Friday, October 21, 2011

Chaps Styling Event

Chaps invited Christine, Aly and me to their showroom and asked us to bring along the men in our life, for a little styling session. It's not often that the men are the fashion focal point, so needless to say, we were on board! Aly brought her friend Nick, Christine brought stand-in boyfriend Landon ("A" was working and unable to attend) and I, of course, brought Bobby.

We took a look at their inspiration boards, had a handsome model demonstrate the fit of everything and then it was time to choose pieces to make and outfit. I was excited to dress Bobby but being that he has a very strong sense of how he likes to dress, he promptly (and politely, because he doesn't know how to be anything but) ditched me and picked out the clothes himself. Smart boy - I would've done the same thing, though I probably wouldn't have been as nice about it (I'm feisty). I relegated myself to the cheese tray and let him do his thing. We were leaving for Florida directly after the event and I had to prepare for my vehicular hibernation. I have priorities.

He has since worn two outfits of his choosing from the Chaps collection, and I must say, he did a nice job. I'll wait to post pictures until he posts on his own blog. I can't wait to see what the other guys (or their respective gals) chose. Which leads to me to the question: do you dress the man in your life, or does he dress himself? I think we all know my answer - though I'm sure a lot of people would be surprised to find out that it's all Bobby!


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  2. Hey Keiko Lynn, I've just started following your blog and I absolutely love it. Thanks again for a great post, your coat is inspiring! Lots of love from England. xo

  3. you always look so pretty! and I really love your glasses (I'm a glasses-fanatic) :) have a great weekend!

  4. My boyf can dress himself pretty well, but he does like my input. Looks like a fun styling session- you and Bobby look fantastic!

  5. My man likes to dress himself. He also likes to wear one colour. Black & that's just fine with me, less for me to worry about.
    Have a fun trip!

  6. i WISH my boyfriend would let me dress him!
    i've tried so many times!
    but he's content with the same old pair of jeans and flogging molly t-shirt
    boys... lol
    it's a good thing he's cute ;)

  7. My man has a pretty great sense of style, so I'm happy to let him wear what he likes! Although, I do give some input occasionally - and he does the same for me :)

  8. I used to be a major control freak about what he wore....ha! But I've relaxed significantly since we started dating, and have learned new *subtle* ways to give him tips. ;) It works well.

  9. my bf dresses himself (of course..) but I come with ideas and tips and usually he changes after hearing my opinions. This only happens though if we are going somewhere, when it comes to clothes for work - he's fully capable of making himself look nice :)

  10. Wow, oh wow.

    This post is entirely awesome all in its own. Bobby actually wanted to dress himself, instead of having his fabulous girl dress him up for him?

    That's kind of like saying that I'd rather be the shopper and you be the boy in the corner while I hold your bags. Brilliant! I think I might like this fashion line a lot more than what I've heard about it now that you have posted this genius read.

    To answer your question, I will only say yes and no. Like Bobby, my man is more into styling himself and only wearing what he feels comfortable at the time. On some occasions, depending ON the occasion itself, David will actually ask for my opinion and try to make a transition into incorporating my ideas into what he is wearing.

    Don't us girls feel lucky being in the fashion world and having at least some kind of say so with how our men should dress? I feel we are! ;]

  11. .....not to mention, especially with my double-take of the post..

    Did Bobby actually make that face once he knew you were going to style him? Your face makes it look obvious that it might be.

    Either way, it fit entirely with what exactly you said in this post. Loving the enormity of it all! :]

  12. I've been reading your blog for a few months now, and I finally feel that I have something to contribute.
    My husband definitely dresses himself. He is way more confident picking out an outfit than I am. It's just an innate talent he has. It's sort of embarrassing on my part, though. haha.
    Love your blog, by the way.

  13. you and bobby are such babes! seriously, could there really be a more fashionable duo? :)

    my guy never lets me pick things out for him. he is quite stubborn and very stuck in his ways. he likes what he likes, no matter how much i try to insist that he add some more colour into his wardrobe (he is all about blacks, greys and navy) but i guess i can't complain because he wears what makes him feel good and there's no arguing that the best thing for a guy to wear is confidence!

  14. My dude has style of his own, but I love buying things for him! I can't help it! He made his first appearance in my blog here.


  15. Ooh that looks like so much fun -
    My husband transformed from a totally metrosexual scenester with a fashion mullet (about a decade ago) into a woodsman who wears Filson, flannels, woolen vests and suspenders!

    He's actually quite fashionable in a very unique way :-)


  16. This is a nice event, Bobby did a wonderful job, for a man he has a great sense of style. I wish he would dress something like what bobby is wearing, but he picks his own outfits and clothing. Anyways, great post!

    The Owl Girl

  17. Wow, I love your cape (the color as well as the embroidery)! And how do you always get such perfect hair? I'm a bit jealous...

    lots of love, Femke On the Button

  18. So many cute couples! I used to follow your blog a few year ago and came back to the blogosphere just a few months ago and I'm glad to have found you again and see that you guys are still here :) I definitely don't chose for my boyfriend, he knows how to dress in style already, I love her dress sense so I don't really want to make any change on him :)

  19. ha! The funny thing is my husband can be as much a clothes horse as I am. But I think the more fashion conscious I am, the more he thinks about what he wears (well at least some of the time). He has pretty good taste (I'd let him shop for me) but he'll occasionally ask my opinion for things.


  20. My boyfriend dresses himself, but I like to buy him clothes (that he would like). I think I've helped him transform his style into a more clean-lined look. Now when we go shopping, he'll pick out his own clothes and just ask me for input on fit/color! :)

  21. Love this but I especially love the guys in the black sweater and the red sweater!