Monday, December 6, 2010

DKNY CozyStyleOff and Giveaway! Please vote for me!

Last Friday, I had the amazing opportunity of participating in DKNY's CozyStyleOff, where a small group of us dressed ourselves head to toe in DKNY clothing and accessories, based around the DKNY Cozy. They also served us breakfast and delicious cookies. As you might remember, my favorite cookie is "all of them", so that just put it over the top. It was so much fun! I had the pleasure of being accompanied by a DKNY associate, Phillip, who helped me create a look that was DKNY but still very much my style. I didn't bring my big ol' camera but luckily had my trusty HTC Aria on hand, because I'm living in the present now and have a camera on my phone.

To spice up the CozyStyleOff, DKNY is offering an amazing gift card to the person with the popular vote. That's where you come in - but I want to make it worth your while!

Please vote for me by liking my photo (you have to like the DKNY page first in order to like mine). If I win, I will use part of my gift card to purchase the basis of the competition, a DKNY Cozy, for one of my readers who voted for me! I have one of my own, which I received as a gift from the event. They are extremely comfy and versatile (Phillip showed us some amazing ways to style it).

If I don't win, I will still pick one of the voters to receive a personal gift from me. I'll add you to my holiday shopping list! It would be nice to have the DKNY gift card, though - I have a gigantic family;)

Please note: This is not a comment giveaway - no need to report back to me! I will pick a winner from the voters on facebook. Thank you!

Full disclosure: I received a DKNY Cozy of my own as a gift at the event.