Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gift Guide Feature: Tory Burch

I happen to absolutely adore buying gifts for my loved ones, so I'm getting really excited for the holidays! I have been getting ideas from all over the web but I won't be posting their actual gifts, since most of my friends and family read my blog. However, Kim and I had so much fun window shopping and picking out our own favorite items - we might put together some little gift guides for the holidays in the coming weeks!

The team at Tory Burch asked a select group of bloggers to choose their favorite gift items - and since they have been very kind to me in the past, I happily obliged. Here are my holiday picks, all from Tory Burch - along with the people I had in mind to receive them (in a world where I have unlimited funds):

1) For Miss Kimberly, whom you all probably know by now: Inga wedges (with a little bit of sparkle to match her personality)
2) For my sisters Nicole and Amanda, who are a little less girlie girl and a little more earthy-chic: Dean Oversized Hobo bag
3) For my princess pup, Miku: a fancy Kody collar
4) For my friend Lauren, a true Floridian who will be toughing out the winter in Virginia: a cozy pair of Leather Knit Gloves

That was fun - but now Miku is insisting that I get her a pretty collar for Christmas. For decorative purposes only, of course. You should see how much I strap her in for her walks, ever since that scare!


  1. Love ur Tory Burch picks! I would love those wedges and bag;)

  2. I love choice 3!

  3. I love that you included your puppy. You're too cute xxx

  4. Oh, these would all make such great gifts! I really love the handbag!

  5. fancy gift ideas!!! i wish i can afford them!!! but nevertheless, im with you since im pretty much excited go holiday shopping too!! :D yay!

    Animated Confessions

  6. Great picks! They would make perfect gifts!

  7. those are lovely gifts! i used the tory burch gift guide too and it was awesome- makes me so excited for the holidays!

  8. Ooh, those wedges! So beautiful. I love giving gifts as well and love the thought you put into these.
    Second Star