Thursday, March 31, 2011

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Take that woman on down to New Orleans

Outfit Details:
sunglasses - courtesy of 80s purple
shirt, skirt, belt - thrifted
madison leather satchel - courtesy of Coach
dany platforms - courtesy of Jessica Simpson

I traded in a demure pair of flats for sky-high platforms, which makes absolutely no sense for a stroll through New Orleans. We met Christine and Lindsey for beignets at Cafe Du Monde, took a walk along the river, explored the French Quarter and beyond, and headed back to the hotel for a quick refresh. From there, we met with the absolutely amazing ladies and gents of Sparkle Beetle and NOLAFW at the Martine Chaisson Gallery for a pre-panel tour of the space (beyond words), and drinks and appetizers at Capdeville. We then headed back to the Gallery, where we participated in a panel discussion (moderated by Raina - to know her is to love her) on blogging, fashion and such - and had a chance to talk with many intimidatingly well-dressed citizens of New Orleans. Dinner was held at Ste. Marie, where we further initiated our NOLA food coma tour and had an overall great time. And that was just the first day! Needless to say, we all fell in love with New Orleans and its inhabitants at first sight. I think all four of us have said, "I miss New Orleans" several times since our departure. What an amazing place.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


vintage beret - courtesy of Poppycock Vintage
blouse - thrifted
skirt - thrifted
belt - thrifted
lipstick - MAC Russian Red

I made a dramatic arrival at The Roosevelt in New Orleans; I felt a full out vintage getup was necessary for a city so rich in history. Or maybe I just felt like it.

I ended up giving up on the jaunty hat in the humid afternoon, when Bobby and I went out to meet my two good friends Christine and Lindsey for beignets at Cafe Du Monde. I have so much to show you from our amazing New Orleans trip, but for now please check out My Style Pill and Saucy Glossie for more photos. I'll be driving back up the East Coast to NYC, so my updates might lag behind theirs for a couple more days.

Friday, March 25, 2011

the company of kitties

Outfit Details:
dress - Erin Fetherston for Target
lace jacket - thrifted
Blanca shoes and bracelets - courtesy of Nine West

While these photos are from my little apartment in Brooklyn, I'm actually in New Orleans at the moment. I have so, so much to post from here - I'm already absolutely in love with this city and its inhabitants...and the food. It doesn't hurt that our hosts are probably the best hosts in history, and that Bobby and I are accompanied by two of my favorite gals. More on that, later!

While in New Orleans, I have been in the company of an incredible group of gals and gents. The funniest thing about our conversations is how quickly we are to take our phones out, showing pictures of our pets. Everyone is trying to one up the other with pet-photo-cuteness; you would think these were our children (they are). I just had to post this photo with Vester creeping behind me, because after almost two weeks without my little kitties, I'm really starting to feel guilty that they're not on vacation with me! I need to teach them how to video chat.

p.s. Apologies if you haven't been able to reach me by email, as of late. I have been trying to step away from the computer (and my phone, which has the shortest battery life) as much as possible, while spending time with family (and now enjoying New Orleans). I will plan an epic day of email responses, but if it is urgent, please tweet to me and I'll search for your email!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Casperey Stables

This is all that's left of Casperey, the ranch where we had our horses for years and years. Some of my best memories are hosted here. It was owned by a family who lived on the property, whose house (now just a concrete foundation) matched that tiny little shed in the second to last picture. There was a play tower in their yard; I once was pushed off by a kid named Stephen and hit the slide as I was falling. I still have a scar from that day. Across the way was a smaller barn that housed the owner's horses, who were used for lessons and the student show team. A tiny Shetland pony named Sugar was in the first paddock, right near the welcome sign. Adjacent to that was a stretch of stalls and paddocks, which housed some of my friends' horses: Beau, Gypsy, Spirit - to name a few. Further down was the main barn, where we had our horses: Shawn, Spanky, Rowdy and Diablo.

Many of the kids were around the same age, and we were all a tight (and a little competitive) crew. At one time, we turned an abandoned tack room and paddock into our club house, and brought my pony Shawn and Cassie's (the owner's daughter) pony Macho to our not-so-top-secret location. There was a window for them to put their heads through, so they could join our club meetings, and we used the same window as an escape route, when unwanted trespassers came by. Just down the dirt road was a lake, where we all swam with our horses - and when the riding ring was empty, we played tag on horseback. The holidays were especially amazing; we always dressed our horses in costumes for Halloween and decorated their stalls for Christmas. Even on the most normal of days, everything was an adventure. I even ran away with Shawn when I was very young, roaming through the tomato fields until I panicked and went back. Throughout my tumultuous childhood, the ranch served as my sanctuary, and the horses were my absolute heroes.

Several years ago, the dirt road was replaced with a busy paved one, and the fields gave way to a Home Depot and an apartment complex. Casperey held strong through the changes, until the city offered the owners a sum they couldn't refuse and everyone had to move. It's strange, because they still haven't done anything with the land - and the rubble from the demolished barns is still there. Though it was never the same after Spanky died, I still miss Casperey. I don't know what kind of person I would be if it wasn't for my horses, Casperey and the friends I made while I was there. Visiting what remains was an extraordinarily strange experience.

I spent the remainder of the day with my mom, Tessa and Bobby) at my mom's store and then out to dinner. At my mom's shop, I picked up a vintage hat, gloves, scarf and this ring (on my pointer). I'm still trying to convince her to start selling online, but she's kind of clueless when it comes to anything on the internet, other than facebook. I'll keep working on it.

Outfit Details:
Living Long Cardigan - courtesy of Threadsence
Elizabeth and James dress - Gilt
shoes - Nine West
madison leather satchel - courtesy of Coach
sunglasses - courtesy of 80s Purple
bangles - Alex and Ani (gift from Lucky Magazine)
rings - gifts from my mom and Accessorize (the middle one)

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

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Country Girl

Outfit Details:
vintage dress - courtesy of Iron Orchid Vintage
belt - thrifted
shoes - courtesy of Seychelles (there's one pair left in size 8 here)

We spent our first day in Florida at my mom's ranch, in Fellsmere. Shawny (my pony and bff for over 21 years) just had surgery, so I wanted to check in on him and spend some time with our horses and goats. We also went out for some good southern food and sweet tea and let Miku run around the property until she was ready to pass out.

Bobby and Thelma played their favorite game. It's called "Let's headbutt each other." She also loves to chew on clothes and dance on cars. When my car was parked on the property near their pen, Thelma and Louise used to jump on the hood and do a little goat dance. This was my car, so I wasn't terribly worried about it getting dirty. My uncle was not as amused when they did their little tap routine on his car.

The heels were only for our lunch outing; I'm not crazy. I changed into muck boots when it came time to tend to Shawny, clean the stalls and feed the horses and goats. Miku and I played fetch, in which she always returns with a completely different, usually much larger stick.

In short, it was a beautiful day to be in Fellsmere. I only wish my little pony was feeling better:(

Monday, March 21, 2011


I have an update from my short stay in Fellsmere, but at the moment I am headed to my mom's store for some quality time and a late lunch. In the meantime, here are some pictures of our beloved goat, Thelma. Isn't she a trip?

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Road Trip!

Outfit Details:
bag, jacket and sunglasses - courtesy of Coach (jacket last seen here, bag last seen here)
Pamela Love shirt - from Pamela Love's show
tuxedo stretch jeans - courtesy of Jessica Simpson collection (last seen here)
vintage silk scarf (on my head) - from my mom's shop

This is pretty much my road trip uniform: stretchy pants, loose shirt, jacket, flats, scarf to keep my bangs out of my face. You can't really go wrong with this combo. It's a good thing these pants have a lot of stretch, because after finally tracking down a girl scout cookie stand, I may or may not have eaten almost an entire box of samoas in one day. Over twenty hours in a car = massive cookie consumption. I can't help it!

Miku is an angel on road trips. I guess it helps that she has been traveling since she was a tiny pup; she's pretty used to cars and airplanes - but she hates trains and cabs. While on long car trips, she just sleeps or relaxes most of the time, but we make frequent stops so she can stretch her little legs. She's been getting plenty of exercise since we got to Florida. She was tuckered out from a full day on the ranch, running around like one of the horsies. More from Florida, soon!

p.s. I apologize for not replying to the comments in the past couple of days - between being on the road and spending time with the family, I haven't been at my computer very much. I'll catch up soon - but if you have any immediate questions, ask me on twitter!

p.p.s. I think this is the last day that Living Social will be matching donations...please click here to donate $5 to the Red Cross relief efforts in Japan, which will be matched by Living Social. See other ways you can help, here.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

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