutrals and subdued hues lately but red is one of those instant pick-me-ups whether in a garment or lipstick. My great-grandpa's favorite color was red - his bedroom was decorated in deep red velvet, which always seemed very regal to me. He was/is my hero, so perhaps that is the reason it makes me so happy.

You know what else makes me happy? Miku. Duh, can't you tell? Even though Bobby and I have been exceptionally busy lately, we have made sure to reserve morning dates at the dog park to keep our pup happy and spend a little time together. Bobby and I are very excited for  snow days - the dog park we frequent has a large hill that is reserved for sledding. Miku is more excited about winter parkas and snow boots.

p.s.You can see more at Bobby's blog.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Here Comes the Sun

Outfit Details:
Supadupa Vintage shredded tee - from a gift bag at the Seychelles preview
BB Dakota skirt - courtesy of LuLu*s
Romance boots - courtesy of Seychelles
MAC clutch - courtesy of Rebecca Minkoff
dangle bag charms - made it at my friend's DIY party

Last week, the temperature got high enough in the afternoon to completely ditch the coat and tights. I took that opportunity and ran with it. It lasted for all of two hours before I went home and put on pajama pants and socks, but it was a lovely couple of hours nonetheless. I do think I'll wear opaque tights with this skirt next time; I was a little afraid my bum might make a guest appearance (luckily, it did not).

I'm afraid today will require a coat and scarf, which is unfortunate because it's difficult to thrift and shop with excess layers. That's my plan for today - thrifting and a little Christmas shopping. To prepare, I woke up extraordinarily early for a Sunday morning and ate a slice of pumpkin pie for breakfast. Being an adult has its perks.

p.s. Little puppy returns!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Velvet and Ponies

Outfit Details:
velvet dress - forever 21
tights - we love colors
shoes - courtesy of LuLu*s
belt - my mom's store
Rebecca Minkoff Studded Tart - courtesy of Rebecca Minkoff (crazy sale going on right now)
lace jacket - thrifted

When I was in fourth grade, all I wanted was this velvet bodysuit that had long, belled sleeves and went off the shoulders. Every trend I was fond of was a component of this one little bodysuit and I just had to have it. When my friend came to class in a similar top that was not an actual bodysuit, I made sure to remind her that come the new year, I would have its superior counterpart. We had matching bubble necklaces; it was only natural that we should also match our outfits, too.

Well, I never did get that velvet bodysuit or anything remotely similar, but this dress is a close second. I didn't dare lament about it; once you've received a pony as a Christmas gift, you really can't complain about anything. Ever.

p.s. I have a bad habit of forgetting to close my bags...it has a cute little studded strap that goes over the flap.  

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Outfit Details:
vintage cape - dumpster, courtesy of my dumpster diving mom
leopard silk shirt - thrifted
burgundy shorts - courtesy of LuLu*s (use code KEIKO for 15% any purchase)
tights - Target
Seychelles Romance boots - courtesy of Seychelles
Ginger Leather satchel - courtesy of Coach
glasses - forever 21

The timing of this outfit couldn't be better. Today is the second anniversary of my little ol' blog, and this cape happens to be featured in my very first outfit post. It was not planned, I swear! Call it kismet; I just now figured out that it was the second anniversary of the blog when I was looking for the post. I wish I had something big planned but I have nothing prepared because I'm no Oprah. Ten thousand virtual hugs for all of my readers!

As you can see in the original post, my mom got this cape for me out of a dumpster. The thrift store near her bar used to throw out bags and bags of clothes; it's really a shame how much of it always went to waste (though most of the homeless in our hometown found a great deal of their clothing there). My mom saw this vintage cape and fetched it for me - and washed it thoroughly, obviously. I really love it; it's like wearing a cozy blanket. Now all I need is one that goes all the way down to my toes. Snuggie?

p.s. Am I the only person who avoids switching big, everyday purses on a daily basis? I like to carry the same one every day (as you might have noticed) unless I'm switching to a wee little bag and just throw in my cards, cash, phone, keys and burt's bees. Otherwise, it's such a big to do since I carry way too much of everything with me. Every time I switch everything over to a new bag, I carry that one for weeks. I'm trying to get better about actually coordinating them with my outfits but I guess that means getting more organized for efficiency's sake.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pretty hands do pretty things

Sunday was a super busy day. Super super duper busy. I passed out on the couch when I got home and woke up to Bobby trying to feed me sushi for dinner. He was literally trying to feed me a tuna roll while I was sleeping. It's a really odd thing to wake up to.

The morning, however, was exceedingly pleasant. I met with the lovely Allister Ann for an early brunch at Balthazar, followed by a little walk around SoHo and the East Village. It was my first time meeting Allister but I've heard so much about her through our mutual friend Jeremy, it seemed as though I've known her a long time. She's just the way I imagined - super charming and adorable, and ridiculously talented to boot. Check out her photography and get to know her on her blog; she is sure to become your new girl crush.

That little dog is often outside, patiently waiting while his mom sweeps up the sidewalk. He's a funny little dog. Doesn't he look concerned?

The rest of my day consisted of boring work and business shenanigans that I won't bore anyone with, but I did find time to spend with Bobby on his one day off. I made this dress the night before as a break from work (which makes no sense, since work = sewing), so I also made sure to take some photos of my outfit. It's technically a reconstruction of a dress that Kim picked up at a thrift store or possibly Jet Rag, but the only part I left in tact is the very bottom tier. I treated the rest as regular fabric; it was a truly hideous dress but had pretty little details.  I wish I would remember to take before pictures but I'm always so impatient. I had enough trim left to stitch to the top tier, which was a happy coincidence. I hope Kim likes the dress because it is hers! 
I had to turn the belt around for a couple of the pictures, for obvious reasons. My mom found my old belt in storage and gave it to me when I was home for Amanda's wedding. I had to put another hole in it to get it to fit (and I use the term "fit" loosely) but I'm so happy to have it back! I wish I had pictures of me in all of my western gear on my little pony...I really thought I was the coolest kid.

Outfit Details:
dress - self made
chiffon jacket - estate sale
socks - forever 21
Seychelles Platinum boots - courtesy of ModCloth
Keiko belt - Grif's western wear, a gift from my mom when I was little
sweater coat - thrifted and altered
ginger leather satchel - courtesy of Coach

Monday, November 22, 2010

Makeup Monday How-To: Classic Winged Liner

I get a lot of requests for liner tutorials, so here is a quick classic: the winged eye. Step by step instructions are after the jump.

My apology

If you follow me on facebook or  twitter, you probably already know why I haven't updated in a few days. My macbook pro, a whopping six months old, is currently at Tekserve for a disk recovery attempt after a hard drive failure. I have the worst luck with electronics. You might remember that I got the macbook pro because my stepdad accidentally broke my macbook. It fell off of the bookshelf- and then an iron bookend fell on top of it.

Luckily, I've gotten much better about backing up my files. Unluckily, I lost the adapter for my external drive when I was in Florida, so I haven't backed up since my sister's wedding. I did, however, have the foresight to back up most of the wedding photos on my ftp. Go, Keiko! Everything else is in the hands of Tekserve. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

I am borrowing Bobby's macbook at the moment but it is super slow (I mean super slow), so everything is taking forever. I still plan on putting up Makeup Monday, but I have an engagement to attend to - so it won't be up until later tonight. Thank you for your patience!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Girls join up

Outfit Details:
vintage sweater - thrifted
cashmere sweater - courtesy of bebe
bow tie - borrowed from Bobby
bb dakota skirt - courtesy of ModCloth
tights - we love colors
Hawk wedges - courtesy of Seychelles
Ginger leather satchel - courtesy of Coach

True story: I watched a youtube video on how to tie a bow tie. I wanted to wear Bobby's but didn't know how to tie it. I still don't, because it looks wonky. I am impatient.

Bebe sent me this cashmere sweater and asked me to style it. I had about five minutes to come up with something and send it to them, and this is what I did - a little mix of schoolgirl and schoolboy. I'm actually allergic to wool (it's only a slight allergy), so I decided to layer it. But guess what? I layered it over a wool sweater. Needless to say, I shouldn't be allowed to make decisions at seven in the morning. I had the itchies afterward.

If you are feeling generous, please take a moment to like my selection (only if you actually like it, obviously) on bebe's page and check out the other gals! One of us will win a little prize (a flip cam and a gift card). While you're at it, please add me on facebook so we can keep in touch!