Friday, December 31, 2010

The Fellsmere Inn

Outfit Details:
vintage white dress - thrifted
vintage beaded belt - from my mom's store, Hourglass Consignment
Hawk wedges - courtesy of Seychelles
Coach Occasion Sequin Framed Clutch - borrowed from Coach

It's fitting to end this year with photographs from one of my favorite spots in Florida, The Fellsmere Inn. Fellsmere is the quaint little home of our horses and goats, and just down the street/dirt road is an old inn that was built before the town was even founded. Once an actual inn, as its name depicts, the building eventually served as a private home of a lady named Margaret, who also ran an antique and vintage shop out of part of the building. Before I moved to New York, Florida was hit with a slew of hurricanes that left many homes in ruins - including The Fellsmere Inn. Margaret sold me the entire contents of her vintage collection, including several bolts of fabric, for $50. We filled my mom's truck bed with all of the damaged goods and I was able to salvage quite a good deal of them that are now in my personal closet, including but certainly not limited to this dress, this little outfit and a feedsack dress (a favorite of mine).

With its original wiring, wood floors and, well...nothing updated, The Fellsmere Inn - post hurricanes - was a major fixer upper but never fell short of charm. Since the hurricanes, it was purchased and renovated and currently sits unoccupied. The grand ballroom has been divided into smaller rooms and the oak floors have been replaced with bright and shiny pine; the magic and glamour is gone. I hate it. I understand that it needed updating but at almost 100 years old, I do wish they would have restored it as closely to its original state as possible. I still love it so, but I long for the old ghostly qualities that stole my heart. Maybe one day I will be able to afford it and bring it back to life. I've always wanted an old house with a wrap around porch. 2011, can you help me out?

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wanderlustings Giveaway!

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The winner is Jenny Holiday. Congratulations!

Penny, Look Down

Outfit Details:
Tiered ruffle dress - H&M ($10!)
sheer overlay - thrifted
tights - Christmas gift from my mom
velvet flats - GAP ($5!)
grey coat - courtesy of Asian iCandy
Elle Nicole "Lydia Mini" fringe bag - courtesy of Danielle Nicole

Apparently I have an issue with looking at the camera.

I feel silly talking about the weather in Florida when Bobby endured the New York blizzard back home, but I suppose that's not going to stop me. It has been cold enough to wear a coat on a few days. Well, cold enough for me to wear a coat because I'm a big baby. My aversion to cold weather becomes even greater the further south I venture. Yet, I am pleased to report that our Christmas didn't bring bikini weather. It's difficult to maintain a holiday spirit when you're sweating to Jingle Bells.

There's a group of little girls waiting to go on a picnic, so I need to get going. Tessa, Amanda and I are taking Roxy and her friends to the park. They're in the other room talking about boys. Keep in mind that Roxy is five years old. Uh oh!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Girls Girl

Outfit Details:
Vintage blazer - thrifted blazer
Erin Fetherston for Target dress - Beacon's Closet
belt - thrifted
tights - Target
Romance Boots - courtesy of Seychelles

I come from a family full of girls: I have four sisters (three biological, one step), my mom is an only child and so is my grandma. My sister Nicole broke the cycle and had my nephew, Jackson - and then my sister Amanda brought another girl into the family, little Roxy Mae (pictured). When I moved away from home at 17, I scarcely knew what to do with myself. I was used to having a multitude of females around me at all times and there I was, alone. I had a difficult time making friends since I lived off campus, so when I met my now ex-boyfriend who was constantly surrounded by males, he had to deal with my monthly laments of "I miss being around girls!" I went from one extreme to the other.  In college, almost all of my friends were boys...and I really didn't know how to handle that. Sometimes you just need a little more estrogen in your life.

Now that I'm all growed up (you can tell I'm an adult by my made up vocabulary) my best friends and I spend more time together and I see my family even more than when I was living in the same state. I love boys - some of my closest friends are guys - and I love my adorable nephew, but I've come to learn something important that was completely lost on me as an angsty adolescent: I'm a girls girl. Spending time with my sisters, mom, grandma, great grandma, and my little niece has been just the thing I needed for this holiday break.

About this particular day: I let Tessa pick out my entire outfit. Roxy and Tessa have willingly taken over the duty of photographing my outfits when need be. Roxy takes pictures with her "camera" (a tripod with a mirror) and Tessa actually uses the real one. I have to give credit to Roxy for my portrait, however - I entrusted her with my camera for a few moments and she took her job very seriously. After returning the camera to me, a bunch of Muscovy ducks and a couple of geese started following her around. She started running around like a silly goose and jokingly screamed, "This is the worst day of my life!" Of course, as soon as they left her alone she decided that was worse and tried to round them up again. A day with the girls never disappoints!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

"Here's Keiko, looking all coy and sh**"

Outfit Details:
ADAM blazer - Gilt (click if you need an invitation)
H&M striped shirt - Bobby's
scarf - also Bobby's
Merrylegs skirt in two step - made by me, Postlapsaria (I think I still have the first sample of this skirt somewhere...)
tights - We Love Colors
boots - thrifted
Poppy disco crossbody - borrowed from Coach
belt - thrifted

I think these photos were actually taken last month; I never got around to posting them because of the hard drive failure nonsense. Kim and I spent the earlier part of this day at the Brooklyn Flea (our favorite place to shop and eat...mostly eat), where we ran into Mr. Newton. I've been running into him all over the place since I first moved to New York. He is one of my favorite street photographers because he's spontaneous and makes me laugh. For instance, on this particular day he said the caption of my photo (the one he took) should be, "Here's Keiko, looking all coy and sh**." I'm doing him one better and making it the title of the post. Naturally, I had to censor the language a bit because despite my claims of being a five year old, I'm also an old lady who doesn't curse and says things like, "Goodness me!"

That being said, I'm about to go and meet up with my mom, who is pretty much the antithesis of me in many ways, save for our tempestuous natures and restless legs. She curses like a sailor, owns a bar (I don't drink) and is a total bada** (I can't even say or type the word) but provides a balance by being a pretty blonde lady named Barbie. I was out to breakfast with my great grandma, grandma, mom, two of my sisters and my niece (five generations!) and I realized that I was the only non blonde at the table. Also, my name is Keiko. People must assume I was adopted. I used to, too.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hello Panda

Outfit Details:
Panda Hood - courtesy of Spirit Hoods
Tyler Moto Jacket and Ginger Leather Satchel- courtesy of Coach
little boy's sweater - thrifted
vintage dress - thrifted
Dany platforms - courtesy of Jessica Simpson Collection

I'm currently at Kim's house, stealing her internet, in order to bring you an actual post. Bobby is way ahead of me (since we have that cool internet thing that my mom hasn't quite figured out yet). He already posted his photos, which is great but let's just be honest: he isn't wearing a panda on his head and therefore I win by default. I don't really have anything of substance to contribute to this post, except the obvious fact that I'm a five year old and I love pandas. Can you tell I'm distracted? I have friends and family to visit with - I'll check back with all of you later:)

Monday, December 20, 2010

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The winner is Honey and Salt. Congratulations!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Preparing for the Holidays

In addition to the usual, I've been getting ready for my trip to Florida, helping Kim pack/move and generally preparing for the holidays. Today is my last day in New York until the new year, so Bobby and I are spending some time together (he's staying in New York for work). I'm going to do my best to keep everything at its normal pace, but for now I leave you with an awesome picture of me on Christmas, complete with the amazing game Heartthrob and an even better New Kids On The Block hat.

Can you really get any more awkward awesome than this?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

As All Get Out and Postlapsaria Accessories on Closetista 12/17!

Tomorrow (12/17) at noon - Kim and I will be selling select accessories on Closetista at a discounted price. Please check it out!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Candy Girl

Outfit Details:
dress - thrifted and revamped
headband - courtesy of heart by
ultra sheer black tights - target
Hue purple otk stockings - Nordstrom
lace peep toe heels - courtesy of Nine West (currently on sale!)
Poppy Occasion Sequin Pouch - borrowed from Coach

Sometimes I just have to take it a little over the top. I blame it on Miku, because she really brings out the sparkle in me.

I bought this dress at a thrift shop in Florida, simply because I liked the scallop detail. The rest of the dress was just a 90s revival of the wiggle dress - mini style - and it just wasn't working for me. I added a lace overlay under the shelf bust but didn't have a proper sewing machine to hem the bottom. If I don't do it right away, I just never do it,  so I wore it with a raw edge and called it a day. Between the sequins, rainbow bow and precious puppy, who would ever notice?