Sunday, November 6, 2011

FryeSpotted - Best Dressed Contest!

Entry #1, Vanessa / Entry #2, Bobby

Entry #3, Sabrina / Entry #4, Jenni

Entry #5, Danny / Entry #6, Christine

Entry #7, Camilla / Entry #8, Arianne

Entry #9, Kristin / Entry #10, Jessica

Entry #11, Austin / Entry #12, Melissa

Entry #13, Beth / Entry #14, Samara

I recently hosted a FryeSpotting event at The Frye Company in SoHo, and in addition to rewarding one of my readers with a free pair of boots, they are giving away a pair to one of the attendees who entered the contest! I can't possibly pick a winner, so I'm letting you take the reins. Please vote for the best dressed entrant, who will get to pick out a pair of boots of his/her choice. Don't forget to enter to win a pair of your own Frye boots, here!

Voting will end this Friday at 9 pm EST and I will contact the winner directly (and announce in this post).