Friday, December 16, 2011

Update/Reminder: Holiday Blogger Garage Sale for Women In Need

Just a friendly reminder to stop by Arrojo this Sunday, for our Blogger Garage Sale! We'll be selling new, vintage, and gently used clothing/accessories/handbags/shoes from our own personal closets and our generous donors.

In addition to the sale, we're raffling off some of our designer-donated items and gift certificates. We'll also be having some amazing giveaways (shoes! bags! makeup!) as a thank you for spreading the word about Women In Need, who will be receiving 100% of the funds made on Sunday.

We're asking attendees to make a [suggested] $5 donation or bring an unwrapped toy for entry, but even if you can't afford to donate, that's okay! We would still love for you to drop by and show your support.

p.s. New donations are still coming in (full donor list coming soon), and we're happy to accept more if your business wants to contribute - you can even drop it off at the sale.
p.p.s. Can't attend the sale? You can donate directly to Women In Need.


  1. A lovely and thoughtful idea. Wish I could attend! Will be donating instead.

  2. Fabulous! Wish I live in NY!

    Will donate anyway! Have fun girls

    xo katrina

  3. What an amazing cause! I wish I live in NY so I could come :( Good Luck!!

  4. Just want to let you know that I really enjoy reading your blog in 2011. Wishing you more beautiful and stylish in 2012. Happy Holiday!

  5. Sounds like An amazing event!

  6. Hey pretty lady,

    My cousin and I have been separately following your blog for years, and we just realized it yesterday. I am in NYC for interviews, with any luck I'll end up here, but I plan to drop by. I've admired you so much throughout the years, and even have a couple of postlapsaria pieces. You are truly an artiste, and sometimes I kick myself for being such a cop-out and choosing a much less creative career path. Looking forward so much to meeting you!!

    Karen Chen

  7. This is an amazing event! I hope I can go.

    Nicole D.
    The Owl Girl

  8. Ill be there...can't wait to help out any way I can. Its always nice to give back to those in need especially around the holidays.

    See you Sunday!